Go kart vs. ATV vs. Dirt Bike What Is The Main Difference

While both go-kart and ATVs are for recreational purposes, they possess certain similarities and differences with one another. GO-kart specifically targets the racing sector, whereas ATVs can be an excellent recreational vehicle both on and off the road.

Go-karts are strictly prohibited on the street, whereas some ATVs might have permission to go on the road legally.

If you are procrastinating between these two sections to find out whether you should go with an ATV or go-kart, this article might help you to distill your doubts.

Go kart vs. ATV vs. Dirt Bike

What is a GO-kart?

Go-karts are four-wheel vehicles with no suspension for the off-road category. A go-kart can come both with and without a motor.

Most motorized go-karts are for racing purposes, whereas non-motorized go-karts are for off-road recreation. The four-stroke or electrical engine variations of a GO-kart make the category a popular off-road vehicle both indoor and outdoor.

What is an ATV?

An ATV or all-terrain vehicle falls in the category of LUV that has the permit to run on a variety of terrains. ATVs are, in general, a four-wheel vehicle that runs on the off-road. Though in some countries it is possible to ride an ATV on the street, you won't be able to run an ATV on the street of most of the states of the USA.

Some people consider dirt bikes as ATVs because they share the main characteristics of all-terrain vehicles.  It is okay to consider a dirt bike as an ATV in the sense that both types are a great source of recreation for the off-road vehicle sections.

What are the differences between a GO-kart and an ATV

Both ATV and go-kart are recreational vehicles that mostly run on the off-road. In different countries and regions, an ATV might get permission to run on the street, whereas a go-kart can never run on the street.

  • Both ATV and go-kart will have four wheels unless you consider a dirt bike as an ATV.
  • The tire dimension of a Go-kart will be lower than an ATV tire.
  • The frame of a GO-kart will be lightweight than an ATV.
  • Go-kart needs a racing track to run smoothly, whereas an ATV suits best on the dirt and uneven track.
  • To maneuver the vehicle, an ATV will have a handlebar, whereas a GO-kart will have a steering wheel.
  • You can Added your extra ATV rear or front rack your ATV but Go cart no space to add this.

Go-kart vs. ATV



ATV's are all-terrain vehicles

Go-kartS are for off-road purposes.

ATVs will have a high-strength durable frame.

Go-kart will have a lightweight frame.

ARVs are recreational vehicles.

Go-karts are recreational vehicles too.

The tire dimension of an ATV is thicker.

The tire dimension of a GO-kart is lighter than ATVs.

ATVs come with a moderate speed limit.

Go-kart tends to have faster speed than ATVs.

ATVs will have a handlebar to maneuver.

GO-karts will have a steering wheel to maneuver.

The engine of an ATV will be below your seat.

The engine of the GO-kart will be on the rear side of the vehicle.

Learning to ride an ATV is easy

Learning to ride a go-kart is a little tough than an ATV.

Dirt bike vs. GO-kart

As dirt bike runs mainly on the off-road, many people consider dirt bike as an ATV. There are no strict regulations that prohibit a dirt bike to consider an ATV. Now that we are talking about the differences between an ATV and a GO-kart, let us find out some of the differences between a dirt bike and a Go-kart.

  • Dirt bikes are a two-wheel motorbike, whereas a GO-kart is a four-wheel vehicle.
  • Dirt bikes tend to be way faster than a go-kart.
  • Handling a dirt bike will be more fun than handling a go-kart.
  • GO-kart requires a smooth surface to run, whereas you can ride a dirt bike on any rough and muddy terrains.
  • Dirt bikes will have a handlebar, whereas a go-kart will have a steering wheel to maneuver.
  • Dirt bike size is less then go cart also weight.

Dirt bike


Dirt bikes are two-wheel vehicles.

Go-karts are four-wheel vehicles.

Dirt bikes are off-road vehicles.

GO-karts are off-road vehilce.

Dirt bikes can run on rough and uneven surfaces.

GO-karts require smooth surfaces to run.

Dirt bikes are for recreational purposes.

GO-karts are for recreational purposes.

Dirts bikes are way faster than Go-karts.

Go-karts tend to have less speed than dirt bikes.

Handling a dirt bike is easy.

Handling a go-kart is hard.

Dirt bikes will have a handlebar.

Go-karts will have a steering wheel.

Dirt bikes are cheaper than Go-kart.

Go-karts are expensive.

Dirt bike vs. ATV

We have already mentioned that many people consider dirt bikes as ATV vehicles. Indeed, you can always place dirt bikes in the category of ATV, but some characteristics do not match with one another. Here are some of them-

  • ATV will come with a heavy-duty body construction, whereas the dirt bike will have a lighter construction than an ATV.
  • ATVs will have four or three-wheels, whereas dirt bikes will have two wheels.
  • ATVs are easy to handle, whereas dirt bikes may give you some hard time honing the skill.
  • Dirt bikes can gain more speed than an ATV.
  • ATVs are children-friendly, whereas dirt bikes require some expertise to handle.
  • Dirt bikes will consume less fuel than an ATV.
  • When it is about stability, ATVs will remain on the positive side.
  • Both ATVs and dirt bikes will have a steering handle to control the vehicle.


Dirt Bikes

ATVs will be more expensive than dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes tend to be less expensive than ATVs.

ATVs will have four or three wheels.

Dirt bikes will have two wheels.

ATVs will have heavy-duty construction.

Dirt bikes are lighter than ATVs.

ATVs are easy to handle.

Dirt bikes are hard to handle.

ATVs consume more fuel.

Dirt bikes consume less fuel.

ATVs are children-friendly.

Dirt bikes require some expertise.

ATVs have less speed than dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes will produce more speed than ATVs.

What should you choose?

Go-kart can run only on smooth and plain surfaces. That is why think about having a go-kart only when you have enough track to run the vehicle.

  • If you are thinking about riding for casual fun, dirt bikes or ATVs should be the ideal choice. If you love to have more adrenaline rush, a dirt bike is what you should prefer. Besides, dirt bikes tend to be cheaper than ATVs.
  • If you are choosing for your children or kids, an ATV might provide some extra benefits over a dirt bike.

Final words

Go-kart, ATV, and dirt bikes are the three most popular recreational vehicles that most people love to have. While choosing one, finding out the differences is more than necessary. If you are doubting what you should prefer, this article might provide you with some hints to choose better.

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