Best Harley Davidson women’s motorcycle riding boots Expert reviews in 2022

Putting on motorcycle riding boots isn’t a mandatory thing. But can you imagine what would happen to the unprotected legs if there is a sudden accident? Well, the result won’t be much pleasant.

If you are a normal lady biker or sports biker, you should ensure your feet remain protected during and after the ride. Our first pick in the list HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot can support you in all weather conditions.

The list contains six more motorcycle riding boots, which you should go through first. We can assure of the performance because Harley Davidson has made a reputation in this field. With high-quality leather construction, they have always met users' needs.

Best Harley Davidson women's motorcycle riding boots

Is Harley Davidson riding boots good

It is fair enough to know whether Harley Davidson riding boots are good or not before purchasing one. The boots you will get from H-D have two different categories, riding short boots and long boots.

The first one will cover the feet only above the ankle, whereas the second one typically covers the mid-calf area. It means they have variety in their products that can meet users’ demands. Probably, you don’t need to purchase Gaerne dirt bike boots for on-road rides.

Here are some other impressive sides of these boots from Harley Davidson; you probably need to know.

  1. Most boots are waterproof.
  2. 100% full-grain leather construction ensures durability.
  3. The tread pattern assures slip resistance.
  4. Lace-up and zipper closures are most common.
  5. Breathable mesh or sock lining.
  6. Ankle height and mid-calf height are available.

These are some efficient features of quality riding boots for women riders. However, you can find these all in H-D riding boots that make these boots good.

Best Harley Davidson women's motorcycle riding boots

You may be anxious about the preparation for your next bike ride because you don't have proper riding boots. Don't worry; because we are here with a list of the top seven women’s motorcycle riding boots from Harley Davidson. Check them out below.

1. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key features

  1. The boots have waterproof, 100% leather construction.
  2. Breathable mesh lining.
  3. Synthetic outsoles with block heel.
  4. Ankle-high shoes.
  5. The shaft is 5.75 inches high from the arch.
  6. 1.75 inches high heel.
  7. Zippers on both sides.
  8. Lace-up vamp design in front with the brand name.
  9. Branding on one side and underneath the shoes.

User experience

The shoes are easy to wear with a dual-zippered design, and the user can get going quickly. The lace-up design upfront keeps these shoes stick-on foot perfectly during an all-day ride.

Users don’t need to think twice before using the shoes on rainy days as they are highly waterproof. Also, the breathable mesh lining makes those long-time users. One doesn’t need to worry about the size selection.

The shoes are true to size and fit perfectly to the users' feet. However, the main problem is about the height. The protection could have been much better for some users if it had covered more.

Most users have also complained about the outsoles being cracked after few months of usage.

More details about the boot

It is an ideal motorcycle riding shoe pair for women that has full-grain, 100% leather construction. The manufacturer has used mesh lining inside to ensure maximum comfort of the users. The inside part is breathable, and the outside is waterproof.

For super comfortable wearing, the shoes have a dual-zippered design with the lace-up vamp. It allows one to open up zippers on both sides and put the feet inside comfortably. Then tie up the laces to get a snug fit.

Also, these are true to size products. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a bit larger size than usual for a perfect fit. The synthetic sole with a block heel will protect the user from slippage.

To make it stylish and suitable for female users, the shoes have 1.75 inches high heels. The manufacturer has used branding on the front, side, and underneath of the shoes.


  1. The shoes are true to the size that fits properly.
  2. Waterproof and usable in any weather condition.
  3. The dual-zippered design allows easy feet to get inside.
  4. Breathable mesh lining provides comfortable wearing.
  5. The outsole is lightweight.


  1. The height is less for sportbike riders.
  2. The outsoles seem cracking after few months of usage.

2. Harley-Davidson Women's Grimes Motorcycle Boots

Harley-Davidson Women's Grimes Motorcycle Boots


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 5 pounds

Key features

  1. 100% leather construction with flash reflective leather panels.
  2. Rubber outsole with anti-slippage tread pattern.
  3. 12 inches high from the arch.
  4. The heel is 1.5 inches high.
  5. Breathable, full-length mesh lining.
  6. The flash panels have a natural raise-grain construction.
  7. Speed hook lacing with YKK zipper.
  8. Two leather straps with metal bars.

