Flowmaster 40 vs. 44 in 2023: Which muffler does the job well?

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Are you annoyed with the loud sound emitting from the exhaust system? Well, a chambered muffler can come to the rescue to get you out of this problem. However, which one should you go for, Flowmaster 40 or Flowmaster 44?

It's confusing that every automotive enthusiast has fallen at least once in their career. Both these mufflers have louder sounds but are not identical as well. However, the costs are pretty similar here.

Where the original 40 series offers the loudest sound, the super 44 comes with an aggressive sound that isn't much loud. Again, the super 40 has a subdued, but moderate loudness.

Now, let's break into these muffles and let you decide which one does the job well.

Comparison between Flowmaster 40 and 44 mufflers

Comparison between Flowmaster 40 and 44 mufflers

The confusion arises, when the question comes regarding the selection between Flowmaster 40 series and 44 series. Both chambered mufflers are there to regulate the noise emitting through the exhaust system from the combustion chamber.

However, these two chambered mufflers have quite a lot of differences.

Flowmaster super 40 series

Flowmaster super 44 series

16-gauge aluminum steel construction

16-gauge stainless steel construction

Subdued, classic, and loud sound

Aggressive and loud sound

Moderate internal resonance

Lower internal resonance

Has a thicker case

Has a thinner case

Hasn’t got a compact design

Compact design

Perfect for a daily driver

Rough and tough driving and racing cars

Easy to install

Comparatively easier to install

Limited time warranty service

A lifetime warranty service

Flowmaster 40 and 44 mufflers

Flowmaster 40 series vs. super 40 mufflers

Don't mess up between Flowmaster 40 series, which is the original 40, and the super 40 series. Basically, Super 40 is the upgraded version of the original 40 series that offers a louder noise.

The comparison chart may tell you the difference between these two mufflers.

Flowmaster 40 series

Flowmaster super 40 series

It’s the old-gen muffler

The upgraded version of the old-gen one

Deep and aggressive sound

Classic but loud sound

Doesn’t improve horsepower performance

Improves the horsepower performance

Makes a quieter engine

Not much of a quieter engine

Weighs comparatively more

Reduced weight improves the sound

Flowmaster delta flow 40 series vs. super 40 mufflers

Coming out of the racing or hardcore driving chambered muffles, Flowmaster has brought an upgraded one to use in the daily driver. Yes, we are talking about the Delta Flow 40 Series.

A lot of sectors are there in the muffle, where we can notice a huge amount of upgrades compared to the super 40. The following comparison chart will tell you the rest of the story.

Delta Flow 40 series

Super 40 series

Used in the daily driver vehicles

Mostly suitable for racing and hardcore driving

Deep and throaty rumble without being noisy

Loud and aggressive sound

The quieter option

Isn’t a quieter option on the street

A reduced internal drone

Less internal drone than the original 40 series

Increment in torque and horsepower

Improves the horsepower performance

Both aluminized steel and stainless steel construction

Aluminized steel construction

Comparatively more durable

Durable but not like the Delta flow

Which Flowmaster muffler is louder: 40 or 44?

Comparing these two mufflers in the exhaust system of the combustion chamber, the upgraded or the later version has a louder sound. It means the super 44 series is more aggressive and louder than the super 40 series.

If you compare the sound qualities keeping these two muffles side by side, you will see not much difference during the emitting of sound from the combustion chamber. However, the noise is louder and deeper in the super 44 series.

Even though both have Delta Flow technology in order to reduce internal resonance, the successor produces a louder and more aggressive noise.

Therefore, the super 40 is better for moderate usage, and the super 44 series is ideal for any racing or hardcore driving.

Does Flowmaster 44 add horsepower?

Yes, Flowmaster 44 series muffler adds horsepower, which is directly related to the performance. However, the addition or boosting of horsepower isn’t a long time process in either 44 series or 40 series mufflers.

Both mufflers are there in the combustion chamber to regulate the noise level and keep it in the moderate range. However, both these muffles have the least effect on the horsepower addition.

Flowmaster 40 or 44: Which one is expensive?

You should be surprised to know that there isn't much of a difference in the pricing of 40 and 44 series mufflers. Even though the manufacturers have launched the super 44 series to upgrade the performance, the cost remained pretty the same.

The minimal difference that is noticeable between the costs of these two chambered mufflers is ignorable anytime. Therefore, you can get any of these mufflers almost at the same pricing.

Which muffler is more durable: 40 or 44?

Before going to the final decision regarding the durability of these two chambered mufflers, the first and foremost thing to know is their build quality.

Both these mufflers have heavy-duty 16-gauge construction. However, the super 40 comes with 16-gauge aluminized steel construction and the super 44 come with 16-gauge stainless steel construction.

And the thumb rule is that stainless steel will be less prone to rust or corrosion any day. The same thing happened with the successor muffler.

Meanwhile, because of having 16-gauge aluminized steel, the 40 series nearly matched the durability level of its upgraded version.

Are these mufflers easy to install?

Yes, both these mufflers are easy to install by yourself or by an expert in this field. However, you need to have the necessary installation kit to install it real quick.

However, there’s something you need to know regarding the installation. The 40 series comes with a thicker case that doesn’t offer either a compact design or compatibility with most vehicles.

Meanwhile, the successor 44 series comes with a compact design and thinner case to make it fit in most vehicles with ease and grace.

Pros and cons of Flowmaster 40 muffler

Before getting any of these mufflers, you need to know the specs and what these two actually offer. But none of these is out good sides and bad sides. So, it's better if we go through the pros and cons.


  • The improved sound quality in the vehicle.
  • It boosts the horsepower and ultimately the performance.
  • The pricing is within the reach.
  • Aluminized steel ensures better protection from corrosion.
  • Easy to install.


  • It still produces a little amount of internal noise.
  • Downgraded construction than stainless steel.
  • Not for racing or hardcore driving.
  • A limited-time warranty is offered.

Pros and cons of Flowmaster 44 muffler

Similar to the 40 series, which is the predecessor of the 44 series muffler, it has both good and bad sides.


  • Aggressive and loud sound for racing tracks.
  • Thinner case and compact design.
  • Maximized protection from rust and corrosion.
  • An easy installation without any hassle.
  • Usable in most types of vehicles.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Not amongst the loudest of the mufflers.
  • Still produces some internal noise.

Which Flowmaster muffler does the job well: 40 or 44?

Both Flowmaster mufflers can do the job well in their fields which leads to you taking the final decision. 40 series has a louder sound, and noise, but is not available for racing.

On the other hand, you are not supposed to get a louder sound or noise from the 44 series. However, it’s a pretty good one for any racing or rough and tough driving.

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