Honda CRF50 dirt pit mini bike conversion kit reviews 2022

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A conversion kit converts your bike to a new edition. It does not matter whether you are using your bike for a long time or not, installing a conversion kit will always give you a good impression among your group.

If you have been riding a Honda CRF50, we have got you covered through this article. We have added two unique and stylish conversion kits for your Honda CRF50 to get some elegant vibe wherever you go with your bike.

If you are ready to make the change, let us get started with the first plastic conversion kit from TC-Motor-

honda crf50 pit bike conversion kit

TC-Motor Plastic Fairing Body Kits + Tall Foam Seat for Honda CRF50





Green, Blue, Orange, Pink.


CRF50, XR50, SSR, Apollo, Thumpstar, Coolster, and many more Chinese pit bikes.


All body parts + tall foam seat




Up to 5 lbs.

The first thing we love about this conversion kit is its availability of different colors. You will be able to choose this TC-Motor conversion kit in four different color patterns. It does not matter whether you love KTM orange or elegant green, this conversion kit has every color to please you.

This plastic conversion kit is compatible with a large number of motorbikes, including your CRF50. You can also think about adding this unique body conversion kit to Apollo, SSR, Thumpstar, Taotao, Coolster, and many other pit bike brands.

Along with all the body kits, you will also get a tall foam seat to enjoy the most versatile feeling while riding your Honda CRF50 pit bikes.

A great reason to go with this conversion kit is its economical price range. This TC-Motor plastic conversion kit is always a good item to install on your bike at a decent price range.

The durable plastic on all of the parts is another plus point why you should grab this item. We can assure you that the kit will last for a long time to satisfy you to a great level.

Finally, the conversion kit with a minimum weight range will always be handy to give you a comfortable riding experience in every situation.

Why should you grab this conversion kit from TC-Motor?

  1. This conversion kit will offer multiple color patterns so that you can grab them according to your preference.
  2. TC-Motor conversion kit is quite economical to satisfy all consumers.
  3. The low-weight range of the kit will always take good care of your comfort zone.

What are some of the drawbacks to keep in mind?

This conversion kit does not have too many drawbacks to mention here. You may face some trouble with the fitting if you fail to choose the right size and dimension. 

CRF50 Plastic Kit Red XR50 Plastic Fender Kit



Lucky Seven


Front fender (1pcs), radiator shrouds (2pcs), side panels (2pcs), rear fender (1pcs), windshield (1pcs)


ABS plastic.


2.5 pounds.


Honda CRF 50, XR50 Pit Dirt bikes.


Original factory shape design.


Durable, temperature-resistant, elasticity.

The final conversion kit for your Honda CRF50, XR50 model is from lucky seven. This conversion kit should be the exact item you prefer installing on your beloved motorbike.

The conversion kit includes seven different body parts to transform your bike to a newer edition. A great reason to go with this conversion kit is its exact and precise shape design. The authentic construction will always ensure perfect fitting and compatibility to make you happy with the kit.

Like most other conversion kits, this one is also plastic-made. The Durable ABS plastic material on all of the gears will ensure that you always get the long-time support from the kit.

Moreover, the optimum plastic material can withstand high-end temperatures to keep all of the parts safe and stable from all kinds of temperature influence.

Again, the optimum elasticity of the item will be handy to deliver enough support so that you can use this conversion kit for a long time without facing any troubles.

All of the conversion kits carry only 2.5 pounds of weight aggregately. As a result, you will not have to feel like you are carrying some extra weight while riding on your mini-bike.

The final reason to grab this item is that you will be able to attach numerous graphics to this kit as well. As a result, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your mini bike will be much easier than ever before.

Why should grab this Conversion kit from Lucky Seven?

  1. The original red color of the kit will make your minibike feel new again.
  2. All seven parts of the bike carry only 2.5 pounds of weight, minimizing the total weight to a great level to make you comfortable.
  3. The kit is quite economical compared to its quality.

What are some of the drawbacks to keep in mind?

The plastic is surely durable to please you. But the thickness of the items is not the same as the OEM items.

If you find yamaha model graphics kit model like, Yamaha TTR 125 complete graphics kit see our review.

How to install a plastic conversion kit on your pit bike?

honda crf50 plastic kit

Install your plastic conversion kit through dirt bike these simple steps:

  1. Remove all the OEM parts from your bike.
  2. Do remember which bolt and screw will go in which section.
  3. If you have a plan to install a graphics kit for the plastics, ensure that you are giving them a good cleanup.
  4. Install all the parts from the new plastic conversion kit.
  5. Screw up all the bolts in the right place to avoid any loose connection.

There are no fundamental rules for installing a plastic conversion kit on your bike. It is all about making the perfect placement. Do remember the place of all the bolts and screws. It is the right screw placement that matters most at the end of the day. On the other hand, do give the surface a better clean if you have a plan to install a graphics kit for the plastics.

How to pick up the right plastic conversion kit?

You can grab the perfect plastic conversion kit for your dirt bike by following these five simple procedures:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Material
  3. Color
  4. Durability
  5. Weight
  6. Compatibility

A plastic conversion kit that does not fit your bike’s model is always a wrong decision. Always choose an item that will comply with the dimension of your bike so that you can avoid any issues in the longer run.


Well, a plastic conversion kit surely will come with plastic material. But whether you are choosing quality plastic or not is the thing that matters most. ABS plastic should be the ideal thing to grab to get long-lasting support.


Color is the only way left to make a better impression among people.  Besides, most riders prefer installing a conversion kit to their dirt bike only to make the item look beautiful. Spend a better amount of time picking the right color for your beloved pit bike.


Durability is what ensures longevity. If you can choose the exact material, you can expect to get durability from the product. That is why choosing the right material is always necessary. Besides, endure that the kit can withstand enough temperature to keep it safe for a long time. Having better elasticity can also help to enhance durability.


You should always choose an item that is lightweight and durable.  A bulky conversion kit will always force you to carry some extra weight to make your ride a little uncomfortable. If you have Honda another model CR250 and CR250R plastic conversion kit, see the another reviews.

Final words

The two conversion kits we have mentioned above are compatible with a large number of Chinese dirt bikes. If you want to give your Chinese dirt bike a newer look, you can also check whether they are compatible with your bike or not.

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