Why Don’t Dirt Bikes Have Keys: Why needs key ignition kit?

Some modern dirt bikes include keys for better protection, but most dirt bikes do not come with a key.

The primary function of a key is to start the ignition process of your car or street motorbike. But the function of a dirt bike is a little different. A typical dirt bike will come with a kick start or electric start process to start the engine’s functionality. As a result, they don’t require a key to start the ignition process.

If you are wondering why the heck a dirt bike does not include a key, the next section of this article will provide the specific information-

Why Don’t Dirt Bikes Have Keys

Why dirt bikes do not have any keys?

A dirt bike requires less safety precautionary to prevent stealing. That is why most dirt bikes do not come with a key.

The primary function of a key is to deliver the optimum security to prevent stealing in case you are away from your bike. But a dirt bike tends to share some other kinds of characteristics.

While riding a bike in the city area, you need to park the bike somewhere in the parking area to concentrate on your process. At that time, locking the bike through the key reduces the chances of stealing to a great extent.  

But a dirt bike is not a vehicle to ride on the street or go to your workplace. You tend to go out on the street with your dirt bike to extract some taste of excitement. That means you get no chance to keep your bike aside.

On the other hand, you tend to keep your bike inside the garage when you have no mood to ride the bike. That means the chances of losing your bike are pretty nominal.

When security is not the major concern, there is no meaning in having a key for your dirt bike. By the way, if you are riding a dual-sport motorbike, the necessity of a key is always compulsory.

Dirt Bike Kick start vs. electric start

If one requires no key to start a dirt bike, what are the ways to start the engine then?

A dirt bike usually comes with a kick start and electric start process to start the ignition process of the engine.

A kick start is a lever that the rider needs to kick using the foot. A complex mechanism connected to the kick start lever produces the optimum power to ignite the engine to start its first intake stroke. Once the engine is started, it becomes an automatic process to complete the rest of the strokes.

On the other hand, the electric starting process uses a push button to start the ignition system.

No matter you start the ignition process through the kick start lever or an electric push button, a typical dirt bike will come with both an electric and kick start process. You may not get a push-button on many dirt bikes, but the kick-start lever is universal for almost all dirt bikes.

Can I install a key ignition kit on my dirt bike?

Yes, you can always install a key ignition kit on your dirt bike to give it a little more versatility. Installing a key ignition onto your dirt bike indeed gives a little more security, but it is important to decide whether you really want to install a key ignition on your bike or not.

The installation process can be intimidating, time-consuming, and expensive if you lack the experience. Besides, changing the stock features of the bike can deteriorate the internal function to a mild degree.

We recommend taking the consent of a professional before you get into the process. This will help you to reduce the complexity of your decision.

How to install a key ignition kit on my dirt bike?

You can install a key ignition kit on your dirt bike by following four simple steps. The process is indeed complex. We are just talking about the processes you need to follow to complete the installation.  If you are really dedicated enough to make the change, you should always consult an experienced mechanic to help you to go on with your process-

  • First of all, the mechanic will require a convenient electrical diagram of the bike's wiring to determine the ways and place of installation.
  • Once you have done understanding the wiring diagram, you need to decide the placement of the installation. Choose a valid place to install the key switch.
  • In the third step, you will need to secure all the connections properly to avoid any kind of inefficiency. Take your time and be a little more precise while completing this step.
  • Finally, finish the process by reinstalling all the parts you have removed previously.

Is it worth installing a key ignition kit on your bike?

If you are installing a key ignition kit on your dirt bike to protect it from stealing, you need to know that it may not be able to deliver the optimum support you are expecting.

First of all, it is always a simple job for an experienced thief to break the key lock of a bike. It would always be an ideal choice to install an external locking mechanism to ensure high-end safety.

How to securer a dirt bike?

If keys are not the appropriate method of ensuring optimum safety, what are the appropriate ways you may follow?

First of all, you can think about installing a cable lock on your dirt bike. A cable lock is cheap than keys and requires decent expertise to break the security.

Furthermore, if you prefer having heavy-duty security, a disc and rim locking system will always deliver the optimum service. This is the ideal option for those who prefer expensive security for their dirt bike.

Third of all, don't keep your dirt bike outside of the garage when you don't ride the bike. No matter how strong your security is, a dirt bike outside of the garage is always vulnerable to stealing. If you don't have a garage, you can rent service to ensure enough safety for your dirt bike.

Final words

Exceptions are the modern-day dirt bikes. They are appearing now with keys to give you a versatile feeling about your bike's protection. If you are using an expensive dirt bike, the security of your bike always comes first.  We are not saying that you should not install a key ignition kit onto your dirt bike, but we are encouraging you to learn about the process precisely to be solid with your decision. Consulting an experienced mechanic will always be an ideal choice to make a better decision.

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