What is a DTC on a BMW?

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Owning a BMW is not the end of the luxury. By learning every detail and knowing your beloved car is going to serve you with real pleasure.

The knowledge of your vehicle and its safety measures is important to learn. Details like DSC and DTC need to be understood before playing with your BMW love. 

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is a regulation system for stability and traction. By the German car manufacturer, this is claimed to be the most advanced stability controlling system in slippery roads or on the drifting challenge.

If you are interested in DTC and its functionality you may find this article useful and informative. To learn more about DTC on BMW, keep scanning the article.



We have disclosed the full form of ‘DTC’ earlier, the Dynamic Traction Control. This Dynamic Traction Control system is BMW’s one of greatest contributions for road safety.

DTC is a sub-system of DSC. People who own BMW are known to DSC system. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) on a BMW car maintains the overall controlling performance on-road. And DTC is a sub-controlling system that comes with a manual on/off advantage, while the DSC remains on all the time due to road safety.

Available BMW models featuring DTC

Since the Dynamic Traction Control system is introduced for sporty and slick-road driving safety control, all the BMW models do not offer the DTC technology (DSC is a mandatory feature on all BMW cars).

DTC is available on standard BMW xDrive models. Available xDrive models are,

X3 M, X4, X4 M, X5 M, X6 M, X7, M5, M8, and BMW i8

With intelligent AWD technology, the xDrive model DTC system is persistently responsive to road conditions. Thus, the models having xDrive are more pleasant and convenient to drivers.

How DTC works on BMW?

The dynamic traction control system kicks the engine gear at the right rime and regulates it according to the traction ability of the engine. DTC allows the driver to thrill on a slippery and snowy road with precision and better handling.

It keeps the mobility of the car well ordered and keeps from sliding in slippery conditions.

The system detects the traction failure automatically and starts stabilization measures, curbing the engine output and reducing wheel slippage. 

The system is useful on snowy, slick, and slippery roads and road curves. People who love to drive in a sporty fashion will find this controlling system favoring them several times. Thanks to the DTC system that prevents manual driving failure through technology.

Importance of DTC

BMW is producing their cars with better traction and mobility control systems ever. This German car manufacturer is trying to put the best safety and luxury efforts into a vehicle. Along with the Dynamic Stability Control, DTC plays a vital role in road conditions.

In most cases, both the systems are activated together. DSC and DTC combining the stats of roads keep you automatically gripped onto the road. 

If you are willing to drift on the ground or play with a high-performance exhausting system, this feature might prove the best worth.

How to activate DTC?

DSC comes activated manually in every BMW car. So, you will need to understand if the DTC is also activated while driving. Like all other safety measures, DTC is also needed to be checked before starting the car on the road. 

On the dashboard screen with many other indicating signs you will notice the DTC logo. There is a button printed DTC also. Once you press the button the logo shows up, and that means the DTC is off. Yes, showing the logo on the screen means the absence of your car's traction control. While most people may get confused whether the system is on or off with the logo showing on.

Again, press the button, and the logo will vanish. That means DTC is running with your car's mandatory stabilizing control system. Hope you get it right this time.

You can always of the DTC manual. But the DSC is activated by default. Pressing the button for 4 seconds will turn them both off. But, for normal drivers, both the systems are necessary to stay activated.  

*Though DTC can be shut off manually, we do not recommend you to keep it off.  

With a single press of the button, you are allowing the front wheels to spin in the forward driving. In case you are facing any slippage with the car, this keeps your traction mobility stabilized.

And the 2nd press will allow you to drift shutting the whole automatic stability control system off.

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1. Can the DTC system be installed manually if absent?

Ans. DTC is available only for xDrive models by BMW. It comes preinstalled and the system is not available aftermarket to install.

2. Why do I need to keep the service on all the time?

Ans. Keeping DTC on saves you from unwanted wheel slippage and keeps your vehicle's mobility regulation perfectly.

3. What is the difference between DSC and DTC?

Ans. DTC is a sub-system of DSC. There is no difference in their workability. 

4. Is it hazardous to keep DTC off?

Ans. DTC works combined with DSC and keeps the dynamic traction and stabilization thoroughly. In particular, conditions, when both need to work together, you must keep it turned on. Or, may hazard occurs. 

5. When DTC is mandatory?

Ans. Driving on a slick, slippery road or a snowy road, DTC is compulsory for your BMW for traction stability. On sliding road conditions this system gives you to access a better grip on the wheels.


BMW is making their cars with every modern and useful technology with better mobility and traction.  They are implementing the most advanced safety system for your road driving. The DTC is a part of that.

This technology allows the driver to control the wheel slippage and take a better grip on various road conditions. Since the vision of BMW is to provide consumers with advanced and technology-based luxurious vehicles, they have become one of the most popular car manufacturers on the planet.

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