User experience

Users are not worried about oily, slippery roads or abrasions as the boots have quality rubber construction. By adding the anti-slippage tread pattern, the manufacturer has successfully eliminated these problems.

The extra height of the boots ensures full protection while riding sportbikes or normal bikes. Also, none has complained of any issues after a long time of use as these boots have breathable mesh lining inside.

Although few users have found it tough to put on the shoes because of the lacing and straps, it ensures a snug fit. Moreover, the highly reflective leather panels make the rider visible while going through dark conditions.

More details about the boot

To have full coverage of your feet while riding, go for these stylish and snugly fit boots without any second thought. They have full-grain, 100% leather construction. The manufacturer added highly visible flash panels on top of the boots.

The flash panels have optical-grade glass natural raise-grain construction. The boots have anti-slippage, oil-resistant, abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. Also, they embedded an orange bar underneath containing the brand’s logo. The heel is 1.5 inches high.

The shaft of the boots measures 12 inches in height from the arch.

Each of these boots has breathable, full-grain mesh lining to control the temperature and support long-time usability. You will find two wide leather straps right on the shaft position with metal buckles. Also, the metal brand logo is available right there.

To ensure a snug fit, the manufacturer also used a rounded toe design with metal YKK zippers. The boots' sole, insole, and upper have come through the resoleable Goodyear welt construction process.


  1. The flash panels produce visibility in low-light situations.
  2. Full mesh lining makes the boots a long-time user.
  3. Wide leather straps with metal buckles for a snug fit.
  4. The outsole is oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant.
  5. The polishable leather ensures a long-lasting shiny appearance.


  1. It seems a bit trickier process to lace up the boots quickly.

3. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Marconi Motorcycle Boot

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Marconi Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 1.18 pounds

Key features

  1. Full-grain, 100% leather upper construction.
  2. Rubber outsole with embedded logo.
  3. 1.25 inches high heel.
  4. The boots are 6 inches high from the arch.
  5. Goodyear welt construction process.
  6. Breathable mesh lining.
  7. YKK locking inside zipper on one side.
  8. The other side contains a leather strap with a metal buckle.
  9. Lace-up design.

User experience

The users are satisfied with what it offers, and at the same time, they are not. The design, color, locking mechanism everything seems up to the mark. Whoever likes wearing short boots will fancy using this pair for sure.

There isn’t any difficulty putting on the shoes. And with the lacing up and zippered locking mechanism, it stays perfectly fit during the ride. However, you need to choose half a size small shoes to find the most ideal fit.

Another problem with the shoes is the leather construction. Although it is said by the manufacturer of having 100% leather construction, it actually has thin suede leather construction. There is also no assurance of water-resistance of these shoes.

More details about the boot

It is a pair of simple, but efficient motorcycle riding shoes for female users. The shoes have full-grain, 100% leather upper construction. It has a breathable mesh lining to control the temperature and allow long-time usability.

The shoes have three locking mechanisms to ensure a proper fit for any user. It has a lace-up design with a metal brand logo down there. On one side of the shaft, it has YKK inside zipper system.

However, the other side contains a leather strap with a metal buckle. Another brand logo is embedded down there on the ankle area. The shaft height goes up to the mid-calf area from the arch. It has synthetic rubber outsoles that have embedded brand names in abbreviations.


  1. The mesh lining inside provides a comfortable feel.
  2. The rubber outsoles make the boots slip-resistant.
  3. It ensures a snug fit.
  4. Easy to put on using the side zipper design.
  5. Long time usable.


  1. The leather construction is not full-grain, rather suede.
  2. It is not true to size.

4. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women's Amherst Motorcycle Boot

HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women's Amherst Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 1.06 pounds

Key features

  1. Full-grain and 100% leather constructed upper panel.
  2. The shoes used cement construction.
  3. Synthetic, lightweight outsoles with embedded brand names.
  4. Breathable mesh lining.
  5. The shaft is 7 inches from the arch.
  6. 0.75 inches high heel.
  7. Dual YKK zippered design.
  8. It has added toe stitching.

