Griots G9 vs. G15 Reviews: Are they worth the money?

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Whether it is for enthusiasm or business, Griot's has been delivering some of the best polishers to auto-correct any paint job. 

In recent times, the popularity of Griot's G9 and G15 is at a good height. Although both of the items marginally differ from one another in terms of performance, smoothness, and functionality, we thought about comparing both of these items to make you more confident with your decision.

Following this article from top to bottom should give you clarity regardless of whether you are here for your business or passion.

If that seems convenient to you, let’s get started with the specific comparison. Once we have that, we will move to more specific details-

Griots G9 vs. G15

Griots G9 Random Orbital Polisher vs. G15 Long-throw Orbital Polisher

G9 Random Orbital Polisher

G15 Long-throw Orbital Polisher

1000-watt, 8.5-amp motor

1000-watt, 8.5-amp motor

9mm orbit throw

15mm orbit throw

Fan cooled counterbalance

CNC machined steel counterbalance.

It fits 6-inch vented orbital backing plates.

It fits 5-inch fanned orbital backing plate.

2000-6000 orbits per minute.

3000-5300 orbits per minute.

10-foot power cord

10-foot power cord

Convertible to 5-inch pad system

Convertible to 6-inch pad system.



Let’s talk about the price first

Griots G9 Random Orbital Polisher

The first thing comes first. The price is one of those factors that come to our mind first other than anything. That is why talking about the price is more than important.

The G9 Random Orbital polisher comes with a price of around $159.99. On the other hand, the G15 long-throw orbital polisher comes for the price of $239.99.

The price may give you a conception that the G15 is a better product compared to its other counterpart. But is it the reality all the time?

Well, we do not want to disclose the final verdict here. But we do love to give you a hint so that you can guess better. The price is always a fallacy. 

Why we are thinking so? Well, let’s find out-

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Both G9 and G15 make a good first impression

Griots G15 Polisher

Yes, the first impression matters more than anything. Psychology says our first impression about any particular person or thing seems to remain 60 to 70 percent the same even after knowing that person or learning about that particular thing. How do these two machines fair in terms of the first impression?

Well, both machines look great at the first sight. The ergonomic design with all those rubberized backing and a beautiful color combination should please any machine lovers.

Besides, the box that comes with each of the units simply suffices everything about these polishers.

Therefore, this section of first impression is a draw for now. But that is not the end. Let’s move into some of the most fundamental technical properties to learn more about these items-

G15 is for more professional use, whereas the G9 is for enthusiasts

polish a car with griots

Any long-throw orbital represents the professional category. The G15 from Griot's Garage is no different. When you need polishing for heavy-duty machines, the G15 long throw polisher should bring the most relevant support.

On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast who loves to do the finishing on your own, the G9 should bring a wholesome experience.

Some enthusiasts even go a little further by picking up both items to get high-end support. If budget is not a problem for you, you can also go with both items to reach every corner of your car or vehicle.

G9 supports 6-inch vented backing plate, whereas G15 is more capable with its 5-inch fanned backing plate.

One may argue with the fact that backing plates do not affect efficiency. But the backing plate surely influences the areas you can reach with your polisher. In that regard, the G15 polisher should allow you to reach more complicated areas with its 5-inch fanned backing plate.

That does not necessarily make the G9 polisher a little bit inferior to G15. The 6-inch vented backing plate is more capable of bringing the high-end proficiency every user expects from the machine.

The 15mm orbit throw of the G15 is always a plus point

Once you turn the machine on, the paddle of the G9 will travel nine millimeters outs in rotation.

The G15 marginally remains a lot ahead in terms of orbit throw. G15 will travel almost 15 millimeters out in rotation once the power is on. Therefore, the latter one will cover a large area to give you the authenticity to have a much wider refinement.

But you have to spend almost double the price of the initial one. Getting some extra always demands you to pay a little more.

It does not matter whether you are correcting or polishing any paint, the G15 from Griot's will always remain a little ahead of its other counterpart.

The G15 is not as loud as the G9

The G15 will remain marginally ahead of the G9 in terms of sound production as well. The G9 delivers a little harsh sound that may make you a little uncomfortable while correcting or polishing any paint.

But Griot has made great improvement in the G15 version. This one is much smoother in terms of sound output and control.

Once you start both machines at a time, you will realize that G15 is much calmer than the G9 polisher.

The G15 is more consistent in terms of orbit rotation

You may think that we are being a little biased while comparing both these items with one another. But truths to be spoken even if it seems biased.

According to the manufacturer specification, G9 can rotate 2000-6000 orbits per minute. On the other hand, the G15 can rotate 3000-5300 orbits per minute.

The thing the manufacturer did not mention is that the G15 polisher is more consistent than the other machine in terms of orbit rotation. Therefore, you will get more efficiency with the Griot’s G15 polisher.

Should you upgrade from G9 to G15?

If you have the budget and experience, it is always worth upgrading from Griot’s G9 to G15.

We won’t say that G9 is an entry-level polisher. You can actually do a lot of complicated paint correction through this machine. It is that you have to be more patient with your process.

On the other hand, the G15 is more capable of handling heavy-duty polishing. Besides, the balanced construction with a smooth functionality makes this one a comfortable item for any mechanic.

Therefore, if you are not lacking the budget and are comfortable with your progress, you should surely upgrade from Griot’s G9 to G15.

Which one should you pick?

Consider these three essential aspects before choosing between Griot’s G9 and G15 polishers:

  1. Budget
  2. Your level of experience or expertise.
  3. Your progress (business or personal)


The price of Griot’s G15 is almost double the price of G9. Therefore, considering the budget is always important. If you do not have any problem with that high-end budget of G15, comfortably pick G15 to have the most versatile support.

Otherwise, the G9 might be a solid option to consider at a beginner level.

Your level of expertise or experience

The next phase that is worth considering is your experience level. If you have just started your journey in this sector or are still learning, consider the G9 as your primary equipment.

If you are in this sector for a long time, it should be the right time to upgrade to the Griot’s G15 polisher.

Your progress (professional or business)

G9 might be a better optionfor personal or hobby-related use. Unless you think you have grown up to a great degree with your process, you may stay content with the Griot's G9 polisher.

If you have just started your business, the G9 should also be the most relevant choice. But if your business is flourishing, and you are making good progress, consider upgrading to the G15. It will bring more convenience to your progression.

Final summary

  1. In terms of performance and smoothness, Griot’s G15 will always remain well ahead of G9.
  2. The G9 is always a better option for a beginner enthusiast or any kind of initial business.
  3. The G15 polisher should serve well both professional and business areas.

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