Top Electric chopper bikes for kids and adults reviews 2022

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To let your kids learn proper ways to ride a bike isn’t that tough. But you mustn’t compromise the safety and comfort. Therefore, the list of best electric chopper bikes is here to provide toddlers with a realistic bike riding experience.

The younger member of your family might have already learned the basics of bike riding through a radio flyer tricycle. Now, it’s the most appropriate time to provide him with a bike with realistic chopper bike features.

The presence of the American pop culture you will find in these bikes isn’t available in Coleman mini bikes. So, if you are interested in your culture, it’s the ideal type of bike you should purchase for your kids.

Best Electric chopper bike

Is an electric chopper bike good for you?

Yes, an electric chopper bike is a good option for you if you are tired of using mototec dirt bikes. For the kids, it’s an ideal option that helps them acquire basic bike riding skills. We’d like to tell you the reason simply why this type of bike is a good one to choose.

  1. It comes with quick rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  2. Powerful motor that provides two types of speeds.
  3. Durable construction with steel or iron.
  4. A comfortable ride with cushioned seat and backrest.
  5. Easy to control with long chopper-style handles.
  6. It has realistic engine start and horn sounds.
  7. The three-wheeled bike makes it much safer for kids.
  8. The bikes include front LED lights and taillights.
  9. Easy to assemble.

Whether you are purchasing it for having fun or learning basic bike riding, the features are always fascinating. If you already developed your skills, you can move on to razor electric dirt bikes.

Best Electric chopper bike

Electric chopper bikes are available for both kids and adults having almost identical features. However, you will get a controlled speed in the smaller ones that are made for the kids. Again, it provides a real bike riding feel with the sounds.

The following list contains both kids' and adults' bikes that you might find interesting. However, before making the final decision, you must go through the buying guide once.

1. Freddo Chopper Style Electric Ride ON Motorcycle for Kids

Key specifications


DTI Direct


14 pounds

Construction material

High-grade alloy steel & durable plastic  


Long-lasting 6 volts lithium-ion battery


Three wheels chopper design

Load capacity

Up to 66 pounds

Maximum speed

3 mph

Type of speeds


Sound effects

Realistic engine start and horn

Control buttons

Start and stop buttons

Age recommendation

18 months to 4 years

Users opinion about the bike

The bike is easy to assemble as it didn’t take more than 40 minutes to get fully ready. However, there have been some issues with the performance. According to the users, it doesn’t hold enough charge or performance quality.

But it’s a perfect choice for the younger members of the family. It can take the weight of a four years old kid to provide adequate fun. Moreover, the realistic engine and horn sound turned out as one of the greatest addition here.

After powering up the bike, the rider needs to press the pedal to get the bike running. Thus, it becomes much convenient to handle.

More details you need to know

Let your kids enjoy motorcycle riding in the backyard with a realistic feel and proper safety with this electric bike. With a maximum speed of 3 mph, it’s never a dangerous ride for toddlers.

Moreover, you will have two different speed options that make it suitable for experienced ones and amateur ones. The manufacturer has used high-quality materials with high-grade steel and plastics. It can hold up to 66 pounds of weight.

The ride is much safer because of has three wheels. To start the riding, it has a start button. After pressing the start button, put one foot on the pedal and press it to accelerate the bike. The dedicated stop button will stop the bike.

However, you will get a realistic feel with the engine start and horn sounds. If you have a screwdriver, the rest of the installation process is hassle-free. Moreover, it can provide long-term fun with the lithium-ion battery.

The good

  1. It is easy to install using the installation instructions.
  2. Feels realistic with the engine starting and horn sounds.
  3. Long-lasting battery life for more fun.
  4. It perfectly fits the toddlers.
  5. Safer rides with a controlled speed.
  6. Has four color variations.

The bad

The handles and mirrors are a bit flimsy.

