Top Hauck lightning pedal go kart in 2022

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Childhood is the best period to build your kid’s personality. If you want your kid to be more outgoing and cheerful in his adulthood, introducing him to a pedal go-kart is always a better option to shape his personality.

When such is your preference, Hauck is here with the best Pedal Go-Karts to give your kid a better experience.

In this particular article, we will be introducing you to the top seven Hauck Pedal Go-Karts so that you can choose according to your preference.

From Batman to Thunder, we have gathered almost all possible items in this list so that your kid never goes barehanded.

If you are interested, let’s dive deeper into the discussion-

Hauck Pedal Go-kart review

What is a Pedal go-kart?

A pedal go-kart is a miniature toy with the shape of an actual go-kart that needs to maneuver through a pedal.

Because of the diversity of options, pedal Go-karts are becoming a popular option among kids between 7 to 12 years of age.

Is it worth spending on a Hauk Pedal Go-kart?

When it comes to purchasing a pedal go-kart, Hauck is one of the trustiest manufacturers that brings the most convenient and relevant go-karts on the market.

Because of the diversity of options and authenticity of performance, it is always worth spending on a Hauck pedal go-kart.

Best Hauck Pedal Go-kart

From making your kid a Superhero to giving him the fun of winning a competition, Hauck is always present with the best possible varieties to bring the best out of your kid.

Not only for the varieties but also for quality and performance, Hauck pedal go-karts are the best on the market. If Hauck is your first-hand preference, we hope one of these seven pedal go-karts would suffice to please you.

Our first recommendation on this list is Batmobile Pedal go-kart to remove the crime of Gotham City by making your kid a Batman-

1. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart






Seat adjustment



Rubber wheel


Hand brake (rear wheel)

Assembly required


User experience (10/10)

This is never an exaggeration. This special pedal go-kart deserves to get a full mark. From a sophisticated design to the quality to the performance, this authentic item has every merit to please your kid to a great degree.

To learn more about the features and reasons to purchase this item, the following section is for you-

Features worth discussing

The very first thing we loved about this pedal go-kart from Hauck is that this one comes with an attractive Batman design to make your Kid a superhero.

One of the best ways to develop a better personality is by making a kid believe that he is a superhero and he is capable of doing anything according to his potential. And this go-kart surely helps to generate such belief in your kid.

How about the performance? Well, pretty much accurate. This go-kart does the things that it is here to do. With rubberized wheels and brakes on both the rear wheels, your kid will always remain safe and secured wherever he drives the kart.

At the same time, constant pedaling on the pedal will help to develop leg muscle so that your kid can become more capable and competent in the longer run.


  • Having this one will make your kid more outgoing and social rather than playing video games all-time on the phone.
  • The design is superior enough to make every kid love this item.
  • From 4 to 10 years of age, anybody should be able to ride in this vehicle with ease.


Well, before you judge it from your perspective, remember that this is a kid-friendly item and low pricey. Therefore, you just can’t think about getting a robust feature to keep it using for eternity.

To conclude the section, it can be said that this one does the things it is here to do.

2. Hauck Lightning - Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Lightning - Pedal Go Kart







Race-inspired pedals


Rubber wheels


Steel-tube powder coat frame


38x21x22 inches


21 pounds

User experience (9.5/10)

When your kid loves racing and wants to be more competitive, this Lightning pedal go-kart from Hauck is here to give an exciting experience.

If you have more than one kid in your home, purchasing this item in pairs might be a good thing that makes their childhood pleasing and memorable.

Features worth discussing

Day by day, we are making our generation more devoted to indoor gaming and indoor activities which goes against our natural tendencies.  By doing so, we are unwillingly making this generation a little more pale and unsocial.

Introduce your champion with this Lightning pedal go-kart to make him involved more in physical activities to make him more social and energetic.

This exclusive go-kart comes with a race-inspired pedal design. Therefore, your little champ will always be able to beat his previous self to be better gradually.

The customized ergonomic design will bring forth a wholesome experience when it comes to driving the toy even in the most complicated road conditions.


  • The high backrest on the seat will always take care of your kid’s safety.
  • The steel tube powder-coated frame will last for a real long time.
  • At the same time, the powder-coated finishing will come in handy to retain the same brightness as the toy.


We really do not want to say anything negative regarding this item. This one really meets the standard to make any kid happy.

3. Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart







Alloyed steel, Plastic

Assembly required




Seat adjustment



Steel tube/plastic fairing

User experience (9.5/10)

If you want something more expensive and reasonable for your kid or grandchildren, this Hauck Hurricane pedal go-kart is here to make a lasting impression. 

From comfort to performance, this one will make you content in every aspect of its presentation.

