Firestone wheel alignment cost guides

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Wheels are one of the most vital things of a car. The perfect position of wheels while driving a car is so necessary. Otherwise, the driver will not feel comfortable. The cost of wheel alignment at firestone is $80 for one year.

The inspection team of firestone set the cost according to the condition of the vehicle. Most of the automobile mechanics suggest their customers get the service from them. Additionally, firestone always tries to provide the best service to car owners. Afterward, this organization also provides a guarantee to their service.

Firestone wheel alignment cost

Cost of the firestone wheel alignment

The authority set the prices according to two different categories. At first, they give one-time service to the front and rear wheels for only one time which costs $80 to $90. And secondly, they provide a lifetime package for adjusting the wheels of the car for $180 to $200.

The lifetime offer can be collected at lower prices at the New Year or other major occasions. The prices of aligning the wheels are influenced because of many factors. Basically, car holders need to spend more on digital positioning than manual. Furthermore, there are other key reasons too which will also be discussed in this article by relating with the cost.

Why do need a wheel alignment for a car?

Positioning the wheels is not needed when new tires are installed in a car. However, if the vehicles face a bad accident or continuously deal with big potholes need alignment. Without inspecting the position of wheels regularly by the inspection team, this will be a risk to drive on the road.

One should adjust the wheels to the right angle for avoiding any type of hassle while driving on a bad road. Sometimes this will cause a great accident for the drivers and passengers.

The cost difference of standard and lifetime wheel alignment at Firestone

First of all, people need to determine the duration of their use period. For example, a person will drive a car for only one year in that satiation he doesn't need lifetime service from firestone. However, this will be wise to take lifetime service if people have the intention of using their car for over 5 years.

In the following table we mention the cost of firestone wheel alignment:


Duration of service

Miles (highest)



12 months


$80 to $100




$170 to $210

The above prices of adjusting wheels are variable. The actual price of the market varies due to various reasons.

In the next bullets points, we describe the factors influencing the adjustment cost of the wheel succinctly.

Model of the car: This is natural to charge more prices from the latest model car of the market than the older version. Though the real cost of wheel positioning link with the condition of a car, automobile mechanics face difficulty to adjust the wheel of new models.

Modification: If the customers want to modify their car to make a new design, the cost will rise based on their requirements. Sometimes people also want to modify each and everything of their vehicles.

The situation of the suspense: Usually the mechanic of a car checks the condition of suspense before starting their task. Then they set the service charge. If the tore of a car is damaged too badly, the price will be higher than the actual price.

Apart from these factors, some other minor things influence the cost of wheel adjustment.

Cost comparison among firestone and other companies

In today’s world, a good number of Automobiles Companies offers wheel alignments. All of them are always trying to provide the best service to their customers. However, the costs are not the same at all.

In the following bar chart, we mention the prices of different servicing companies. So that people can measure their service by comparing with cost.

The above bar chart stands for showing the cost for one-time inspection by the mentioning companies.  Some of the automobile technicians offer their service for 1 to 3 years.

But firestone is the only company that offers lifetime service to its customers. Consequently, people are more interested to do the alignment of wheels for their car at firestone.

Cost comparison among firestone and other companies chart

Firestone wheel alignment cost vs. tire cost

The new tire can provide satisfaction to the drivers of the vehicle but the price is not cheap. Though positioning the wheels regularly is irritating, it saves a lot of busks. The conditions of the roads are not suitable for driving always and people are getting frustrated by seeing the damage of the tire.

 In this circumstance, people must check the position of wheels regularly. Otherwise, this will be difficult for them to avoid damage to the tire. Four wheels vehicles are mostly seen in our surroundings. Hence we only select two types of vehicles such as; car and truck for comparing the cost of tire and wheel alignment by firestone.

In the following table the comparisons are shown:

Vehicle type

Tire cost

One time wheel adjustment cost

Lifetime wheel adjustment cost


$500 to $700

$80 to $90

$170 to $200


$800 to $1000

$80 to $100

$170 to $200

The cost of wheel positioning can be increased or decreased for cars and trucks based on their condition. In terms of the price of the tire, that depends on the company. We show the price range of truck and car tires so that people can compare easily.

Front wheel vs. rear wheel alignment cost

Some of the renowned vehicle servicing companies like Walmart set their prices according to the number of wheels. Companies like Walmart charge $15 to $20 more for servicing 4 wheels. However, firestone set their prices the same for front and rear wheels. They give more emphasis on their form of providing service. Normally the average cost of wheels alignment is about $100 to $105.

Is firestone is the cheapest option?

Though firestone offers lifetime service to their users, some other company offers their service at $50 to $80. But the quality of firestone service is far better than those servicing companies. Besides, one in the market offers their service for unlimited time at $200.

Do you need an alignment after replacing all 4 tires?

The best decision will be to check the wheels positioning of the car. If the entire things are in perfect position, then there is no need to spend additional money.  On the other hand, people can adjust the position if the angles are not perfectly right.

Cost Analysis

 As we all know firestone is a great company to adjust the position of the wheel by their updated technology and expertise. People may be inspecting their car at a lower cost by the local technician but at the end of the day, this will not bring great value to the users.

Furthermore, there is no limit of mileage for wheel alignment at their lifetime package. By and large, firestone can be a great option for long time car users.

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