2. Razor Electric Mini Chopper Bike (Red)

Key specifications




53.6 pounds

Construction material

Steel with chrome fork


Drag style handlebars


Two 12 volts lead-acid battery system


Up to 45 minutes continuously


One 250 watts electric motor

Maximum speed

15 mph

Acceleration control

Twist grip throttle


Hand-operated rear brake

Front tire

14 inches front tire with 14 spoke front wheel

Rear tire

10 inches pneumatic tire

Weight carrying capacity

Up to 220 pounds


Low profile


Wrap-around fenders


Teardrop tank

Users opinion about the bike

The chopper doesn’t take much time to get charged. Therefore, the toddlers loved it while using the bike. Moreover, they had experienced a long-term performance from the bike that increased the fun.

Moreover, the parents or adults are also pretty satisfied with it as it is not a daunting task to put it together. Also, it turns out a safer one as it has a controlled speed. On the other hand, few users have got issues with the charging and charge holding time.

However, it won’t be an ideal choice for riders above seven years.

More details you need to know

Unpack the package, and assemble the bike within a quick time. Then charge it fully to get up to 10 miles of bike riding. The inclusion of two sealed lithium-ion batteries provides long-lasting service.

However, the batteries don’t take more than 6 hours to get fully charged. The manufacturer has used high-grade steel to construct the bike. It comes with a low-profile design and drag-style handlebars.

With the powerful 250 watts electric motor, the young riders can get a maximum speed of up to 15 mph. According to the experts, riders must put on a safety helmet while riding. To accelerate the bike, it comes with twist-grip acceleration control.

However, you will get a hand-operated rear brake for enhanced control over the bike. The front bike is a bit larger here, as it is noticeable in chopper bikes. The front wheel is 14 inches, and the rear is 10 inches in diameter.

The good

  1. The bike provides a quick and convenient installation.
  2. It’s easy to control the bike with the hand-operated rear brake.
  3. Ensures durability with the high-grade steel construction.
  4. The charge remains for a long time.
  5. Drag-style handlebars for better control.

The bad

The charging time seems to be a bit longer.

3. DTI DIRECT Chopper Style Electric Ride ON Motorcycle

Key specifications


DTI Direct


15.9 pounds

Construction material

High-grade steel and durable plastic


6 volts lithium-ion rechargeable battery


Dedicated start and stop buttons


Step on the pedal


Oversized handlebars


Headlights, rearview mirrors, and raised backstop


Realistic engine start and horn sounds

Speed type

Two speeds

Maximum speed

Up to 3 mph

Number of wheels


Weight holding capacity

Up to 66 pounds

Age recommendation

1 to 3 years

Users opinion about the bike

It appears to be a great fun element for the young riders. The assembling of the bike is pretty convenient as it doesn’t take too much time. However, some parents have found it a little bit smaller compared to the toddler’s size.

However, there’s been another major downgrade of the item is not having any instructions. The instruction manual could quicken the entire installation process a lot more. Overall, it’s a perfect addition for young riders to learn basic motorcycle driving styles.

More details you need to know

Get this small but realistic bike to the youngest member of your family, and see how much delight he finds. The manufacturer has included realistic engine starting and horn sound to provide a real bike riding experience.

Moreover, with quality steel construction, the bike is ready to serve you for a long time. The maximum speed won’t go over 3 mph, which makes it much safer for toddlers. Also, they will get two different speed options here.

Whenever the battery runs out of charge, you can quickly recharge it and let your kid start having fun again. The oversized handlebar provides a real chopper-like feel to the young rider. And he can find enough comfort with the raised backstop.

Although you won’t let the kids ride on the bike when it’s dark outside, the headlights still provide a better look. While riding, he can also watch what’s happening behind the rearview mirrors.

The good

  1. It provides a realistic feel with the engine start and horn sounds.
  2. The maximum speed is within control.
  3. It comes with a realistic chopper bike look.
  4. Easy to recharge the battery and get going again.
  5. The raised backstop provides adequate comfort to the toddler.