Features worth discussing

This Hauck Hurricane Go-Kart is more capable, more powerful, and more robust to bring the best out of your kid to give the best possible fun and excitement.

With durable steel tube framing and plastic-made fairings, this one is enough impact-resistant to last for a real long time.

What about the comfort? Like the previous one, this one also offers an adjustable seat pattern. Therefore, both beginner and intermediate kids will be able to sit on this seat with enough comfort.

The 8 ball style brake with 12 inches of rims should bring forth fair performance to bring forth safety and convenience simultaneously. 


  • The three-point steering system will come in handy to offer easy maneuvering.
  • The height of the seat is just right for most beginners.
  • The graphics used on the kart is fair enough to please almost any user.


Well, this one is just right for the beginner. But if your kid is growing too fast, sitting on this go-kart may feel a little uncomfortable.

In terms of technical perfection, this one does the actual things that it should be doing.

4. Hauck Sirocco - Racing Go-Kart

Hauck Sirocco - Racing Go Kart




Seat adjustment



Low-profile rubber tires


8-spoke rim

Steering wheel points


Seat design


Frame finishing

Powder-coated finish

User experience (9.5/10)

The Kids love them is what one of our users has said after using the Hauck Sirocco Pedal go-kart for more than one month.

Features worth discussing

This one does three things at its best. First of all, the design is just outstanding to please anyone.

Second of all, with multiple features, this one just brings the best possible comfort.

And finally, with an optimized pedal design, getting the maximum driving experience will always be achievable.

Like most other Hauck Pedal Go-Kart, this one also comes with a three-point steering system, an adjustable bucket seat, and two bearings in each 8 spoke.

Therefore, this one is here to be a perfect example of quality and performance.

Finally, the steering system of this Go-kart is pretty sharp and swift. As a result, any young racer riding on this machine will feel excited and exuberant while completing their mission.


  • There is nothing complicated about the assembly process. All you need is 5 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • The frame is welded and pretty sturdy to deliver a convenient experience.
  • A lightweight design is also a plus point of having this item.


If your grandchildren or kid is more than eight years of age, this one might not make him comfortable on the seat, especially when the champ is growing at a rapid rate.

5. Hauck Nerf Striker Go-Kart Ride-On

Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart Ride On





Nerf Striker


Sturdy steel frame


Adjustable bucket seat


Race-styled pedals


Low-profile rubber tire

User experience (9/10)

How about making your kid ready for the next race? Well, with this exciting pedal go-kart, your kid should get the momentum to live in the moment.

At the same time, this is not that pricey. Therefore, you should always be able to purchase such an exciting toy without caring too much.

Features worth discussing

The first thing that will catch your interest once you go for this item is its molded seat design. With an ergonomic seat design, this one is pretty much adjustable to multiple heights.

Therefore, kids with both shorter and longer heights will be able to sit on this excellent item with better comfort and stability.

Like most other typical Hauck pedal go-kart, this one also features a race-style pedal. Therefore, your little champ will always be in the motion to develop his pedaling skill.

The inclusion of a low-profile rubber tire will allow every kid to ride in most track conditions. Where most other go-karts are not capable of running on rough surfaces, this one should perform much higher compared to other items with its rubber tires.

Another wholesome feature of this item is its easy-to-use handbrake design. Your little champ will be able to control the kart with essential freedom and comfort even if he is a beginner.


  • This is a low-budget toy, making your decision-making process easier.
  • The robust tubular frame will be able to carry the whole weight with ease.
  • This one is much capable of withstanding a higher weight.


The only problem you might face with all these pedal go-karts is with the size. Even a beginner kid with the age of eight but with a better height may not be able to sit on this item with comfort.

Therefore, always ensure that you are choosing the item by maintaining your kid’s height and the kart’s dimension.

6. Hauck Fire Rescue Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Fire Rescue Pedal Go Kart





Alloyed steel




10 spoke rim


EVA wheel

Steering control

3-point steering control

Seat design

Ergonomic and adjustable

User experience (9/10)

This one is more advanced and cheaper to make you comfortable with the purchase.

With the fire truck design, this pedal go-kart should make every beginner kid extract the real taste of adventure and excitement. 

Features worth discussing

Almost all go-karts from Hauck share the same features and characteristics except for the design and color combination.

This is true even for this product. For example, this one is inspired by the fire truck. As a result, this pedal go-kart is equipped with such features to make the toy much more exciting and lucrative to every kid.

Besides, the fire truck-inspired graphics on the toy will inspire every kid to drive longer.

At the same time, the inclusion of a 10-inch EVA wheel on each compartment will deliver essential traction and comfort to drive the toy with sheer comfort.

