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How much does a top fuel dragster cost?

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Have you ever thought about the fastest car on the planet? Well, that’s a top fuel dragster.

A top fuel dragster or a funny car is the fastest racing car on the ground that has the ability of a jet engine-powered acceleration with a mighty sound effect.

What is a top fuel dragster?

A top-fuel dragster is not like a stock or pro mod drag racing car. From the looks of the engine and the ability of a dragster is completely out of the world.

The NHRA has the top fuel dragsters as the fastest and loudest cars on the ground.

In drag car racing history, these top fuel dragsters are known better for their stability. These funny cars are so unique-build that from the engine exhaust pipes to the engine's fuel burning, everything is pre-monitored. Aerodynamics and the overall performance stability of these cars are maintained very well.

The Engine

A top fuel dragster has the most powerful engine that can produce 10,000 horsepower and an amount of 9,500 rpm of high torque. The engine is nitromethane-fed. In a single run, it can burn up to 15 gallons of nitromethane fuel.

As dragsters are the quickest cars NHRA has, the races take place on a 1,000 feet running track. A dragster can run 285 mph. Thus, the race is not taken on a quarter-mile track. Till now, the record of a 335 mph speed is the best on paper.

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Price of a top fuel dragster

With a 4130 Chrome Moly chassis and a 1,000 kg weight, the estimated total cost of a dragster is $500,000 to be stated.

The engine of a modern top fuel dragster is made of aluminum and titanium. Regarding NHRA’s rules limit size, a 500 cubic inches Chrysler Hemi Block engine is fitted into a top fuel dragster.

It costs about $5,000 for the replacements of the parts and fuel after each run. Some top fuel dragsters internet prices are stated below,

1. 2015 American Top Fuel

A 565 cubic inches engine built with eagle rods, Magnum crank, and high-quality chrome finishing, racing ready dragster with an asking price of $49,000.

2. The Xaco Taco

The complete package with the engine and updated papers, the Xaco Taco is being sold at $62,000 or the buyer can purchase the engine at $25,000 having a conversation via e-mail.

3. 2006 Bowen Red

With a 465 cubic inch engine, Lunati Blower crank, and Bill Millar’s pistons and heads the 2006 Bowen Red has the chassis of nine and a half-inch live axle with all-around carbon brakes. The complete package is being sold for $55,000.

4. 2001 Jerry Fitz.

The 2001 Jerry Fitz is powered by a 525 Keith Black Hemi-built engine. The Crower Crank and Manley Titanium valves and an Enderly 1,200 fuel pump top the list of the build materials. An amount of $49,500 is worth paying for what you get with the 2001 Jerry Fitz.

5. The Race Tech 2005

 498 cubic inch Chrysler engine is what you get with this dragster. The 2005 Race Teach dragster has just 22 runs since it was rebuilt. $24,000 is the price you will be paying for a ready-to-go dragster that can run for you in the track.

The Transmission Procedure

Unlike the performance cars or the stock cars, the top fuel dragsters don’t have the same type of automatic or manual transmission control. A centrifugal clutch with only forward, high and reverse functionality controls the superpower cars. These cars have a special primary braking system as they run really fast in the shortest period possible.

By the time you complete reading this sentence, a dragster is gone over 250 mp/h accelerating its thousand horsepower engine. A 100 mph (160 km/h) in a 1,000 feet run is crossed by a top fuel dragster is equal to 0.8 seconds!


In professional drag racing, the top fuel dragsters are the most accelerating and noise-making vehicles. In full throttle, the engine makes around 150db of sound.  In a seismic measurement ( Richter Scale) two dragsters made such an extreme sound and vibrating score that it went on 2.3 on the scale. (source: McGee)

The noise is so extreme that people can hear the throttling sound from 10 miles away. This is why in top fuel drag racing the fans are given headgears to cover their ears.

There’s another issue with the fuel.

Nitromethane is a toxic fuel that produces more energy than Gasoline, pound to pound. In its actual form, nitromethane is pretty harmful to the human body. Though, a minimum inhalation shouldn’t harm that much.

Learn before Ride

fuel dragster track

Don’t scream to buy a top fuel dragster if you are not a professional racer. The NHRA gives the license for certified racers.

The price is variable with the specs. A top-rated dragster may cost you over a million. Always keep in mind, only 4 seconds duration race is all you get at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who invented top fuel dragsters?

Ans. The dragster was built in 1964 by Kent Fuller for Pomona drag strip manager Chuck Griffith.

2. What distance do top fuel dragsters run?

Ans. Instead of a standard quarter-mile race, the NHRA selected the distance 1,000 feet for a single run. And this was the most controversial safety step taken by NHRA at that time.

3. How do top fuel dragsters stop?

Ans. After crossing the finish line, the driver hits a switch that deploys two parachutes at a time. These help the car slow down using the intense resistance power of the air.

4. How many top fuel teams are there?

Ans. Seven professional teams are competing approved by the NHRA in the national and worldwide competitions.

5. Who is the most famous drag racer?

Ans. (1951-2000) Don Garlits is the first in rank.

6. How much does a top fuel dragster per run cost?

Ans. A top fuel per run costs approximately $8k to $10k.

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