The bad

The handlebar doesn’t seem strong enough.

EAhora M1P 2000W 60V Electric Scooters

4. DTI DIRECT Chopper Style Electric Ride ON Motorcycle

Key specifications




170 pounds

Construction material

Seamless steel pipe and AB material


2000W brushless DC geared motor  

Maximum speed

34 to 37 mph


60 volts, 30 Ah lithium battery


67.2 volts and 4-ampere charger


60 volts, 55A controller


Motor-style LCD


12 inches straight grain vacuum tubeless tires


F & R hydraulic disc brakes

Front light

Oversized headlight with turn lights

Rear light

Integrated taillight with brake light and direction indicator

The suspension (front and rear)

Hydraulic shock fork and spring steel shock

Weight holding capacity

Up to 440 pounds

Users opinion about the bike

The bike comes with a classy look, which provides maximized power and control to the rider. Most users are pretty satisfied with the powerful motor that ensures a long-term and higher speed.

A handy addition to the bike is the user manual. It helped the buyers to get through the fact that how properly one needs to operate it and get the best out of it.

With the interesting look, it catches the attraction of fellow riders on the street. Moreover, the installation time is also shorter that offers more riding time.

More details you need to know

Well, if you are searching for speed with a classy chopper bike look, it’s going to be a worthy choice for sure. The manufacturer has a seamless steel pipe to construct the frame. However, the fenders have high-quality AB material construction.

The bike provides speed up to 37 mph and 40+ mileage. To provide a much higher speed, it has a 2000W brushless DC motor inside that has 124 nm maximum motor torque. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, which doesn’t take more than 6 hours to get recharged again.

For a smoother ride, you will get an identical-sized 12 inches vacuum tubeless tire in the bike. Besides higher speed, the rider can have superb control over the bike with the F & R hydraulic disc brakes.

The motor-style LCD monitor on the front shows the charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear level, etc. With the foam-cushioned, comfortable seat, you can withstand bumpy roads and ensure a comfortable ride.

The good

  1. Easy to start, accelerate and brake the bike.
  2. It provides cushioned comfort on bumpy roads.
  3. Users get a higher speed with the powerful motor.
  4. The tubeless tires are not easy to burst.
  5. It ensures safe riding with the proper lighting system.
  6. 30-degree slope travel allows riding on all terrains.

The bad

So far, there isn’t any issue with the bike.

5. Costzon Kids Ride-on Chopper Motorcycle

Key specifications




14 pounds

Construction material

Iron and polypropylene


6 volts DC, 4.5 Ah


Safe three-wheeled design


Foot pedal


Non-slip handlebars


Ergonomic seat with backrest


Bright front Led and simulated taillight


Realistic dashboard


The general power button, forward and reverse button, and music button


Anti-slip and wear-resistant wheels


An integrated charging input socket 

Weight holding capacity

Up to 66 pounds

Age recommendation

3 years or above

Users opinion about the bike

For younger riders, it’s a little and cute bike that lets them have fun bike riding at this early age. None of the users so far found any difficulties installing it. After installing it within an hour, they have fully charged it.

The first up charging time is up to 8 hours, which is not an issue. Moreover, it runs for a long time on a single charge that seems pretty good. However, some users have found it a bit smaller for kids over 3 years old.

More details you need to know

It is a real chopper-style motorcycle that is safe to ride for the kids of your home. The iron and polypropylene construction ensures a long-lasting service to provide fun to the young riders.

To bring a realistic feel to the bike, the manufacturer has added a realistic dashboard upfront. In addition, you will get a general power button to start the bike. Without realistic sounds, the bike is never going to be a perfect one.

Therefore, you will get starting and horn sounds that provide a super-realistic feel. The wear-resistant and anti-slip tires make the ride much safer. It allows the rider to ride the bike on a wooden track, cement floor, rubber track, or brick ground.