Finally, with the dimension of 41.93x20.20x23.27 inches, this one should allow any beginner kid to sit on this vehicle with better comfort and stability.


  • The Hauck Fire Truck pedal go-kart is capable of withstanding a higher weight load to let even the bulkiest kid ride the toy with ease.
  • With a long-neck steering wheel design, this pedal go-kart should make it easier for every kid to maneuver the kart with ease.
  • With the adjustable and ergonomic seat design, comfort will always be present with this excellent go-kart.


This one comes with the cheapest price range among all the other products mentioned on this list. Therefore, one might take it for granted that this one will not be able to satisfy the users to a great degree.

But in reality, this one is better capable of delivering quality and performance as much as you expect from other expensive Hauck pedal go-karts.

7. Hauck Thunder II Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Thunder II Pedal Go Kart









47 x 24 x 28 inches


Better grip and traction


Three-point steering


Responsive and quick

User experience (9/10)

This one is more than a pedal go-kart. With the inclusion of multiple features and a pretty lucrative design, this go-kart will ensure that your kid is getting the best support.

Here are some of the primary reasons why we believe that this one will be a great choice for your beginner kid-

Features worth discussing

With a sophisticated open frame design, this pedal go-kart is here to make your kid ready for the next important move.

With an advanced race-styled pedal design, this go-kart is enough capable of ensuing a racing vibe. When you have more than one kid in your kid, this go-kart should be able to introduce your kid to do something exciting when you will not be present nearby.

What else? Well, the seat of this pedal Go-Kart is adjusted to a better height. Therefore, even the tallest kid in your house should be able to ride on this kart with better comfort and stability.

Want to hear some more? Well, you will also be able to adjust the seat height in multiple positions. As a result, this one will create space even for some adults to get a recreational drive on this kart.

Like a typical Hauck go-kart, this one also comes with a three-point steering system. But the system is more advanced and more wholesome with fast and quick response.

No matter whether your kid crosses the limit or not, this go-kart with the essential steering system will keep your kid in control.


  • First of all, this Thunder Go-Kart looks stunning at first sight.
  • The rubber wheels included in this item will come in handy to get better traction on most track conditions.
  • When it comes to getting the sturdiness and durability from a go-kart, this one never disappoints the user.


Well, this one might look a little smaller in reality than in the picture.  We believe this one would be a better choice for kids above six to around ten. If your champ is within this range, you should get the best support with this item.

At the same time, this one will be a little expensive compared to other products mentioned on this list. But the high price is what will give you the best service.

How to choose the Hauck pedal go-kart?

When you want to choose the best item, many things will always be there to influence the decision. One of the best ways you can get the best possible item is by eliminating trivial many and only concentrating on the most important thing.

Here are the top five most important things that will help you to choose the best pedal go-kart for you-

  • What is your purpose behind choosing the pedal go-kart?
  • The graphics and design of the pedal go-kart are always important.
  • How and which materials are used for the frame of the kart?
  • Ensure that you are checking the braking properties of the kart.
  • Better adjustability always helps to make your kid comfortable on the seat

What is your purpose behind choosing the pedal go-kart?

The first thing you need to decide before choosing a go-kart is why you are choosing the kart.

 For example, you might want to make your kid comfortable with a motor-powered or electric automatic go-kart.

In such cases, Coleman Go-kart might give you the best possible experience.

On the other hand, if you really want to make your kid involved more in physical activities, pedal go-karts should suffice to bring a better experience.

One major benefit of choosing a pedal go-kart over an automatic Go-Kart is that your kid learns the basics of driving along with involving more in physical activities.

If the later section is your preference, you may consider choosing from these Hauck pedal go-karts we have mentioned throughout this whole article.

The Graphics and design of a pedal go-kart is always important

When someone is talking about pedal go-kart, almost most of the time it is for a kid. Who else better than you should know that every kid loves vibrant graphics and design?

Hauck seems to know this fact as much as you know. That is why most of the pedal go-karts from Hauck come with graphics like Batman, Lightning, Nerf striker, Hurricane, Sirocco, and more.

At the same time, the design that all these toys come with is fair enough to make the childhood of every kid memorable and more vibrant.

If you are thinking about choosing the pedal go-kart from somewhere else other than Hauck for your kid, you are always welcome to do so.

But if nothing pleases you more than Hauck, you are also welcome to get back to our recommendation.

Your decision is what matters most at the end of the day.

How and which materials are used to build the frame of the kart?

The next essential facet which is worth considering is the materials and design of the frame. The frame of the kart connects all the other parts.

At the same time, the frame bears the whole weight of your kid. Therefore, having a sturdy steel-made frame with better connectivity is what will come in handy to bring forth the most convenient experience in the longer run.

