E26 VS A19: Can I use A19 instead of E26?

You might have heard the term ‘E26’ when you went to purchase a bulb for yourself. And there is a possibility to come across the term ‘A19’ too. Have you ever tried to learn about this particular indicating digits and letters?

Both the combos of digits and letters mean two different models of the bulb!

Surprising, huh?

Yes, both of them indicated two different bulb models. This time we are going to give you the clarity of both these similar yet different bulbs. Start the learning from here.

E26 VS A19

About E26

In bulb industries, E26 is a very popular and common phrase. This indicates the bulbs are not lighting parts information.

In most cases, this number or word phrase is used because of the wide uses.

Here, the ‘E’ is for Edison Screw, and the digit ‘26’ refers to the diameter in millimeters. The diameter of the light's lower part is indicated, where we can see the ring formation of metal that attaches the bulb in the bulb-holder and connects it with electricity. The diameter is approximate ‘1 inch’ to measure.

You will find a metal contact point just about 10 mm in diameter that works as an electric ‘hot’ point on the tail of the bulb.

Since E26 indicates the shape and diameter of the cap or base of a bulb, you can simply find out only by looking at the cap of the bulb. We all know that the cap is there to connect the light with the holder and supply electric power. Or you can look at the light body to find out the model as almost all the manufacturers print the mounting base model on the bulb.

In the USA and Japan, these E26 bulbs use 120V AC. This standard value of alternating current powers most of the daily machinery. Won’t need to rewire your connections for these bulbs. 

About A19

The ‘A19’ is likely to be the same product as the previous one. Mass people would hardly find any differences between these two models.

But, yes. They are not the same bulbs you are deceived by. 

The term ‘A19’ is used to mean the overall shape and dimensions of a bulb. This is the classic bulb model that started the journey right from the incandescent era of light bulbs.

The A-series offered a load of models after that. In this particular model of bulb, you will find the same cap modular that is offered by E26 model bulbs. Since we have stated that these digits and numbers indicate the bulb's shape and size, it has nothing to do with the mounting cap/base.

The shape is identical with an upside-down pear to relate. Most of the incandescent bulbs are the same shape. And the diameter is 19 multiplied by one-eighth of an inch that is 2.4 inches roughly with the widest part of the bulb.

The electric hot point is there to connect with the main supply with the exact diameter we find on others.

A19 bulbs are also A60 in some countries where the metric measurement system is not in use.

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E26 VS A19

Both the bulbs have some similarities and dissimilarities. The designated models are to show the differences in brief. Let’s make it more clear with a side-by-side comparison.



Edison Screw bulb/Medium Edison Screw

Overall specification of the classic model

Shows the cap/base model

Specifies the shape and diameter

The base diameter is 1 inch

The base diameter is 0.8 inch

Supports 120V AC

Supports 120V AC

Screw ring cut shape cap

Screw ring cut shape cap

As we can see the difference and similarities in the chart we can define both the bulb models as different.

Both of the same capped bulbs use the same voltage alternating current, and they require no different wiring or plugging to mount. Thanks to the same Edison ring model.

But, the primary difference should distinguish them and give you a better and clearer idea.

Manufacturing brands

There are many well-known brands and manufacturers in the USA that are providing quality bulbs for a long time. Many of them have been doing business from the dawn of this enlightening era. Here, we are mentioning some of the most popular and trustworthy manufacturer companies from the world producing and marketing a wide range of models as per the requirements of the consumers.

Some most renowned manufacturing companies worldwide are,

  1. Samsung LED.
  2. Philips Lighting.
  3. Sharp.
  4. Toyoda Gosei.
  5. KingBright.
  6. Everlight.
  7. Seoul semiconductor.

They are providing good quality bulbs for a long time now.

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1. How can I control brightness?

You need to attach a brightness controller with the main switch of your bulb’s connection. (Highly recommend an expert as it is powered with AC.)

2. What should be the reason to choose an E26?

E26 bulbs are used more than other models. You will find the wiring equipment in your next-door electric shop in North America and other states.

3. Which brand provides the best quality?

We have mentioned some of the best manufacturer companies in the article. You may choose their product with the advantage of warranty policies. If you find this catagory led light for suzuki drz400 or chevy silverado see our next article.

4. How long do they last?

LED lights long last. So, whatever the model is, purchase a good quality LED bulb. This will last you at least a year or more.


All we could probably understand is that these two bulbs are different yet similar in some aspects. But, since they feature different model tags (Also the A-series is the classic and older one than the E26) you must consider the quality and the brightness with the right color lumens.

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