User experience

As a classic style riding boot, it offers everything you need as a wearer. The pair of boots are true to size and fit perfectly on the users’ feet. The addition of dual size zippers allows easy on and off.

They have maintained the quality by using cement construction on the shoes. The shoe construction also allows the user to walk around wearing these when they are not riding. However, it may feel a bit extra snug on wider feet.

Moreover, the anti-slippage outsole design makes it usable in all weather conditions. Also, the addition of outside zippers on both sides presents the shoes as a perfect one for fashion.

More details about the boot

It is a classic pair of women motorcycle riding boots that don’t have any extra lace-up design or leather straps. However, like most other boots from Harley Davidson, it also has a full-grain leather upper panel construction.

But the manufacturer used cement construction instead of Goodyear welt construction here. The boots have mesh lining inside for temperature control and long time usability. The boots are quite high measuring 7 inches from the arch.

It has a dual-zippered design on both sides of the shoes for easy getting on and off. The shoe opening measures 11 inches when you open up the zipper system. There is a metal-embedded brand logo design above the ankle area.

The outsole is lightweight and has a traditional tread pattern. It also has an orange bar embedded with a brand logo underneath. The heel is 0.75 inches high. Toe stitching is another addition to the boots.


  1. True to size and fits perfectly on users’ feet.
  2. A useful pair of shoes for wide feet.
  3. Easy to put on and take off feet using the dual-zippered closures.
  4. Long time usable because of the mesh lining.
  5. The waterproofing design keeps the feet dry and cool.


  1. The boots are not sturdy enough.
  2. The traditional tread pattern doesn’t seem to hold up properly.

5. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women's Oakleigh Motorcycle Boot

HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women's Oakleigh Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 1.38 pounds

Key features

  1. The boots have a soft and flexible full-grain leather upper panel.
  2. Goodyear welt construction.
  3. Iconic logo treatments and studs.
  4. Ultra-lightweight EVA and rubber outsoles.
  5. 6.75 inches high from the arch.
  6. The heel is 0.75 inches high.
  7. Temperature controlling mesh lining.
  8. YKK locking zipper inside on one side.

User experience

The boots fit perfectly on the users’ feet as they are true to size. They are functional boots that have full leather construction with rubber outsoles. The lightweight rubber outsoles provide a comfortable feel.

However, most users find the pair of boots long time use as they have temperature-controlling mesh lining design. With the zipper locking mechanism, it is easy to put on them and take them off anytime.

The main complaint about the boots from users is not being waterproof. You can’t take it outside while it’s raining. The laces and leather outside construction can get damaged due to water.

More details about the boot

If you like mid-calf shoes while riding a bike, you can have a quick look at this pair of functional riding boots. The boots are only 6.75 inches high from the arch, which covers the ankle properly.

The manufacturer used Goodyear welt construction with full-grain leather. It has mesh lining, which is breathable and a long time usable. The lacing-up design with zippered construction consists of the locking mechanism. It has a metal logo treatment with studs in the right positions.

The outsole has a lightweight, but EVA rubber construction. The tread pattern is made to resist abrasion, water, or oil. There is an orange embedded logo underneath. The heel area measures 0.75 inches high. Stitching is available above the outsole.


  1. The pair of boots is very functional.
  2. It is easy to put on and take off the feet.
  3. Ensures a snug fit using the lace-up closure.
  4. It suits nicely with skinny jeans.
  5. It is long-time usable because of the breathable mesh lining.


  1. The boots are heavier and larger than expected.
  2. It doesn’t offer water resistance.

6. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women's Amber Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: N/A

Key features

  1. The boots have 100% leather construction.
  2. Taped seams and treated leather.
  3. Full-length cushioned sock lining.
  4. It is 10 inches high from the arch area.
  5. Thermoplastic rubber lug outsole and heel.
  6. 1.5 inches high heel.
  7. YKK full-length zipper on one side.
  8. Leather harness with metal buckle.

User experience

Most users are amazed by the unique dual harness design put on the boots. It doesn’t have any traditional lace-up design, which saves you from tying them up now and then.

