Holley vs. Edelbrock carburetor: Who wins the performance

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The function of a carburetor is to produce combustible air and fuel to the engine compartment so that the engine can get the appropriate amount of fuel and air mixture to generate the power.

A precisely chosen carburetor gives you overall drivability, throttle response, and those characteristics that a regular or racing driver expects from his vehicle.

When it comes to picking up the right carburetor for an exact application, Holley and Edelbrock are the two most popular options to give a try.

It’s been an ongoing debate for eternity regarding which supplier produces the best carburetor on the market.

Well, we are here to find out. But always remember that the performance is not all the time consistent.  If one of Holley’s carb seems better to you, another from Edelbrock may also please some other discipline of rider. Therefore, comparison can always turn out to be a perfect example of hindsight bias.

But a precise comparison surely gives clarity to the mind. Therefore, let us find out some of the primary differences and similarities you can expect to get from both Holley and Edelbrock carburetors-

Holley vs. Edelbrock carburetor

Holley vs. Edelbrock carburetor

To give you a better understanding of the performance capacity and construction of Holley and Edelbrock carburetors, we will be picking up two similar kinds of carb from each of the brands so that you get to know about the brands precisely.

Even if we conclude the article by saying that one brand is better than the others by a marginal difference, the debate will still be continued for a long time. Therefore, we will only talk about the features and performance. We will allow you to make the final decision so that you can make a bold and independent decision.

Our first comparison section will make a head-to-head comparison between the 650 CFM Brawler Diecast Carburetor from Holley and AVS2 Off-Road Carburetor from Edelbrock.

If you are interested, let us begin the actual dual-

Holley 650 CFM vs Edelbrock AVS2

Holley 650 CFM vs Edelbrock AVS2

Holley 650 CFM Brawler Diecast Carburetor

Edelbrock AVS2 Off-Road Carburetor


Street carb

Street carb


650 CFM

650 CFM


4 barrel

4 barrel


standard straight leg boosters

Annular flow booster technology


Available in a vacuum and mechanical secondary

Available in a vacuum and mechanical secondary


light-weight diecast aluminum



Electric choke

Manual choke


1.30 primary venturi size

1.19 primary venturi size


Looks better after the finishing.

Looks great after the finishing.


The primary differences

Now that we have the specifications, it is high time checking those matters that make a huge impact in the longer run. If you have a plan to go with one of these brands, here are some of the primary things you can keep in mind-


Although most people believe that the price determines the quality to a great degree, it is altogether a misconception only. If you look at the pricing of both these products, it is easily understandable that these two products are reasonably affordable.

For the Holley 650 CFM carburetor, you have to spend around 423 dollars, whereas the Edelbrock 650 CFM carburetor will charge you around 425 dollars. That means in terms of quality and pricing, both the items are almost equivalent.

This gives us a clear conception that for an equivalent carburetor, the pricing should be equivalent as well.

Edelbrock has the Annular Flow Booster technology, whereas Holley always boost about their latest technology

Holley always claims that they upgrade their technologies every now and then so that the customer always gets the most upgraded experience every time they go for a new carburetor from Holley. Therefore, with most of the Holey carburetor, you will get the standard straight leg boosters. On the other hand, the Edelbrock AVS2 series is popular for implanting the annular flow booster technology to let the user get the most convenient support possible.

The Annular flow booster seems to be really working when it comes to delivering the essential combustible air and fuel mixture to the engine compartment.

Electric and manual choke

Although most of the carburetor from Holley and Edelbrock tends to offer electric and manual choke, the Holley is a little more versatile here. With the 650 CFM Edelbrock carburetor, you will get a manual choke. On the other hand, the Holley carburetor will produce an electric choke. Therefore, it depends on your preference whether you will go with Holley or Edelbrock.

Same carb idle circuit

The Carb idle circuit of both Holley and Edelbrock seems to be the same. They come with almost the same identical idle screw and construction, ensuring almost equivalent performance. Wait a minute; these are not the only factors that determine the performance. There are many more factors worth considering. The next one is one of them-

The vacuum ports are even the same

Yes, what you have heard is the truth also. Both these carburetors share the same features of adjustability with the same vacuum ports. If all these factors are the same, why should you prioritize one over another? Well, wait a little further to find out-

Accelerator pump

Now this one is different. The Edelbrock carburetor uses a plunger-style accelerator pump that has three different holes for the accelerator pump levers.  That means adjusting the lever will be pretty much easy and straightforward.

On the other hand, the accelerator pump of the Holley carburetor is a little more advanced compared to the Edelbrock.  Holley implements multiple holes on the accelerator pump and they coincide with one another. You will also get the option to change the pump-cam out. The adjustment lever of the Holley carburetor also seems reasonable and enough straightforward.

Edelbrock is simple, whereas Holley is a little complex

When it comes to picking up a simple solution for the carburetor for your stock engine, Edelbrock is the ideal solution. The simple and straightforward construction allows these carburetors to deliver the most logistic performance possible.

