How much does a Go kart cost: Go kart cost guides

An average Go Kart price range 100$ to 6000$ deppends to what purpose you use. A Go kart is a 4 wheel short heightened vehicle specially used for racing and personal entertainment. A go-kart is often simply called just kart. The reason how the word cart changed to kart is still unknown.

A Go-Kart can go 40-50mph. But the speed varies depending on the size of the Motor since it comes in different shapes and sizes. The speed of a go-kart can be categorized depending on the purpose of use like racing and fun riding.

Go-kart made for racing is different from the go-kart made for kids. The racing machines are always more costly than their amateur version. There are some DIY variants of Go kart that are sold unassembled and require an assembly.

Go kart cost

Go kart types

Go kart cost

racing Go-kart

$1500 to $6000

kids go kart 

$60 to $180

DIy kart

$200 to $1500

Price of racing Go-kart

The price of a racing go-kart is from $1500 to $6000. The racing go-karts do not always come at ready-made. Manufacturers make those karts on quotations received from the racing authority. So racing karts are of different budgets and configurations.

  • A bintelli S1 Go-kart costs $2100. It’s engine operated
  • Most racing authorities require the configuration of their racing go-cart in $6000

Racing kart requires high speed and speed increases as the engines upgrades. A 650 cc engine go-kart cost around $2000. Thus the price increases with the increase of engine size and volume.

While go-kart racing is famous on American sports TV, the fun ride by the kids through a go-Kart is also widely familiar.

Go-kart for Children and kids

Go-kart of children variants is widely available in the market. You can get a ready-made go-kart for your young child. But those are electric go-karts run by the electric Motor. So the price is very low here. You can easily buy a go-kart for $60 to $180.

The electric go-karts vary depending on the power of the electric Motor provided with them. 1 HP go-kart cost $130 while a 2 HP go-kart costs $180. Those are available on amazon.

DIY Go-kart cost

An average DIY go kart cost range from  200$ to 1500$ mostly depends on the parts quality. A DIY go-kart is fun for tech lover people. In this case, the manufacturers don’t assemble the parts of it. They let it open to be assembled by the buyer. In a DIY kit, the buyer has the option to choose between higher and lower configuration bikes as of their choice and budget.

Things that affect a go-karts cost

  • Motor size
  • Motor power at Watt
  • Battery power at Ampere
  • Battery type
  • Go-kart body chassis
  • Availbity of electric startup motor
  • Steering

Go-kart for young kids is also found at foot-operated meaning that the rider has to ride the go-kart on his foot. That go-kart has a pedal to push. That’s how that kart operates. These karts are as low as 60 dollars.

A kind of go-kart is famous in formula 1 racing. Those karts are highly costly. Those racing karts are manufactured as of the demand from the racing clubs and they have to count a big amount of money for buying each one of them.

How to reduce the price of a DIY go-kart?

You can fine-tune the price of a DIY Go-Kart kit. If you understand which components are responsible to change the price, you can change them to reduce your Go-kart kit price. Although the main of an electric go-kart is its Motor and battery, there are a  few fittings that can change the price. Two of them are wheel and steering. The wheels are found in a variety of designs, shapes, and qualities. So if you choose to buy a wheel at a lower price range, you can adjust your Go-kart price as of your ability. At the same time, you can choose to have your desired Motor and battery. Since you will install and assemble your Go-kart, it's good to be chosen by you before you set them all one.

The fixing cost of a go-kart

The go karts can be easily fixed and upgraded by replacing their parts. Different types of go-karts face different issues. Electric go-kart faces an issue of the battery down. Batteries are one of the few main items in a go-kart. So the battery cost almost 60 percent of the kart price.  A 100 Ampere deep-cycle lead-acid battery costs around $100. By upgrading the battery more than it was can offer you more uptime on a single charge.

However, an engine go-kart is bit complicated. The engine that comes with the kart produces a large sound. So a larger one will cause more sound in comparison. Su replacing with a larger engine isn’t recommended. However, a moderately medium engine cost about $300 to $600.

Price of some random Go-kart

  • A Coleman KT196 cost $1600
  • A Massimo GKM200 cost $3200
  • A Massimo GKM125 RD
  • 177 cc anonymous go kart cost $3500
  • A BERG BFR go-kart cost $950

Those prices change now and then so most manufacturers ask to give them a quotation of your need and they will let you know the best price they can provide for the go-kart matching your need.

Blueshockrace and Sodisport ask for the requirement from the individuals and institutions to inform them of their needs. As of their further communication, the price that was known so far was around $5000.

Some 3rd party organization or manufacturers let their go-kart for rent to the school goers students. So the school authority often asks those brands to provide them with some go-karts as of their traffic. also allows individuals to rent single or multiple rides at specific costs. They have several packages for the family race.

How much should I spend on a go-kart?

The budget you should have for your go-kart depends on your need and the purpose of your go-kart. If you have the intention to ride it by yourself alone for entertainment, you should buy an electric go-kart. Because an electric go-kart is low in price. It shouldn’t cost more than $300.  Moreover, an electric go-kart is simpler in design and has small amount of components to operate.

On top of that, you won’t need to refuel your go-kart every time it’s empty. What you just need to do is to recharge your go-kart battery. So For the replacement of fixing, you have just two things to replace. One is the Motor and another is the battery. You can easily replace the Motor at lower than $100 and the battery pack another $100. The good news about the electric Motor is that you won't always need to replace the Motor. Most of the time it can be repaired by rewiring the motor core. So the cost minimizes more in here.

A DIY Go-Kart is often a choice for some riders. These are also run by an electric motor and are easy to assemble. You can buy a DIY Go-kart at a lower cost.

Final words

The best experience of Go-kart riding comes from its high speed. So if you are gonna try this, the best of what you can do is to buy a membership of an indoor go-kart club instead of buying a cheap go-kart. You can ride multiple high-range go-karts over there for a fixed cost. This is how you can gather knowledge and experience that will help you in reality about Go-karting. If you further need to buy a go-kart, you will be able to make the best decision about just which one to buy and what is how.

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