How Much Does Dirt Bike Tire Cost (High cost to Low cost)

A pair of dirt bike tires can cost you from 30$ dollars to as much as 150$ dollars. The pricing of a tire actually depends on the brand value, quality, and the place of your purchase.

A popular tire manufacturer can indiscriminately increase the price of a motocross tire, causing you to panic a little. Purchasing a pair of dirt bike tires from the local vendor can reduce the cost a little. But you cannot expect to get a warranty or security from the local vendor.

While choosing a dirt bike tire, numerous things are there that everyone should consider. We will try to cover everything you need to know regarding a dirt bike tire so that you can make a better decision in the longer run.

Dirt Bike Tire Cost

So without any further, I do, let's get started with our journey-

Dirt bike tire cost

As stated above a pair of dirt bike tires will cost you from 30$ dollars to as much as 150$ dollars.

Numerous factors influence the cost of a motocross tire. A quality dirt bike tire indeed will cost some more bucks than an average dirt bike tire. But the quality is not the only issue that determines the budget.

The local vendors of your area will take 10$ to 15$ dollar less than the online or other trustiest marketplaces. One of the drawbacks of choosing a product from the local vendor is that you cannot expect to get legal support in case you face any t problem with the tire. By the way, purchasing a dirt bike tire from a local vendor can also provide some benefits. You can think about making a replacement at any coming moment.

Another factor that would influence the pricing of a dirt bike is the brand. A popular brand indeed ensures quality, but they are expensive as well. Dirt bike tire manufacturers like Dunlop and Bridgestone will always be expensive along with the quality. It’s the brand value that provokes the manufacturer to impose a high value on their products.

Dirt bike tire change/replacement/mounting cost

Dirt bike tire replacement will cost you an additional 20$ to 25$ dollars per tire. That means replacing two tires of your dirt bike will cost you additional 40$ dollars on average.

Purchasing the tires at an expensive price range is not the only thing you have got. The mounting process of the tire is still there to deduct some further bucks from your pocket. If the tire manufacturer does the replacement, they may take 5$ to 10$ dollars less than an outside company.

But you can always think about reducing the cost by doing the replacement on your own. Changing or replacing a dirt bike tire would not take more than 30 minutes. Learn the basics of installation if you have a target to becomes a regular dirt bike enthusiast. It will save a lot of your budget with time.

Dirt Bike Tire

Dirt bike tire changing tools

Changing the tire of your dirt bike on your own requires you to have some tools. Missing a single tool can lengthen the installation process to a great degree. These are the most required tools you should have while replacing a dirt bike tire-

  1. Tire irons/ tire spoon
  2. A wheel or tire stand.
  3. Tire mounting lubricators.
  4. Different sizes of a wrench.
  5. Valve core removal tool.
  6. A tire bead tool.


Some of the tools mentioned above can be optional, depending on your installation process.

How to change a dirt bike tire

Now that we have got some knowledge about the tools we will require to complete the installation, it is time to get into the process. These are the ways you should follow while replacing or changing your dirt bike tire-

1. First of all, keep the tire on the tire standing tool to get a suitable position to change the tire.

2. If the tire is filled with air, you have to make the tire empty by releasing the air.

3. Now lose the rim lock from the tire to remove the tire from the rim.

4. Take the tire off of the rim to move into the next step. This process might be a little trickier. We recommend checking youtube link this video to learn the basics of removing a tire from the rim. Use a lubricator while removing the tire off of the rim.

5. Once you have done removing the old tire from the rim, it's time to install the new one onto the exact slot. Before you start the installation process, lubricate the new tire properly to avoid any blunder.

6. After that, install the tube inside of the tire to attach it to the rim.

7. The final step on this list is attaching the tire to the exact position of the wheel to start your journey.


Learning the basics is the most important thing before you get into any process. If you are thinking about doing it on your own, be a little more specific about the installation before you jump into the process.

Dirt bike tire size

 A dirt bike tire usually comes with a size like 120/80-19. Now the first digit on this number, which is 120, represents the width of the tire.

80 is not a height as much of a plain measurement. It means the height of the tire is eighty percent of the width of the tire. That means if you have 120/80 dirt bike tires, the height of the tire is 80 percent of 120.

On the other hand, the 19 represents the inner diameter of the rim.

The sizing of a tire plays an important role in determining the performance of the tire in different terrain and road condition. If you want better performance from your dirt bike, you should always give massive importance to pick up the right tire.

Dirt bike tire size chart

Here is an ideal size chart of a dirt bike tire. These are the most common sizes you would notice while purchasing a tire for your bike-

Front tires













Rear tires



















Final words

Changing a dirt bike tire requires numerous considerations. The pricing, size, installation are some of the most influential aspects one should consider while choosing the right tire to get the most optimum performance. We have tried to cover everything you will need to know regarding a dirt bike tire. We believe you will have an easier time choosing the appropriate item.

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