It is an easy and user-friendly bike that comes with two kids-friendly handles. For long-term riding with comfort, you will get a comfy seat with a backrest here. The rider needs to use the foot pedal to get the bike going and provide a thrilling experience.

The good

  1. It ensures a safer ride with bright LED and tail lights.
  2. Easy to control with the kids-friendly handles.
  3. It comes with a rechargeable battery for long-lasting performance.
  4. Usable on various types of surfaces.
  5. It’s easy to assemble the bike.
  6. Provides a realistic bike riding experience.

The bad

The handlebar holes are drilled wrong.

6. Lil’ Rider Kids Motorcycle Ride On Toy – 3-Wheel Chopper

Key specifications


Lil’ Rider


22.6 pounds

Construction material

Carbon steel and high-quality plastic


6 volts, 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery


18 watts motor

Maximum speed

Up to 3 mph on forward and reverse


Three-wheeled design


Chopper-style handlebars


Working turn signals


Realistic music

Weight capacity

Up to 50 pounds

Recommended age

3 to 6 years

Users opinion about the bike

The majority of users had no issues putting the bike’s parts together. After completing the assembly, they fully charged it and ensured long-lasting service. Having a realistic sound and chopper-style handlebars enhanced the bike’s look.

It turned out as a safe bike to use for toddlers because it’s neither too fast nor too slow. The sturdiness of the bike ensured durability to a great extent. However, few users seem not to be happy with the installation time.

More details you need to know

Riding at 3 mph speed isn’t a dangerous one for the toddlers, and the parents must agree to this. The manufacturer has kept the speed at an ideal position, which is at the same time safe and fun-provider for kids.

The bike comes with carbon steel and high-quality plastic construction. It can hold up to 50 pounds of load, which is ideal for the younger ones. After recharging the 6 volts battery, it can provide a long-lasting service guarantee.

The manufacturer has included a user manual with the bike, which makes the entire installation process hassle-free. You will get realistic sounds while starting the bike and pressing the horn.

Moreover, the bike comes with chopper-style handlebars. It also has working turn signals to fulfill the realistic design and performance. According to the manufacturer, it is usable on any hard, flat surface.

The good

  1. It is a perfect bike for indoors and outdoors.
  2. Looks like a real bike with chopper-style handles.
  3. Provides a realistic feel with realistic sounds.
  4. The controlled speed makes it a safer choice.
  5. It is easy to install.
  6. The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting service.

The bad

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to assemble.

Buying guide: How to choose the right electric chopper bike

If the bike is safe, then you can look for the other features in it. As every parent is concerned about their kids’ safety, it’s the first thing one should look at in an electric chopper bike. However, adult bikes need to have higher speeds with control.

After having adequate safety, you shouldn’t blindly choose one. Go through the following aspects and consider these before buying any of these bikes.

  1. High-grade steel or metal ensures durable construction.
  2. A Long-lasting, rechargeable battery is worthy of choosing.
  3. Controlled speed up to 3 mph for kids.
  4. It should have realistic chopper-style handlebars.
  5. Realistic engine start and horn sounds.
  6. Front and rear lights enhance the realistic look.
  7. Pedal to accelerate and braking option.
  8. Weight holding capacity up to 66 pounds.
  9. Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and durable tires.
  10. Comfortable seat with backrest.

How strong the bike should be?

When you are using the bike regularly and roughly, it must withstand the situations. You should go for a bike that has steel or other strong metal constructed frame. However, the other parts of the bikes can come with plastic construction.

How long do the batteries need to last?

Most of these high-grade chopper bikes have lithium-ion batteries inside. It should allow the user to easily recharge the battery to make it ready for use again. Typically, the battery requires around 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged again.

One more thing to remember is that one must charge the battery fully before using it for the first time. It can prolong the battery life as well.

Is the bike easy to control?

