Gaerne Dirt Bike Boots Riders Opinion 2022

A true rider never compromises with safety and comfort. A pair of essential golf boots always provides the optimum safety and comfort to ride with more confidence.

When one is talking about a decent pair of dirt bike boots, Gaerne is always a brand of trust. Gaerne has been producing quality boots for more than 50 years. That is why you can expect quality and performance from the brand in any situation.

This article contains the list of the nine best Gaerne dirt bike boots you can wear while riding your motocross.

If you are interested, let’s get started with the main discussion-

Gaerne Dirt Bike Boots

1. Gaerne 2021 SG-12 Boots (Black/Black)

Key Features

  1. Various sizes.
  2. Perfect fitting.
  3. Standard dual-stage pivot system.
  4. Optimum lateral support.
  5. Comfort and stability.

Our first recommendation on this list is the SG-12. SG-12 is available from 7 to 14 size variations. As a result, you can expect essential fitting for all types of riders.  It does not matter whether you have a larger or smaller foot, you will always get your optimum size from Gaerne.

One of the essential things about the SG-12 is its dual-stage pivot system. The first stage of the boot will provide extreme lateral support to deliver the comfort you deserve. Moreover, the inclusion of the glide plate will be handy to keep your feet in the upright position.  Finally, the rigid construction with perfect cushioning will ensure durability and comfort at the same time.


  1. The dual-stage pivot system will ensure comfort and stability at the same time.
  2. You will always remain in the upright position through the glide plate.
  3. SG-12 is available for all sizes of feet.

2. Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Men's Brown Motocross Boots

Key Features

  1. Leather construction.
  2. Injection-molded shin guard.
  3. Aluminum buckles.
  4. Gum rubber.
  5. Suitable for all-day riding.

Gaerne Pro-Tech boots are the most versatile item on the list. The Italian leather-made construction is enriched with quality and comfort to give you the most convenient experience throughout the whole day.

Besides, the injection-molded shin guard construction will be handy to keep you upright in your position. You will also get three replaceable aluminum buckles to get the most premium experience. Finally, you will not have to sacrifice the feel through the gum rubber sole.


  1. You will be able to use the boots for all-day riding and walking as well.
  2. The Pro-Tech boots will deliver extreme feel and comfort through the Italian leather-made construction.
  3. The moderate sole construction will provide comfort while walking.

3. Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

Key features

  1. Grain leather construction.
  2. Injection molded front shin guard.
  3. Replaceable alloy buckles.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Breathable membrane.
  6. Gum rubber sole.

The balanced oiled boot is loaded with features and quality. First of all, the grain-leathered construction with the front shin guard will ensure safety and comfort at the same time.

Besides, the waterproof material will take good care of your feet's safety in all-weather condition. On top of that, the breathable membrane with the gum rubber sole construction is here to keep you upright in the position with proper proficiency.


  1. The waterproof material will allow you to wear the boot throughout the whole day.
  2. The boot takes care of your safety through the injection molded front shin guard.
  3. The breathable membrane will ensure breathability inside of the boot to keep the environment safe.

4. Gaerne SG-10 boots

Key features

  1. Dual composite rubber sole.
  2. Alloyed replaceable buckle.
  3. Grip guard.
  4. Razorback.
  5. Ankle alignment.
  6. Heel bumper.
  7. Memory cell inside foaming.

The very first reason to go with this item is the dual-compound rubber sole construction. As a result, it will last more than an average motocross boot.

Besides, the inclusion of the adjustable alloyed buckle will allow you to adjust the size according to your need. On top of that, the memory cell inside foaming will be handy to get premium comfort in any kind of situation. Moreover, the ankle alignment feature will allow you to align the position to get extreme mobility.


  1. The padded interior will be handy to get the maximum amount of comfort.
  2. The long-lasting construction material will ensure durability and longevity simultaneously.
  3. SG-10 also suits the extreme racers.

5. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Key Features

  1. Aesthetic black color.
  2. Trail and street compatibility.
  3. Waterproof material.
  4. All-weather compatible.
  5. Various sizes.

The Gaerne G-adventure boot is here to take your adventure level to another extent. This one comes with a black aesthetic construction which is pretty hard to ignore. On top of that, you will be able to use the boot both on the trail and street.

Besides, the essential waterproof material will allow you to use the boot in all-weather conditions. If the boot fails to deliver comfort, it becomes a waste of money. But this G-Adventure boot will never disappoint you with the quality and comfort. The availability of different sizes will also be handy to get your perfect size.


  1. The all-weather compatibility will allow you to get out on the trail in any environmental situation.
  2. This one is available in numerous sizes. You will always find your preferred boot size.
  3. You will be able to use the boot both on the trail and street.

6. Gaerne Fastback Boots-Black

Key features

  1. Sleek design.
  2. Wrap-around pivot system.
  3. Lightweight construction.
  4. More ankle support.
  5. Replaceable alloy buckles.
  6. Burn guard, toe bumper.

If you love the look of your shoe, these Fastback boots are always an ideal option to give a go. The sleek-looking construction will always please you to go on the trail.