Also, the large full-length zippered opening makes it a hassle-free process for the users using the boots. You can feel comfy and supportive as long as you are having them on your feet.

The outsoles are not on the heavier side, which doesn’t make the user feel bulky while riding. Also, it lets one using the boots under rainy conditions as it doesn’t have any laces to get damaged.

More details about the boot

This pair of motorcycle riding boots gives you a great chance to come out of the traditional lace-up closures. The point is that these shoes don’t have any traditional lace-up closures. It has a full-length, quality YKK zippered opening.

Instead of adding laces, the manufacturer used leather harnesses with metal buckles here. The laces are prone to water and don’t assure waterproof support to the wearers. But as long as it doesn’t have laces, you can go on a rainy day ride.

The next thing we need to talk about is the comfortable and full-length cushioned sock lining. It offers the user to go for a long ride without even changing the shoes. The breathability doesn’t let warm air stuck inside and creates a disturbing feel.

It removes the moisture and warm air to ensure full comfort during the ride. They have a height of 10 inches from the arch area. The outsoles have slip-resistant, durable thermoplastic rubber construction.

It has an orange logo embedded underneath the shoes in the middle of the tread pattern. It does offer a high heel of 1.5 inches of height.


  1. The boots are superbly comfortable for a long period of usage.
  2. It is easy to break the feet inside the shoes.
  3. Waterproofing design supports any time usability.
  4. The heel height is perfect for full-length protection.
  5. Comfortable sock lining provides extra breathability.


  1. It is better to go a half size down as it seems a bit large.

7. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women's Lomita Motorcycle Boot


Brand: Harley Davidson

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Key features

  1. The boots have 100% leather construction.
  2. Full-grain leather upper panel.
  3. Shaft measures approximately mid-calf from the arch area.
  4. Durable Goodyear welt construction.
  5. Rubber outsole with traditional embedded brand logo.
  6. Dual side and back full-length zippers.
  7. Dual and single harnesses with metal buckles.
  8. Stitching around above the outsole.

User experience

The boots are well made, and with the shiny look, they create a fashionable look on women riders. The users are entirely satisfied with the tight-fitting they got from these boots. Moreover, the boots are long enough to ensure full protection.

But here is one problem some users will have to face with these boots. It is not a suitable pair of boots for short legs. It means not every user will have comfort in wearing these boots while driving.

Another major issue with the boots is that they could stand on the quality of previous Harley Davidson motorcycle riding boots. The plastic zippered setup is one of its downgrades. And you can’t take the zippers as durable ones.

More details about the boot

If you need a classic riding boot with extra length, you should have this pair without any confusion. The boots have a traditional design to cover the calf entirely. The manufacturer used 100% full-grain leather to construct the outer part.

They ensured the product's durability by using Goodyear welt construction. The shaft of the boots measures mid-calf from the arch area. It has a rubber sole with a traditional tread pattern. Moreover, it has an orange logo plate designed there.

The boots don’t have any lace-up closure, rather use two leather straps with metal buckles. Moreover, you will have two full-length zippers to provide easy closing and opening of the boot. They also have stitched for added durability.


  1. The boots are lightweight.
  2. Easy to get the feet in and take out using the full-length zippers.
  3. Ensures a snug fit with leather straps and buckles.
  4. The tread pattern makes it slip-resistant.
  5. Lengthier boots to ensure complete coverage.


  1. The zipper's durability is not up to the mark.
  2. Not suitable for short legs.

Things one need to consider before buying

You need riding boots, and purchase on blindly without knowing anything. Well, that's not what a wise buyer supposed to do. We are always on your side to let you spend your valuable money on the right product.

Thinking so, we have made a small list of the necessary aspects you need to consider before buying a pair of motorcycle riding boots.

  1. Don’t compromise with full-grain leather upper.
  2. Waterproof boots are always recommended.
  3. The tread pattern should resist water, oil, and abrasion.
  4. Choose either full length or short length.
  5. Zippers are good for putting on & taking off.
  6. Straps or lace-up closures for a snug fit.
  7. Breathable mesh lining or sock lining.
  8. Stitching enhances durability.
  9. Logo treatments of the brand.

