Honda vs. Hyundai logo: What is the main difference?

Many people are often confused with these two brands' logos because of designing the logo with the same symbol. However, nowadays this dilemma is not seen by many people as both companies have created individual identities.

Honda is a Japanese automobile company and one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. On the other hand, Hyundai is a South Korean brand whose headquarters is in Seoul. Hence, their motive is to offer vehicles with the latest technology.

Nevertheless, by reading this article, people will know about the difference between their logos as well as the companies. So without much fuss, let’s jump into the discussion.

 It is difficult to identify the appropriate logo for these two brands without focusing attentively. But, one may make a mistake if he or she does not know the background and details of the sign. Moreover, by identifying the proper one, individuals may benefit while making buying decisions.
Honda vs. Hyundai logo

Meaning of the Honda logo

Honda is one of the first automobile industries in the world which introduced at the year 1948. The founder of this company is Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Therefore, many people believe that the capital H of the badge comes from the name of the founder, Soichiro Honda.

However, there also have other meanings for the logo in a wide context. If anyone concentrates on the design, they will see that the first half of the H is like arms raised toward the sky. That actually represents their slogan, “The power of dreams”. Over the years they introduced good variation in their all items like; cars, jets, equipment and so on.

Honda car logo

Meaning of the Hyundai logo

In one word, the meaning of the Hyundai logo is modernity. They started their journey in the year 1967 and at present Hyundai is the seventh largest vehicle manufacturing company in the world. Moreover, they are the biggest in South Korea.

Furthermore, the design of their trademark is inspired by the first letter of the company. Last few years ago, they revealed the motive behind the design which is two people shaking their hands. This actually stands for good communication, teamwork, and collaboration with others.

 Currently, they are doing their business by launching some sub-companies which are Ioniq, Genesis, and Kia. Moreover, the present situation there is also good, and the Hyundai cars are capable of competing with other giant brands like; BMW, Tesla, and so on.

Hyundai car logo

Did Hyundai copy its logo from Honda?

This is a common question which arises in people's minds because Honda Company is introduced first in the world. Additionally, there is no evidence of imitating their logo of them. Moreover, the motive behind the Hyundai logo also differs from theirs which is also discussed in this article.

Therefore, the country of origin of these two brands is not the same. Though their product line is the same, there have no similarities in their business strategy. By and large,  the two logos of them might have similarities but this is not happened by imitation or accident.

Difference between Honda and Hyundai

There have not so much difference between them on account of producing various types of cars. But, the name and fame of Honda are much higher than Hyundai. Additionally, their production base is also larger and they have a good share in the USA market.

Moreover, the construction technology of Hyundai is very much more modern than theirs. They also try to set a standard in the electric vehicles industry though they introduced themselves late in the market. On the contrary, individuals of America are very much loyal to the Honda, specifically their Civic series.

Nevertheless, the engineers of Hyundai are also trying their best to compete with the giant car manufacturing companies in the world. Subsequently, they also expand their product line to capture more customers as well as spend a good amount of money on the developing sector. In other words, though these two are automobile companies, there have many distinctions between them in terms of their way of doing business and the type of vehicles.

Hyundai logo

Which one is the better car manufacturer

This strength and weaknesses of these two brands are different. In some contexts, Honda is better and gives optimum benefits to the people. The same thing is also applicable to other car brands of the world. That is why in this paragraph we are going to briefly mention the reason for buying these two brands' cars.


As we already know this is one of the finest vehicle producing companies in the world due to having a great design on the inside and outside of their car. They make themselves one of the less fuel consumption cars in the city as well as the highway. The rate of their consumption is around 8 to 11 liters per 100 km.

Additionally, individuals also feel great comfort to drive their cars because of having low weight. This also allows them to turn their cars on a road very easily. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the risk of accidents as well.

Furthermore, there are some other things which also influence the people to buy Honda cars like; more seats on the car, short wheelbase and so on.


The manufacturer of this company always has the intention of competing with the best automobile companies in the world. For that reason, engineers are always trying to improve the technical subjects of a car which actually boost the overall performance.

 First of all, in a Hyundai car, individuals will find two or more valves per cylinder. That actually helps to have better fuel combustion. Moreover, they are also doing great in the electric vehicles industry. Their battery comes with good storage and quality which actually helps to provide a high EPA rate.

Additionally, people also love to buy their vehicles on account of having great power in the engine. Modern drivers are looking forward to getting high speed within seconds. Consequently, individuals are also fond of purchasing these brand cars due to having high horsepower and torque.

Does Hyundai or Honda Sell More Cars?

As we already know, Honda is the leading automobile brand in the USA and they are some steps ahead in terms of giving safety and other vital features. By the statistics of 2019, it is evident that Honda sold about 1.6 million units while the number is only .6 million for Hyundai.

From the very beginning of the industrial revolution, individuals in America have been trusting Japanese products. But, in recent days the market for private cars has become so competitive. Besides, they also try to make the best use of technology to have a competitive advantage like; Hyundai.

In the future, the gap ratio between the sales figures will be decreased due to the increasing number of manufacturers in the world.

It is difficult to identify the appropriate logo for these two brands without focusing attentively. But, one may make a mistake if he or she does not know the background and details of the sign. Moreover, by identifying the proper one, individuals may benefit while making buying decisions.

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