What do E26 and a19 mean in bulb terminology?

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It is confusing when someone indicates a single lighting bulb as 'E26' and 'A19'. Both the terms refer to the sizing of the bulb.

While 'A19' refers to the diameter of the widest upper part of a bulb, 'E26' indicates the size of the base of a bulb.

Still confusing? Worry not, I am here to clarify what you need to know about bulb’s sizing and what actually these different types of terminology mean-

what does e26 means

what does E26 mean

The term 'E26' refers to the type and size of the base of the bulb, more specifically the type and size of the connector that goes inside of the light holder.


  • E stands for Edison Screw
  • '26' means 26mm across, which is the diameter of the base of the bulb.

what does a19 mean?

wha does A19 mean

The term A19 in bulb terminology refers to the diameter of the upper part of a bulb.


  • ‘A’ stands for Arbitrary
  • ‘19’ refers to the diameter of the upper part of the bulb, which is 19/8=2.4 inches by definition.

The length of an 'A19' bulb is around 100 to 110mm, and the width is around 60mm.

Although 'A19' is a popular light terminology in the USA, many Asian countries also know such bulbs as 'A60' blubs as well.

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Are A19 and E26 refer to the same bulb?

The answer is yes and no. A light with an 'E26' base can also have an 'A19' head. In reality, most LED bulbs used in America have the same bulb pattern.

That should not necessarily mean that a bulb with an 'E26' base must have an 'A19' head. The parameters can be different on any bulb.

Therefore, the correct answer is that both A19 and E26 may or may not refer to the same bulb.

Manufacturing brands

There are many well-known brands and manufacturers in the USA that are providing quality bulbs for a long time. Many of them have been doing business from the dawn of this enlightening era. Here, we are mentioning some of the most popular and trustworthy manufacturer companies from the world producing and marketing a wide range of models as per the requirements of the consumers.

Some most renowned manufacturing companies worldwide are,

  1. Samsung LED.
  2. Philips Lighting.
  3. Sharp.
  4. Toyoda Gosei.
  5. KingBright.
  6. Everlight.
  7. Seoul semiconductor.

They are providing good quality bulbs for a long time now.

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1. How can I control brightness?

You need to attach a brightness controller with the main switch of your bulb’s connection. (Highly recommend an expert as it is powered with AC.)

2. What should be the reason to choose an E26?

E26 bulbs are used more than other models. You will find the wiring equipment in your next-door electric shop in North America and other states.

3. Which brand provides the best quality?

We have mentioned some of the best manufacturer companies in the article. You may choose their product with the advantage of warranty policies. If you find this catagory led light for suzuki drz400 or chevy silverado see our next article.

4. How long do they last?

LED lights long last. So, whatever the model is, purchase a good quality LED bulb. This will last you at least a year or more.


All we could probably understand is that these two bulbs are different yet similar in some aspects. But, since they feature different model tags (Also the A-series is the classic and older one than the E26) you must consider the quality and the brightness with the right color lumens.

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