Best Dirt/Pit Bike Turn Signal Kit Reviews 2022

A turn signal kit is one of the most ideal ways to let the person behind you know about your next move. As a result, avoiding all kinds of unprecedented events becomes much easier. Besides, a convenient turn signal kit also gives your dirt bike a sleek-looking appearance.

On top of that, it becomes a mandatory gear when you are thinking about converting your dirt bike into a dual-sport bike.

We don’t know why you are here. But if you need a convenient dirt bike turn signal kit, we surely can help you with our recommendation.

This article contains the reviews of the five best turn signal kits to install on your dirt bike. if you are interested, let’s get started with the process-

Best Dirt Bike Turn Signal Kit

Why should you use a turn signal kit?

A turn signal kit is a very handy gear for any kind of vehicle. The turn signal kit notifies the person next to you to learn about your next move. As a result, both you and the driver next to you can avoid any collision while moving back and forth. Here are some of the essential reasons why one should not avoid installing a turn signal kit-

The very first reason to use a turn signal kit is to ensure safety. When a vehicle runs on the street without a turn signal kit, it becomes complicated for all riders and drivers to guess the next move. Give safety the first priority so that you don’t have to make any compromise later.

No vehicles can run on the street without a turn signal kit installed on the vehicle.

If you are planning to upgrade your dirt bike to a dual-sport edition, you have to make it street legal first. And you simply cannot avoid a turn signal kit while making your dirt bike street legal.

A turn signal kit also gives your bike a sleek-looking appearance. If you love your bike, you should not be miser to spend 15$ dollars on a quality turn signal kit.

Best Dirt Bike Turn Signal Kit

1. CICMOD Universal Motorcycle Led Indicators Turn Signal Light



Dimension: 11cm x3cm x2cm

Key Features

  1. Power efficient.
  2. Flexible construction.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. 12 LEDs in each light.
  5. Maximum visibility.
  6. Fast response rate.
CICMOD Universal Motorcycle Led Indicators

The first dirt bike light signal kit recommendation comes from the brand CICMOD. The very first reason to go with this item is that this one consumes less power than any average motorbike turn signal. As a result, there will have less drainage of your bike's power.

On the other hand, the flexible construction of the light bar kit will absorb the abuse to a proficient degree. As a result, the turn signal lighting kit will remain strong when you will mount or dismount the motorcycle.

Let’s talk about the installation. The easiest installation process will allow you to complete the installation with great ease, even if you have not done the job previously.

Besides, each light bar has 12 LEDs to give you a vibrant experience. On top of that, you will get maximum visibility while riding your beloved dirt bike.

Finally, this LED light bar kit will deliver the fastest response to make you up to date in any situation.


  1. The turn signal kit comes with a very economical price range. 
  2. The flexible construction will be handy to deliver optimum support in any kind of situation.
  3. The inclusion of 12 LEDs in each light will deliver the brightest experience to make you happy in all situations. 

2. Justech 4pcs Universal Flowing Waterproof Turn Signal


Brand: Justech.

Dimension: 11x2.5cm.

Key Features

  1. Includes four amber lights.
  2. Blendable color mode.
  3. Power-efficient design.
  4. Snakeskin design.
  5. Flexible rubber handle.
  6. Bolt-on installation.
  7. Water-resistant capacity.
Justech Universal Flowing Waterproof Turn Signal

This one Turn signal kit from Justech is a universal lighting kit to comply with most available dirt bike brands. The kit includes four amber lights to deliver the brightest experience to make you happy in all kinds of situations. Anyway, these lighting gears are for installing on the front part of your motorbike.

The blendable color option will pop up different lights at a time to give you a versatile experience. Like the previous one, this lighting kit also comes with a power-efficient design. As a result, there will be less drainage of your bike's energy.

A unique thing you would notice with this turn signal kit is its design. The snakeskin design with a flexible rubber handle will absorb all kinds of abuse to keep it stable. Besides, the chance of accidental falls will reduce to a great extent.

Besides, the easiest bolt-on application will introduce you to the fastest and easiest installation process. You just have to connect two wires to complete the installation process with ease.

The final reason to go with this item is its water-resistant capacity. As a result, you will face no restrictions to go outside even if it is raining heavily on the outside.


  1. This turn signal kit will not give you any trouble with the installation. The installation process would not take more than 10 minutes.
  2. The water-resistant capacity will remove all kinds of restrictions to go outside when the weather condition is not favorable.
  3. The unique snakeskin construction will generate enough flexibility to reduce the chance of any unprecedented accidents.

3. LivTee Super Bright 4PCS Motorcycle Indicators Flowing LED Turn Signal Lights


Brand: LivTee.

Power requirement: 12Volt.

Key Features

  1. Available in two different color options.
  2. ABS plastic construction.
  3. Riding and durable construction.
  4. Rubberized handle
  5. Intelligent functional properties.
  6. Easy installation.
LivTee Super Bright 4PCS Motorcycle Indicators

This one from LivTee provides two different options to pick according to your preference. You can either go with plain amber color or you can choose the package that contains different red/white/amber color options. Anyway, you have to ensure that your dirt bike has a 12-volt power setup to ensure high-end compatibility.

The light bar comes with an ABS plastic construction material. As a result, you can always expect durability and rigidity from the item. On top of that, the wear-resistant capacity of the bike will prevent wearing and damage to a proficient degree. Besides, this one also includes a flexible rubber handle to absorb all the impacts when you will be on the trail.