Now, let’s get deep into these requirements.

Outer construction

Leather, leather, and leather. There’s not a better alternative to leather shoes when the question is motorcycle riding. The upper panel of the boots should have full-grain, 100% leather construction. Moreover, the straps also have leather construction if the boots have any.


It is the design of the boots that either makes you look stylish or not. You will get several designs combinations in these shoes including straps & laces, straps & zippers, zippers & laces, etc.

Having a lace-up design is the most traditional one, but most riders find it annoying as it takes time. However full-length zipper design allows one to quickly get her feet inside and take it out when required.

On the other hand, the straps have metal buckles. It is mostly used to impose a snug fit on the users’ feet. Having brand logo treatments is on the outer surface is another part of the design. Some models may also have studs.


Rubber is the most preferable material for outsoles. But without a proper tread pattern, the outsoles don’t work much better. You need to ensure, the outsoles are waterproof, anti-slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant.

It not only makes the ride safe but also lets the user walk wearing these boots. The majority of these outsoles have embedded brand logos.


There are three types of height you need to consider while buying a riding boot for women. The first one is shaft height, which typically ranges from 6 to 12 inches from the arch.

The shorter one covers above the ankle area, whereas the longer one goes up to the mid-calf area. Secondly, you should get a full-length zipper system for easy wearing and take off. Full-length zippers make broader space.

The last one is the heel height, which ranges from 0.75 to 1.5. The choice depends on the users’ comfort mostly.

Closure system

You have already known about the three combinations of closures in one of the above sections. Lace-up closure forms the snuggest fit, doesn’t provide any quick work. On the other hand, the zippered system is the quickest and easiest way here.

However, leather straps with metal buckles are better as a supporting closure system than the rest of the two. One thing you need to remember is that none of these closures come individually in any boots.


Motorcycle riding boots should have the quality to withstand different weather conditions. Waterproof leather construction is necessary for this. Waterproof boots are durable than those that don’t have this feature.

Is there any alternative to Harley Davidson women’s motorcycle riding boots

Harley Davidson is a renowned brand in producing women’s motorcycle riding boots. However, if you want a better alternative, you can go for O’Neal as well. It offers similar features, sometimes than H-D boots. The price range is similar too.

On the other hand, you can also choose brands like Jeossy, Herstyle, Dream Pairs as the alternatives. These brands are known to produce affordable riding boots. Obviously, it means you will less feature in them.

If want change in the design, or just want to taste boots from other brand or concerned about the pricing, you can go for these alternative brands.

Cost of Harley Davidson women’s motorcycle riding boots

On average, the cost of Harley Davidson women’s motorcycle riding boots ranges from $120 to $180. However, you can get boots below $100 and above $200 as well from this brand. The price differs especially on the functionalities of the boots.

As we have already said that waterproof boots are more efficient than others. It means you will have to spend more dollars on this. Another crucial thing that impacts the price is the height and design.

Full-length boots provide complete protection, which is missing on normal riding shoes. The taller boots you are choosing, the more you will need to spend.


Are Harley Davidson riding boots steel-toed?

Unfortunately, they are not. However, the manufacturer has used durable, high-quality full-grain leather to construct these shoes. It ensures durability even they don’t have a steel toe design.

Are ankle-protected boots suitable for sports bike rides?

Absolutely not. Ankle-protected boots don’t cover the feet up to mid-calf properly. And sport bikes need perfect protection for a safe ride, which one can’t get in ankle-protected short-length boots.

Why waterproof riding boots are necessary?

To be very specific, a motorcycle rider needs waterproof riding boots for all-weather usage. It can take the rough weather conditions and still protect the users’ feet.

Are H-D riding boots easy to put on?

Yes, because most of these boots have a zippered system. The full-length zippered design creates a large opening that allows one to easily put the feet inside.

Final verdict

When a brand offers such crucial things, why someone won’t trust it for her next riding boots? As a women biker, you can get these things from Harley Davidson riding boots.

  1. All-weather usability.
  2. High-quality, full-grain leather construction.
  3. Easy to put on zippered design.
  4. Slip-resistant, rubber outsole.
  5. Breathable mesh or sock lining.

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