How fast is Go kart: Go kart speed

If you are a little bit curious about the motorsport racing world, then you must hear the name of go cart. Go cart is also known as shifter car. And if you are going to ride with this go cart then you must want to know about the speed of a go kart. Then I assure you that you are in the right place, this article is designed to help you all about the speed of a go cart.

go kart speed

Average speed of a go cart

The average speed of a go cart is around 40 – 50 mph, which is considered as the safe zone and comfortable to control though you don’t want to fly of the track or hurt others.

Go kart speed by brand model

The first go kart was created in 1956 by a racer Art Ingles, after this, the manufacturer of go kart is trying to push their limit to find a finer version of this go kart , and they are upgrading their design customization safety policy continuously to thrive the speed. Now we are going to discuss about the top 10 branded manufacturers of go cart. You can choose one of those following below:

Daymak C5 Blast

Right now the position of the fastest go kart speed demon is occupied by the “ Daymak C5 Blast”  and the best part of the news is that is for sale , the manufacturer of this model is Daymak which Is an electric car manufacturer.

What do you think about the speed of this speed demon, it is faster than your imagination, yes 0 to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds and it is super fast. And there it is not finished the creator of this model has been trying about an even more lighter version for more speed. It is like that there is always room for improvement and a need for speed.

BSR 2.0 racing cart pro

BSR2.0 racing cart pro is one of the fastest go kart at this time and it is popular to adults due to its speed and dynamic design. The top speed of this go kart is up to 135 km/h and the acceleration is 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. For the purpose of a go cart racing it is powered by a 25 kW brushless electric go kart motor vehicle and that provides huge raw power, and this model is come with its max rpm of 6000. 

The battery swap system in this model is quite amazing, it takes less than 15 seconds. The other thing is that the battery takes only 30 minutes to charge, and you won't have to charge this in the time of racing just swap them. So this could be the best choice.


This  OTL Strom EFD is one of the most rental go cart in us. This model is used widely in the aspect of its building quality, design, and speed. It is powered by a 48 V and  4 KW electric motor and this helps to go the kart up to 45 mph ( 72 km/h) in under 5 seconds. There is a mounted touch screen display that helps the rider to view the battery percentage, option, and others information.


Another most popular rental go cart is RIMO SINUS ION.  It is powered by a dual 2.8 k/w motor set up and the speed of this model comes with 40 mph ( 65 km/h).


This model comes with a 15 kW motor which is quite enough for the acceleration of 0 to 60 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The charging takes 30 +  minutes to fulfill the battery.

Go kart speed by engine

If you want to succeed in go kart racing, you have to clear that what kind of engine power curve you need. For that it is must choose the right engine, so now we will discuss the best engine of go kart for the best speed :

DuroMax XP7HP







Fuel tank size

1 Gallon



Max Torque

13.2 Nm / 10.21 ft/lb

Titan TX200


Titan TX 7HP


4 Stroke OHV


6.5 hp



Briggs and Stratton 550


Briggs and Stratton 550


4 Stroke OHV

Fuel Capacity

.42 Gallons

Max output

3.5 hp

Duromax XP16HPE


Dutomax XP16HPE



Fuel Capacity

1.75 gallons

Max output


Depending on cc go kart top speed

Go kart speed test

200 cc go kart speed: A 2 stroke 200cc go kart will reach 120 mph, and a 4 stroke 200cc engine will reach at 75 mph.

250cc go-kart Speed: 250cc karts can reach a maximum 150 mph if everything is ok.

300 cc go-kart speed: a 300 cc go-kart can offer a sped of up to 50 mph.

400-500 cc go-kart speed: Speed of 400-500cc go- kart will be around 60 mph.

1000 cc go-kart speed: The top speed of a 1000 cc go-kart will be 200/320 mph highest.

In short we assume the difference with this table below:

Go kart engine cc

  • Top speed (mph)
  • 200

  • 120/75
  • 250

  • 150
  • 300

  • 50
  • 400 – 500

  • 60
  • 1000

  • 200/300
  • Go kart speed calculator (theoretical)

    Each of us wants to know what will be my go kart top speed, for that we have to follow some simple steps such as :

    1. The number of teeth on the clutch sprocket in your go kart
    2. The number of teeth on your axle drive the sprocket.
    3. Find the top RPM that your engine rated for.
    4. You have to measure the diameter of your rear tire.

    Now when you get all these numbers then you can calculate your speed (mph).

    Get this formula done step by step:-

    Pi * tire diameter = circumference.

    Circumference / 12 = circumference in feet.

    Axle teeth / clutch teeth = gear ratio.

    Engine RPM / Gear ratio = wheel RPMS (Wrpm)

    Tire circumference in feet * wRPM = feer per minute.

    Feet per minute / 5280 = miles per hour. (mph)

    Go kart speed calculator (manually)

    You can measure your go kart speed only by using a stopwatch. For that just in an open space draw to mark and measure the distance in feet then count the seconds to pass this distance. After that follow the instruction –

    Traveled distance in feet / 5280 = traveled distance in miles

    Count seconds / 3600 = hours elapsed time

    Miles / hours = MPH

    And now you know your go kart speed.

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