Eight common problem diagnoses of Suzuki drz400

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The Suzuki DRZ400 has been leading the top list for more than ten years. It became possible only because of the high-end performance that the bike is delivering for a long time. Riders and users from different variety of disciplines love this item to a great degree.

Despite having too many positives, the bike is not altogether free from some common issues.

These bikes are surely reliable. But maintenance, modifying, or upgrade are always common with most automotive vehicles.

Therefore, in this particular article, we will be talking about some of the common problems one might face with his Suzuki DRZ400 and their solutions.

If you have any version of Suzuki DRZ400, this article should bring forth relevant support on every occasion.

If that seems logical to you, let’s get into it-

DRZ400 common problems

What are the common problems of Suzuki DRZ400?

Some of the most common problems you will notice with most Suzuki DRZ400 are:

  1. Stater's problem.
  2. Swingarm/steering bearing problem.
  3. Side stand problem.
  4. Sprocket problem.
  5. Seat problem.
  6. Suspension problem.
  7. Exhaust problem.
  8. Gear-related problems.

1. Solving problems stater problem

One of the primary problems that most people share regarding the Suzuki DRZ400 is that the stater of the bike tends to burn out after running more than 20,000 kilometers. That is when most people start to Google about the procedures they should follow to solve the issue. Follow the steps discussed below to solve if you are facing such issues-

  1. First of all, you will need to upgrade the regulator or rectifier to solve any issues regarding stater overheating.
  2. You can also think about loosening the fasteners for the stator starter gear and the primary gear to resolve the issue.

2. Solving swing arm/steering bearing problem

Unlike most Japanese dual-sport, dirt bikes, or racing motorcycles, Suzuki DRZ400 will not have a lot of grease on the swingarm and steering bearing.  In that case, changing the CAM of the motorcycle should give you some relief. This is particularly true for the old pre-built models of DRZ.

We have also added an article on Suzuki DRZ 400 rim and tire. If you are thinking about upgrading your DRZ400, you may check that article to get the best available options.

Solving side stand problem

In the worst possible terrain, the safety relay can create some disturbance. When it remains stranded, you tend to get a disturbing ride. Removing the safety relay from the side stand, in that case, should give you some relief.

Sprocket problem and solutions

We have found many riders who have complained about the sprocket of their Suzuki DRZ model. Well, you should not face any trouble initially. But as time passes, sprocket-related problems can always turn out to be an issue.

Many experts suggest going bigger on the rear instead of smaller on the front sprocket. Otherwise, the chain can create disturbance in the swingarm.

Solving seat problem

If you are a casual rider, the seat of your Suzuki DRZ should not become an issue at all. But when you prefer going on an adventure ride, the seat may seem far too hard to make you exhausted.

But where there is a problem, there is a solution. You can always think about replacing the stock seat with an aftermarket edition to grab the most convenient experience.

Modifying the bike into a better edition is another way of solving problems.

If you are looking for a good quality headlight for your DRZ400, you may check the Suzuki drz400 headlight to get your preferred item.

Solving suspension problem

Most of the Suzuki DRZ models will come with a cable clutch. As a result, when you will go off the road, the suspension system of these bikes may give you a terrible experience. This is true for most aggressive riders as well.

What’s the solution? Well, modifying the bike should be one of the ideal ways to solve the issues. We are not saying that this is common in most DRZ models. But some of the DRZ models indeed deliver a nightmarish experience.

Try spending some budget on the suspension system to get better performance from it.

Solving problems related to the exhaust system

Most people who are using a Suzuki DRZ model will agree to the fact that the exhaust design of these bikes is quite restrictive. That is why you may get a little uncomfortable with the stock exhaust system of the bike when you will go for a longer ride.

But truths to be spoken, most of the aftermarket exhaust systems you will find available on the market are also unreasonably louder enough to stretch your irritation into a much greater version. But that should not be the reality all the time as well. If you become considerate enough, it’s always possible to replace the stock exhaust system with a better version to get comfort and stability simultaneously.

Solving gear problems

The 5-speed gearbox that comes with most Suzuki DRZ400 does not seem to bring forth ideal convenience when you will be on a long tour. Why so? Well, many experts have opined that the 5-speed gearbox does not have a good spread of ratios.

What should you do if you are not comfortable with the stock gearbox? Well, like typical users, you can also think about changing your fortune by relying on after-market gears.

Will replacing the stock gear bring any good results? Well, we hope so. We have found many pieces of evidence where people have claimed that their comfort zone has dramatically improved after installing an after-market gearbox to their DRZ model.

Should you rely on aftermarket tools for modifying your DRZ400?

Using any motorcycle for a long time can reduce the functional property to a great degree. That is when modifying the bike gets high-end priority. Whenever someone is thinking about modifying a bike, after-market or OEM-specific gears are the two important things that require ideal consideration. That is when people ask whether they should rely on after-market gears or not.

Well, you can always rely on after-market gears to get high-end performance. But most of the time an after-market gear will require you to do some adjustments for a convenient experience. Therefore, professional installation is highly recommended. Otherwise, you may end up making the whole system vulnerable.

Whatever may be the case, our recommendation would be to make a wise decision after having full clarity. Otherwise, you may have to ride with the same itchiness for a long long time.

If you are looking thinking about modifying your DRZ400, follow Suzuki drz400 accessories to get some of the best accessories for your bike.

Final summary

  1. Only think about modifying your DRZ when it is necessary.
  2. If you are a casual rider, you probably can get away without facing a lot many troubles.
  3. But when you prefer enduro or aggressive riding, you may need to think about doing some modifications to optimize the performance.

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