You shouldn’t go for one that is not easy to control for the kids. To know about the controlling mechanism of the bike, you need to go through several factors. The first one is the handlebars, and chopper-style ones are recommended.

Again, one should accelerate the bike by putting a step on the pedal downwards. Moreover, the speed shouldn’t go up to 3 mph for safety measures. Also, it must have disc brakes for complete control over the bike.

Don’t you know kids love realistic toys?

Without having a realistic look and functions, how fair is it to provide such chopper bikes to the kids? For a realistic look, you must go through the design first of all. As you are looking for a mini chopper bike, it must have real chopper bike styles.

Until you can hear the engine starting sound, it doesn’t feel like you are riding on a bike. Most high-grade bikes have realistic engine start and horn sound for enhanced fun for the kids.

Where you can ride the bike?

The inclusion of anti-slip and wear-resistant tires makes them ideal to be used on various surfaces. However, almost each of these bikes is usable on smooth and flat surfaces. Some of these bikes also allow both indoor and outdoor fun.

On what the comfort depends?

Whether the toddler is going to spend much or less time on the bike should provide adequate comfort. A cushioned seat is a must inclusion for better comfort. However, to extend the comfort level, you should look for a raised backrest.

How much does one need to spend on an electric chopper bike?

The cost of electric chopper bikes ranges from $90 to $140. The cost doesn’t vary too much when it comes to the toddlers' bikes. However, when the bike is made for adults, it can cost you up to $3,000 or more quite easily.

The realistic design and function are the bike are some of the key factors that impact the price. Most manufacturers try including chopper-style handlebars for realistic design. Also, the inclusion of realistic engine starting and horn sounds increases the price a bit.


Is an electric chopper bike good for long rides?

Yes, the comfort and reliability make an electric chopper bike an ideal choice for long rides. Riders, who never have been into a chopper or such types of bikes, might worry about the extra-long handles mostly.

However, the long handles are not tough to reach and keep in control. Moreover, both riders and the back seat have a comfy setup for long-term comfort.

On which roads, electric chopper bikes are worth usable?

Electric chopper bikes are an ideal choice for straight roads with fewer turning points. Chopper bikes have longer forks than usual, which often makes turning difficult for the riders. However, straight roads are always supportive of these bikes.

Again, the seating position is like where you need to keep the feet forward. Riding on turning roads becomes more of an unpleasant task with the straightforward seating position.

Are electric chopper bikes loud?

Well, chopper bikes are typically one of the louder bikes on the street. However, electric chopper bikes are not. The reason for chopper bikes being so loud is the extended exhaust pipe and the engine.

On the other hand, the noise reduces more than half when it comes to an electric chopper bike. The rider won’t hear many sounds from the engine; rather a windy sound will arrive from the tire because of the traction with the road.

How long does an electric chopper battery last?

An electric chopper's battery can last from two to five years depending on how well you take care of it. Try keeping the battery cool when the bike is idle. Never store the battery when the charge is too low.

Another thing the users should keep in mind, which is not to discharge the battery fully. It can damage the battery and gradually decrease the lifespan.

Are electric chopper bikes street-legal?

Without any doubt, electric chopper bikes are street-legal. Similar rules go for electric chopper bikes like traditional gasoline bikes. You may need to put a license plate on the back of the bike if your state demands so.

The majority of states have ensured the legality of these bikes as they are safe on roads. However, depending on the configuration of your bike, you should still check out the state law.

Final words

Don’t make any more as you already know how these chopper bikes can help your kids to have fun and learn bike riding skills. Having various brands on the list, we have let you choose one that meets your needs. Now, let’s sum up the things quickly.

  1. Quick rechargeable 6V batteries.
  2. Powerful motor to provide a controlled speed up to 3 mph.
  3. Three-wheeled and cushioned seats for safety.
  4. It has realistic engine start and horn sounds.
  5. Anti-slip and wear-resistant tires.

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