This light bar kit includes both running and turn signal lights to deliver the most versatile experience in any situation. Moreover, the intelligent functional properties of the lighting kit will deliver the most versatile experience to be more elegant than your competitors.

Finally, the turn signal kit includes an instruction guide to complete the installation on your own. This one might not come with a plug-and-play installation, but completing the installation will never be a hassle to you.


  1. The inclusion of both daylight and turn signals will deliver the most authentic experience while riding your dirt bike.
  2. The sturdy plastic material on the outer shell and a flexible rubberized handle will ensure that the light bar absorbs all the impact of the road to keep it safe and stable.
  3. This one knows when to on and off both lights. You will love its functional properties.

4. Kinstecks 4PCS Motorcycle Indicators Flowing Turn Signal Light


Brand: Kinstecks.

Voltage requirement: 12-volt.

Key features

  1. Includes four amber lights.
  2. High-end compatibility.
  3. Optimum flowing mode.
  4. Unique design.
  5. 315-lighting bead.
  6. Snakeskin handle.
  7. Plug and play installation.

This Kinstecks light bar kit is quite similar to the second recommendation. The package includes four decent amber turn signal lights to deliver the most convenient experience with a large number of vehicles, including your dirt bike.

The optimum flowing mode of all the lights will ensure high-end power efficiency to prevent drainage of energy. The unique design of the light bar will make your bike a little more elegant to be easily noticeable.

Moreover, the lighting kit uses the 315-lighting bead. As a result, you will get a little opportunity to complain about the visibility. This one is brighter than any other average turn signal kit you would find on the market.

Like the second product on this list, this one also includes a snakeskin handle to ensure high-end flexibility. It does not matter whether you ride on a bumpy trail or a plain street, this turn signal kit will always give you the strongest experience.

This turn signal kit supports plug-and play-installation. As a result, you will face less trouble while completing the installation. The final reason to go with this product is that this one comes with an economical price range. You don't have to spend a handy amount to own these turn signal lights.


  1. The turn signal kit will ensure quality at an economical price range.
  2. The most up-to-date 315 lighting bead will deliver the brightest lighting output to make you happy in all situations.
  3. The unique snakeskin design will also prevent any kinds of rattling or damage when you will ride on a bumpy trail.

5. Coolsheep Motorcycle Turn Signal Light


Brand: Coolsheep.

Voltage requirement: 12-volt.

Key Features

  1. Lower energy consumption.
  2. Two different color options.
  3. Simple plug and play installation.
  4. Turn signal kit both for the front and rear part.
  5. Safest experience at an economical price range.

Our final recommendation on this list is from Coolsheep. The Coolsheep motorcycle turn signal kit offers three different lighting color options to ensure versatility. This one will comply with any motorbike that comes with a 12-volt battery output.

This will save the energy of the bike to a deep level. As a result, you can expect more power efficiency from the lighting kit. Besides, the safety features of the lighting kit will be handy to keep you safe from most turn signal-related accidents.

The kit includes two different types of lights to enhance the visibility to another level. On top of that, you will get extreme nighttime safety from the kit to enjoy the safest ride.

The installation process of a turn signal kit is always easy. And this one comes with the easiest installation process. The simple plug-and-play installation process should not take more than 15 minutes to complete the installation. 

Moreover, this one includes a turn signal kit both for the front and rear parts of your bike. That means you can expect safety from all around your bike. You can always grab this one to get the safest experience at an economical budget.


  1. Different lighting options will deliver the safest riding experience during nighttime riding.
  2. The energy-saving mechanism will drain less energy on your bike.
  3. This one is quite economical compared to other turn signal kits.

Buying guide

turn signal kit

Here are the top five things to consider while purchasing a turn signal kit for your dirt bike-


Compatibility is always the primary issue to consider when it is about picking up a convenient turn signal kit. Why would you purchase a product that does not comply with your bike? You would never. Be a little more precise with your decision to avoid wasting your hard-earned bucks.


A turn signal kit is for ensuring safety. And you can expect safety when the turn signal kit is visible enough. Most of the typical turn signal lighting kit comes with amber color option. Besides, you will also get to choose numerous color patterns to ensure high-end visibility on the road. Always ensure visibility when you are fond of riding your bike during the nighttime.

Energy efficiency

A turn signal may drain a lot of your bike's energy. The only way to retain the energy of your bike is by choosing an energy-efficient turn signal kit. Besides, voltage compatibility is also an important issue to consider along with energy efficiency.


A flexible design absorbs all the impact of the bike to keep the turn signal safe from all kinds of damages. A rubberized handle design always ensures high-end flexibility. Besides, the outer shell of the lighting kit also matters to ensure flexibility, durability, and rigidity simultaneously.

Installation process

The final thing that we always mention in most articles is to check the installation. If the turn signal kit comes with a simple plug-and-play installation, you will be able to complete the installation without any previous experience. But the situation can be a little complicated for some other products. That is why always check the installation process so that you can avoid any distractions in the longer run. If you finding kick start lever for your dirt bike, you can see our expart editors choice list.

Final words

We don’t know whether you will pick your turn signal kit from our list or not.  But always ensure that you are getting energy efficiency, visibility, and flexibility to get the safest experience on and off the trail.

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