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Modifying the Harley Davidson is the most time-relevant tradition. Most people at any point eventually think about modifying their Harley Davidson, whether for giving it a better look or for enhancing the comfort zone to a better degree.

If you are someone who has been content with the faithful stock OEM saddle for a long time but now are thinking about replacing it with an aftermarket saddle, you have surely come to the right place.

In this article, we will be talking about the ways and procedures to install a new seat to your Harley Davidson. Without any further I do, let’s get into it-

Harley Davidson seat fitment guide

When do people think about replacing a stock saddle of their harley?

When do people think about replacing a stock saddle of their harley

We believe there are three primary reasons why people think about replacing the stock saddle of their motorcycle. There might be some other reasons as well. But in most cases, these reasons should be much more valid and convenient. The top three reasons why people think about replacing the stock saddle of their motorbikes are:

First and most importantly, when someone wants to make his bike look better, a new seat is always a worthy inclusion. Replacing the stock saddle with an aftermarket seat with completely different profiles gives the bike an all-through change.

Second of all, replacing the seat of any motorcycle is also common for specific purposes. For example, a tour motorcycle seat and an around the town is never the same. Therefore, when someone is shifting from a smaller ride to a longer ride, replacing the stock saddle becomes almost mandatory. You may also check King vs. Chopped vs. Razor tour pack if you love to go on tour every now and then.

Finally, it is all about getting into your comfort zone. When a rider is on the move, the dynamics of his body greatly rests on the seat. Therefore, a convenient seat can always make you comfortable with your ride. When you are not comfortable with the stock seat or if it gives you scorching pain while riding, maybe it is the right time to think about an aftermarket replacement.

If you are looking forward to replacing the seat of your Harley Davidson for any of these three reasons, the following sections of this article should come up with proper instructions and guidelines to make you comfortable with the process.

Interested? Let’s deep diver into the practical guideline-

How should you install a seat on your Harley Davidson?

Now, Harley has a large number of motorcycle lineups. But the good part is that the installation process for most Harley is kind of the same. We are taking the Harley Street Bob as the stereotype. If you have any other model or some later edition, this article should also bring greater help.

Even if you have never done the installation job before, following the instructions discussed below should always come in handy to ensure a proper installation-

First of all, find the appropriate length of the seat.

The first step is always about picking up a seat with the appropriate length. Don't get overwhelmed thinking about replacing the stock seat with another completely different profile. For example, if you want to replace a solo seat, you have to find another aftermarket solo seat with almost the same length. On the contrary, you will require a two-up seat with the same length when you are thinking about replacing a two-up seat of your Harley. Otherwise, the installation process will only make you distracted.

Get started with removing the fastener of the rear seat.

Now that you have selected the right length of the seat, it is high time moving into the real work. Get started with removing the fastener of the rear seat. There will be a single-fastener with almost all Harley. Some of the models might also come with two fasteners. But in most cases, there will be only one single fastener. Whatever may be the number of the fastener, it is valid for all models that the fastener will be in the rear part of the seat.


Depending on whether you have modified your Harley previously or not, you may require different types of tools to remove the fastener. Be a little more precise about the tools to remove the fastener.

Remove the stock seat

Removing the stock seat is much easier than you think. Lift up the rear part first and then disintegrate the front part. The seat should come up with a single pull. Once you have removed the seat from the bike, you are ready to install the new seat.

Install the new seat

Installing the new seat is as easy as you have removed the stock seat. Engage the front part of the seat with the exact slot and then connect the rear part at the exact place.

Once you feel like the position is comfortable, tighten the fastener.

That is it.  You have swapped the solo seat of your Harley within five minutes.

Can I install a different length seat on my Harley?

The process mentioned earlier is almost universal for all Harley models when you are thinking about installing a seat of the same length. But what about installing a new seat of different lengths? Is it even possible?

Yes, you can also think about installing a different length saddle on your Harley than the stock item. But for that, you will need to do some sort of modifications.

There are two different options you can follow to attach a different length seat to your Harley. Here are the procedures to follow-

  1. First of all, you can think about replacing the old existing seat attachment hardware and move it to the appropriate length.
  2. The second thing you can do is grab a new seat attachment hardware and install it to the appropriate length. This procedure would be valid when you do not have any problems with the seat's clearance issue.


If you are not comfortable with the process of installing new hardware, check this video from about five minutes to get the most comfortable installation experience.

Once you have installed the hardware, the installation process is almost the same.

When it comes to installing a different length seat to your Harley Davidson, installing the attachment hardware to the appropriate position is the most important job. Once you have installed the hardware to the appropriate length, you just have to install the seat by following the same process we have mentioned earlier. The installation process is as simple as that.

Some crazy things are still there

If you have followed the article from top to bottom, the installation process may look pretty straightforward.  But you may face some weird problems while doing the installation as well. Some technical difficulties may beget such complications. We are keeping this section for some other articles. For now, the process mentioned above should make you comfortable with your installation if you have never modified your Harley before. 

Anyway, we have added another article on the Harley Fat Bob windshield. If you have a plan to install an aftermarket windshield, you may check that article as well.

Final summary

  1. Modifying the stock seat of Harley is a great way to make the motorbike more lucrative.
  2. Replacing the stock saddle can also bring a wholesome experience while riding.
  3. The seat installation process is not that complicated unless you face some weirdo concepts.
  4. Following the process mentioned above should suffice the process of installing a new seat to your Harley.

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