The fastback boots include a wrap-around pivot system. As a result, you will get more versatility and comfort from the boot. Another great thing about the fastback boots is that they come with a decent lightweight construction. As a result, you will get more ankle support to keep your feet on rest while riding on the trail.

You will also get the typical alloy buckles, burn guard, toe bumper, and many other features to get the most exciting experience on the trail.


  1. The fastback boot will enhance your impression to a great extent.
  2. The essential ankle support will deliver the most convenient experience on any kind of trail.
  3. This one is loaded with numerous features to deliver the most optimum comfort in all-weather situations.

7. Gaerne Youth SG-J Boot

Key features

  1. Suitable for the youth rider.
  2. Available in various sizes.
  3. Grain leather construction.
  4. Essential ankle support.
  5. All-weather compatible.
  6. Lightweight and durable construction.

The next recommendation on this list is the Gaerne Youth SG-J boot. This one comes for the youth rider to make their experience great while riding on the trail. The boot is available from two to six size variations. Even bulky kid will also find their appropriate size to improve their experience on the dirt trail.

This one comes with a grain leather construction. As a result, there will have versatility in all coming moments. Besides, the SG-J will deliver essential ankle support to make you comfortable while riding on the bike.

The soft microfiber construction in the front will be handy to satisfy you with the fitting. This one also ensures stability through lightweight and durable construction. Let your young rider preside over the trail.


  1. The young rider will remain safe from all kinds of vulnerabilities.
  2. The essential grain leather construction will ensure durability for a long time.
  3. This one is also all-weather compatible. As a result, there are no restrictions to go on the trail even in unprecedented weather.

8. Gaerne G-Prestige Gore-Tex Boots

Key features

  1. Gore-Tex membrane.
  2. Available in all possible sizes.
  3. Suitable for long-distance riding.
  4. 100% waterproof.
  5. Dry and comfortable.

The final recommendation on this list is the Gaerne G-Prestige Gore-Tex boots. This one is ideal for those who are looking for a long-distance. If you are a hardcore rider who loves to ride throughout the whole day, this one will deliver the essential support you deserve.

One of the great things about this boot is that this one comes with fully waterproof construction. As a result, there will not have any issue while going outside even on a rainy day. Besides, the Gore-Tex membrane will be handy to keep your feet dry and comfortable when you will drive long. Moreover, the boot is available in all possible sizes. As a result, you will have no issue while finding the right pair for your feet.


  1. The waterproof material will ensure safety in all-weather situations.
  2. The Gore-Tex material will ensure the essential comfort of your feet.
  3. The boot will provide extreme support for all hardcore riders. 

Buying guide

Here are some of the essential things you should consider while purchasing a boot for moto racing with your dirt and pit bikes-

Leather construction material

The first thing to consider while purchasing a boot for motoracing is the construction. When you are talking about safety and comfort, leather is always the ideal material to deliver the support. Always choose the right material to get the most premium support.

Shin guard

Shin guard is always the ideal option to ensure the safety of your feet. Dirt racing is a dangerous sport. That is why maintaining the safety of your foot always gets the highest priority. Choose a pair of boots with a quality shin guard so that you don't face any trouble for the protection of your feet.

Pick the right size

We always get comments from people regarding the sizing of the boot. If the sizing of the shoe is not appropriate, you get a distracting experience while riding on the bike on the trail. Besides, a loose or tight feeling on the feet never lets you enjoy the ride with full confidence. That is why always pick the right size so that you don't have to sacrifice your comfort zone on the trail.

Weather compatibility

A true rider never fears the weather. Bad weather turns out to be another great opportunity for adventure. But wearing convenient apparel always gets the highest priority.  That is why go with a boot that can withstand all-weather situations to give you a comfortable experience.  If the boot is not breathable enough to give you enough comfort, you should never make the decision. Besides, ensure that the boot is enough waterproof to resist water from getting into the boot. This boots for premium quality you must try enduro and motocross tournament.


A Gaerne pair of motocross boots will cost you from 150$ dollars to 250$ dollars. We are not saying that a cheap product means devoid of quality. But it is always worth spending some extra bucks on the boot so that you don't have to think about a replacement after a short time. If you are not sure about how to pick the right boot, you can consider checking the reviews of the riders who are already using your expected item.

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Are Gaerne boots good?

Gaerne has been bringing quality motocross boots for more than 50 years. A manufacturer only lasts when it maintains quality for a long time. If you look at Gaerne, you will notice that the brand is prevalent among most dirt bike riders. It became possible only because of the quality it has been ensuring for a long time.

That is why it is worth saying that the Gaerne motocross boots are not only good but also the best on the list.

Besides, the manufacturer brings boots for all types of riders. Both adults and kids will find a decent pair of boots from Gaerne to keep their feet safe while riding on the exciting trail.

The manufacturer also brings multi-purpose boots to give you the freedom to preside over any kinds of terrain or trail.

Final Words

Motoracing is all about essential apparel. If you miss the perfect gears, you lack safety. One of the essential apparel every moto racer needs to have is a good pair of boots. You can always trust Gaerne to get the most exciting racing experience. If you are looking for one, consider grabbing one from our list. We can assure you that you will have a decent experience in the longer run.

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