On the other hand, the functionality of Holley carburetors is a little mixture of simplicity and complexity. Holley should be the perfect alternative when you want a much broader range to make interaction.

Both carburetors offer adjustability

How about adjusting the durability of your pump shot so that you can get better air and fuel flow inside the engine compartment?

Well, in that case, both Holley and Edelbrock share the same functionality. The simplistic construction will allow you to adjust the pump shot as your preference to get the appropriate amount of combustive fuel mixture to the appropriate slot.

Holley is creative, whereas Edelbrock is logistic

The combination of primary and secondary jets allows you to power up or go down in different situations. When you are cruising, the power always stays in the primary jet. When you reach a certain power level, the secondary jet becomes active to deliver the essential air mixture to upgrade the power.

That is where both the brand differs a little. We are not saying that one is better than the other.  But Holley seems to implement creativity in the construction, whereas Edelbrock seems to be enough logical. It rests up to you to decide whether you will go with Holley or Edelbrock.

Edelbrock offers easy tuning, whereas Holley is a little complicated

One of the most important aspects that play a good influence is the tuning capacity of the carburetor. How do you think both these brands fare in terms of tune-ability?

Well, Edelbrock is always here to offer the simplest tuning features to make the perfect adjustment. When you are a basic driver who loves to go on a simple ride every now and then, Edelbrock is the ideal option to give the priority.

On the other hand, Holley is one of those intelligent brands that keep multiple options to make an upgrade at some later time. Therefore, you may find it a little complicated to tune the Holley carburetor. But once you are comfortable with the process, you should not face any trouble at all.

Which brand is perfect for you?

Now that we have come across numerous aspects and features of both these features, it is time to make the final decision. Who should choose which one?

In the beginning, we have already mentioned that we will try to stay neutral when it comes to making the final decision. But we will surely offer some additional information that will help you to make the final decision.

Here are some suggestions from our team

Holley Edelbroc

Holley is more sophisticated, whereas Edelbrock is much simpler. 

Therefore, Holley carburetors should bring beneficial results when you have a plan to upgrade the power capacity of your vehicle's engine in near future.

An Edelbrock carburetor will be a better option when you are thinking about replacing the carburetor of your vehicle’s stock system. The simpler construction of Edelbrock will allow you to enjoy the performance without damaging the adjustability or tenability.

Both brands offer an almost similar kind of price range. At max, you will notice around 50 dollars of variation with one another. Therefore, giving priority to quality instead of the price range should bring the most wholesome experience.

Finally, look around a little. Find out a real expert who will help you to make a better decision. This is the only thing that matters most at the end of the day

What are the best Holley carburetors?

Here are some of the best Holley carburetors you may check in different categories-


performance and race

professional race

600 CFM street warrior carburetor

750 CFM aluminum street HP carburetor

1250 CFM dominator carburetor

650 CFM brawler Die-cast carburetor mechanical secondary

750 CFM brawler race carburetor mechanical secondary

950cfm ultra XP carburetor

750 CFM classic Holley carburetor

650 CFM aluminum street HP carburetor

850cfm ultra XP carburetor

670 CFM street avenger carburetor

850 CFM aluminum street HP carburetor

QFX series 4700 carburetor 1050cfm 2-circuit

What are the best Edelbrock carburetors?

Here are some of the best Edelbrock carburetors you may give a try:

AVS2 series

Thunder series

Performer series

AVS2 off-road carburetor 650 CFM.

Thunder 500 CFM with Manual Choke.

Performer 500 CFM

800 CFM with manual/electrical choke.

Thunder 650 CFM with electrical choke.

Performer 650 CFM.

500 CFM with electrical choke.

Thunder 650 with manual choke.

Performer 800 CFM.


Which carburetor is better: Edelbrock or Holley

Both Edelbrock and Holley are better but from different perspectives. When you want to install a new carburetor to the stock engine, Edelbrock should bring the most convenient support. On the other hand, Holley is better when you want to upgrade the range in near future.

What is the most reliable carburetor brand?

The number of brands that you will find for a carburetor is numerous. Among all of them, Holley and Edelbrock are the two most reliable and convenient carburetor brands available on the market.

How much horsepower will a 650 CFM carb support?

A 650 CFM carburetor can support up to 470 horsepower. The range will usually fall between 400 to 470 horsepower.

Is Holley a good carburetor brand?

Holley has been offering a large number of carburetors in different categories. When it comes to delivering quality carburetors for a vehicle, Holley will always remain on top of the list. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Holley is a good brand.

Is Edelbrock a good Carburetor brand?

Like Holley, Edelbrock is another most renowned carburetor brand available on the market. When your preference is a good carburetor for the stock engine, Edelbrock is always a good brand to keep your faith in.

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Final summary

The debate between Holley and Edelbrock is nothing new. It has been ongoing for a long time, and it is believable that the debate will continue for some more time as well.

When it comes to creativity, Holley is the most sophisticated carburetor brand available on the market.

Edelbrock carburetors are also relatively good. When you need a simple solution for replacing the stock piece, Edelbrock tends to deliver the most convenient support.

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