The fairings that come with the kart will be mostly plastic-made. But that's always okay as these karts are not overwhelmingly costly.

Ensure that you are checking the braking property of the kart

Most of the pedal go-karts come with a clutch-free braking system. That means there is nothing dedicated regarding the braking system in a pedal go-kart.

Most of the Hauck pedal go-karts come with a three-point braking system. Therefore, handling the go-karts becomes much easier than ever before.

At the same time, the rims on these go-karts are equipped with an 8-spoke rim. As a result, the rims and tires tend to deliver optimized performance on the track.

Moreover, the hand braking on both ends of the rear part of the tire should also come in handy to keep your kid safe and secure in most situations.

You may also check Top Mototec gas and electric Go-Kart reviews if you want something more advanced for your kid.

Better adjustability always helps to make your kid comfortable on the seat

The final aspect worth considering is the amount of comfort your kid will get out of the toy while riding.

In that case, sitting is the most convenient option that should get better priority.

The first thing you should check while choosing a pedal go-kart is whether the seat is adjustable or not. A pedal go-kart seat with multiple adjustable positions will help kids with different heights to sit more comfortably.

At the same time, ensure that the seat comes with a wholesome ergonomic shape design so that riding on the go-kart becomes more fun and exciting.

Some other factors you might want to consider while choosing a pedal go-kart for your kid are the age of your kid, the height (both kid and kart), reviews regarding the item, and so on.


How much does a Hauck Pedal go-kart cost?

A pedal go-kart will cost anywhere between $120 to as high as $250 dollars.

Pedal go-karts are cheap as they do not need to use any motor to ride on the track. These go-karts use a pedal that needs to drive through feet.

At the same time, a steering wheel will always allow the user to ride the kart with essential efficiency. Therefore, only the frame, a pedal, and a steering wheel are what you will get with a pedal go-kart.  As a result, these items tend to be cheaper compared to other items.

Where the cost of a full-power go-kart can reach around $3,000, one should be able to get a pedal go-kart within $250 dollars anytime on the market.

What age are pedal go-karts for?

A pedal go-kart usually comes from the age of six to twelve.

But that should not mean that adults are prohibited to ride on such toys. Even nowadays some popular manufacturers are bringing adult-friendly pedal go-karts so that adults can involve more in physical activities.

When physical activities become fun, concentrating on such activities becomes easier. But as an adult, if you have something else to do as physical activity, you might think about introducing your kid to something exciting.

If your kid is between six to ten years of age, consider introducing him to a pedal go-kart to give him the best experience possible.

How fast do pedal go-karts go?

Unlike a full-size go-kart, a pedal go-kart is not that fast. In general, a pedal go-kart can deliver a top speed of around 15km/h according to your kid’s pedaling capacity.

Therefore, at max, a kid with a superior pedaling capacity should be able to drive the toy to a maximum distance of 3 kilometers.

When you are talking about a pedal go-kart, it is not about the speed rather it is about making your kid comfortable with the process.

Is it possible to make a pedal go-kart on my own?

Why not? It is always possible to make a pedal go-kart on your own. 

A pedal go-kart is consisting of three basic parts. These are-

  • The frame
  • Wheels
  • Steering system

If you are pretty serious about making your own pedal go-kart, all you need to do is assemble all three inter-connected parts to start pedaling your kart.

But the process might not be as easy as it seems. You will also have to have basic knowledge regarding the building process.

Otherwise, it will turn out to be a lost project for sure.

Which pedal Go-kart is the best?

Multiple manufacturers are bringing pedal go-karts on the market. For example, Hauck, Aosom, Berg, Costzon, etcetera are some of the most popular brands when it comes to the brands of a pedal go-kart.  

Undoubtedly, Hauck pedal go-karts are the best on the market.

Hauck has been bringing quality go-karts on the market for a real long time. Therefore, the manufacturer has huge popularity in the pedal go-kart industry.

If you are interested in purchasing a pedal go-kart for your kid, Hauck might be the ideal place to find your preferred item.

Can pedal go-karts benefit kids?

Yes, pedal go-karts can benefit a kid in three different ways.

First of all, a pedal go-kart can help a kid to develop more leg muscle.  

Second of all, your kid will be more physically active while pedaling a pedal go-kart.

And finally, your kid will be more social and outgoing when he will concentrate on racing with a pedal go-kart with this partner.

Final summary

From making your kid more social and active to giving him the best riding experience, a pedal go-kart can benefit a kid in multiple ways. But to achieve such a feat, choosing the right kind of pedal go-kart is more than necessary.

If you have been looking for the right type of pedal go-kart for your kid, all the products we have mentioned on the list should suffice to give you the best experience of choosing.

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