Honda CR250 and CR250R plastic conversion kit reviews 2023

How about transforming your old Honda into a brand new model? Yes, it is possible when you have the right plastic conversion kit near your hand. In this particular article, we are going to talk about the plastic conversion kit for your Honda CR250 and CR250R.

This article includes only one specific model from Polisport to replace the OEM body of your engine. This conversion kit is compatible with all Honda CR250 and CR250r models from 2002 to 2007. If you have a model between these ranges, this article will provide you with plenty of reasons to install the conversion kit on your hike.

So if you are interested, let’s get started with the discussion section-

Honda CR250 plastic conversion kit

Polisport Restyle Honda Plastic Kit

The very first reason to go with this kit is that this one comes with an injection-moulded construction. As a result, there will have less issue with compatibility. You would not face any trouble while completing the installation on your bike. This one is always going to be a perfect replacement for your original OEM body.

Furthermore, all the components of the kit come with a durable plastic-made construction. As a result, the body will last for a long time without any kinds of damage and deterioration.

Moreover, this conversion kit is the exact replica of the original model.  As a result, this one would not give you any trouble while mounting all the parts on your bike.  Another great reason to go with this product is that this one is much stronger than the stock OEM product. That means you can expect to get much better service than the original OEM product. 

On top of that, the conversion kit is much cheaper than the original manufactured product. That means you are getting much better service at an affordable price range.

This after-market product comes with the same color pattern you would get from the stock body. As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice the versatility you used to get from the original item.

The conversion kit is less prone to scratches or other kinds of damages. No matter you drive the bike on a plain or dangerous trail, the conversion kit is always there to protect your bike from scratches and damages.

Again, all the components of this kit are enough flexible and glossy to maintain the impression of your bike.

Finally, the conversion kit comes with a nice and tidy kit box to make you happy after getting the product. If you are not content with your Honda CRF250 and 250R bike model, this conversion kit from Polisport will never disappoint you with the quality.


  1. Brand: Polisport.
  2. Compatibility: Honda CR250, CR250R (2002 to 2007 models)
  3. Key features:
  4. Injection-molded construction.
  5. Durable plastic-made construction.
  6. Scratch and damage protection.
  7. A perfect replica of the OEM body.
  8. Flexible and glossy material.


  1. This conversion kit comes at an affordable price range, allowing you to make easy replacements.
  2. The conversion kit is much stronger than the stock product. As a result, there will have less chance of damage and deterioration.
  3. You will get the same color you used to see on your bike previously.
  4. The conversion kit will ensure much better safety than the stock product.

How to install a conversion kit on our Honda?

First of all, remove all the components from the bike to install the new kit. If you have never done the job before, we recommend you watching some videos on YouTube so that you don't make any blunders while completing the installation.

The very first thing we will need to work on is the front fender of the bike. Install the front fender of the bike first before you move on to the next step. Drill all the screws precisely so that you can avoid any kinds of malfunction in the longer run.

Once you have installed the front fender, it's time to install the number plate on the bike.

Install all the other parts preciously to complete the installation.


The installation process requires enough knowledge. If you have never done the job before, you may watch this video to complete the installation.

Why should you re-style your dirt bike?

The old body of your dirt bike can face numerous scratches and damages with time. After using the bike for three to four years, the bike loses the initial impression that it used to have. The only to redeem the same impression is to replace all the parts of your bike with a new one. That is when the conversion kit comes into effect.

The conversion kit usually includes all the components to replace the original stock product. If you love your bike and would like to make it the same as it initially was, replace the stock body as soon as possible. 

How much does a conversion kit cost?

A conversion kit for your Honda dirt bike would cost you from 100$ to 200$ dollars. The pricing of a conversion kit depends on the brand, quality, and the number of equipment that the kit includes.

If you are thinking about making a replacement for your Honda CR series dirt bikes, Polisport is one of the most prominent manufacturers you can rely on. You would find hundreds of reviews on different forums to grab some knowledge about the quality of the products. You had better make research on your own to grab some knowledge regarding the pricing and other issues of a conversion kit for your Honda dirt bike.

Final words

The conversion kit or a re-style kit is an excellent item you can grab to give your bike a brand new appearance. A dirt bike needs to endure a large number of abuses throughout its journey. As a result, the condition of the body and frame becomes severe with time. At that particular moment, replacing the body with a new conversion kit would enhance the impression of your bike to a great extent. If you are thinking about installing one, consider grabbing this excellent kit with polished materials from Polisports.

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