How much does a Ford Connected charge station cost?

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The EV producers along with Ford have started to capture a significant portion of the market share in the automobile industry. The connected charger of them also brings revolutionary change to its users. The official price of buying a Ford connected charge station is $800.

All the major car manufacturing companies have also begun to produce battery cars for many years. Moreover, Ford is one of them and their Mustang Mach-E become a super hit in the market. But, the electric SUV of ford comes with a mobile charger which is not so useful if we compare it to our main topic of this article.

Through reading this article, people will know about the cost of EV chargers for Ford as well as other companies. This also helps them to make comparisons.

Ford Connected charge station cost

Cost comparison of Ford connected charge station

A good number of alternative products are available in the current market. The manufacturers provide uniform configurations on them so that these can be used in all models of EV. However, this does not apply to all the models.

People can choose the best alternative item from the market by knowing the price. Nevertheless, it will also help to make the comparison based on price. In the following table, we show some exciting products along with their price.

Name of the charger

Price range

ChargePoint Home Flex

$900 to $1000

Tesla Wall Connector

$750 to $800

ClipperCreek EV Charging Station

$650 to $700

Enel X JuiceBox 40

$600 to $650

The Grizzl-E Classic

$450 to $500

In the above table, we mention the price for the best quality and widely accepted charger for electric vehicles. The performance of the above five products is quite satisfactory and all of them are capable enough to provide a long time service to the vehicles owners.

If we compare the price with the Ford connected charge station, it is evident that the price of this is higher than all the brands except “ChargePoint Home Flex”. The performance of the Tesla Wall Connector is amazing though the price of this is a little bit lower than the Ford home charger.

Ford electric car

Why did the ford user shift to a connected charger

At first, the charger which is offered with the car is not capable to provide enough value to the users. Therefore, the configuration of this item is far better than Ford mobile charger. The outlet of this item is able to supply the electricity through using 240-volt electricity. One needs to wait for around 11 hours to get the battery full.

Furthermore, individuals can operate this through their mobile phones. They will find an application software in the mobile store to download. One can connect this by Bluetooth and wifi. This technology actually makes this more convenient for the people. They check the charging history as well as the remaining battery power through this.

On the other hand, the basic charger of Ford is not capable of giving these facilities at a time. Yes, it has the variant of 240 V and is capable enough to make a full charge in 15 hours. Hopefully, the management of Ford will make this with more fast technology.

ford electric car interior

Cost of Ford Charge Station Pro

It is considered one of the powerful chargers for their car. But people can use it only in the F150 model cars. The thing is, this is not a device that fits all. Inside technology of this is only fit for the electric truck which is manufactured by Ford. The price of this is about $1,350 at the current market and it comes with the F150 model car.

Moreover, individuals also have other options to use as the charger of this model car which name is LipperCreek CS-100. The retail price of this is around $2,100 to $2,200. This is a very high configuration battery for electric vehicles.

Cost of ford charging station

This is not always possible to keep the battery at a safe level while going for a long distance. At that time the vehicles need to be consumed electricity from public stations which are set up by the car manufacturing companies. The price per kWh will be around $1 to $3 and the cost range will be influenced according to the duration.

Therefore, the management of Ford has set up more than 16000 charging stations in over 12000 locations in America. No other automobile companies have this kind of setup in the USA. Nevertheless, it also helps to grow the business within a short period. Additionally, they are always looking forward to becoming the number one choice for the customers.

Cost of installing a charging station at home

EV users will not get enough room for a good experience without having a good quality charging station at the home. The cost of this will be around $5000 along with the installation fee if people choose a level 2 charger. This can be counted as one of the finest products in the industry. 

Moreover, an individual might hire a professional for setting the charging point at a comprehensive location. Additionally, the port of the charger must be similar to the car input point and the plug of this us must be 30 amps. Otherwise, the charger will not capable enough to give fast charging experience.

However, if the electric panel of the home is 50 or 100 amps, people need to upgrade it for using the high power charging station.

Where to buy Ford connected charge station?

The perfect way to place an order for this is through “FordParts”. From where people can find all the essential parts which are made for the Ford electric vehicles. Moreover, one may contact the third party but this will cost more than the regular price. Additionally, individuals can buy this from e-commerce sites like; Amazon to get discounts on shipping and MRP.

Furthermore, people may visit “Qmerit Charging" for installing it. They are very good at it and most of the customers of them provide a good review for their service.

Cost Analysis

The efficiency level of an electric car mostly relays on its battery performance. The high-quality charger of this is capable of providing great service in the long run. Ford also makes a home charger for their SUB which also provide solid performance. The price of this is about $800.

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