Honda xr650r expart user Review in 2023

Honda XR650r was built in 2000 was the beginner of the 21st century. It's the most popular XR model of Honda that won much off-road racing. Being developed in early 2000, it ran through the manufacturing rotation cycle until 2008. The predecessor of xr650r won many Baja 1000 racing.

Though xr650r was widely thought to be an update to the XR series, it's completely a new model with a new record over time. The bike broke many winning records of the past achieved by Kawasaki and few other brands. The configuration and mechanism of the bike brought a big change at that time that made it famous the riders.

Honda is one of the world’s biggest motorbike manufacturers since 1959. Different of its motorcycle gained much fame along its timeframe and xr650r really played well in comparison to its sibling in terms of its configuration and specification.

Honda xr650r review

Honda xr650r review


XR650r Engine

The 650R of XR series came with a 649cc liquid cool single cylinder OHV engine. The engine is likely lightweight allowing the bike to run the bike more forcefully against gravitational forces. It is a four-stroke combustion cycle engine. The cylinder space inside the engine is equivalent to 100 x 82.6 bore x stroke. The piston is made of a solid-state oxides metal that makes a more efficient compression in the cylinder. The compression output ratio is moderately 10.0:1, which is kind of good for the bike engine size in Cubic centimeter.

The engine is designed to be liquid cooled which is more effective than air cool because air cooling doesn’t work well when the ambient temperature is warmer. The carburetor used in here is a Keihin carburetor with a body size of 1*42mm.


The transmission system is equipped of highest number of speed. The speed is separated by different gear. The engine has 5 speeds at a constant mash. The gear shifting method of the engine is super convenient. The multi-plate clutch that was deployed in the bike was positioned in the chamber is in a manner that there is good space inside which is neither bigger nor smaller. The clutch was wet and cable operated. It’s just as it was needed for the moving of the engine oil. The compartment can contain much lubricant at the same time and so make longer service duration. The final drive of the transmission is a chain drive that provides super smooth cooling.

Ignition System

The ignition system of xr650r is a Solid state CDI that contributed to producing over 61.2 horsepower which is equivalent to 45 kilowatts. CDI was a revolution for the time. The capacitor discharge Ignition makes less current load on the inductive power generator. The rotation count is 6750 every minute. This 6750 RPM system comes from a torque of 5500 RPM. The torque is the contribution of the engine effective cycle in the presence of adequate fuel.

XR650 Speed

The speed of the xr650r is unparalleled to its competitor in terms of neutral performance and racing. The top speed of xr650r was counted as 158 km/h which is equal to 98 mph.


The xr650r comes with a superb powerful alternator with a big stator with a double band copper coil. The rotor is lightweight so can rotate faster. Alternator is an inductive power generator that converts mechanical power to electric power. It gives output an AC power. The alternator that comes with this bike is three-phase and can prove up to 186w power at 5000 RPM.

An alternator current is later converted to DC for use in electrical devices like light, horn, and speedometer. Two pair of diodes is attached to the output of alternator that switches the current to move to a single direction. Still there are some ripples at the voltage which are later adjusted by some supportive temporary power sources like capacity an inductor. However, a capacitor is the best practice here for smoothing ripple. That's why this is also called a smoothing capacitor.

Tire and Brake

The tire of this bike brought almost no changes to their 650L series bike. According the mass opinion of the riders, the tires are not well consistent to ride off-road.

The front brake consists of a 240mm single disc with a 2-piston caliper while the rear one has 240mm single disc with 2-spiton caliper. Both of the piston calipers make a stronger grip on the wheel to stop.


The suspension system provided in the model has brought slight changes to the previous model. It was largely considered not suitable for long journey. The spring fork at the front is covered by rubber fork which is a bit longer. But the back spring is designed to work tightly with short size.

If you have another model like honda CRF50, honda CR250, need plastic convertion kit see this post.

xr650r Dimension


Yes you can imagine the bike shape by its size, shape, height, weight, and length. Let’s focus on the dimension table:






88.8 inch

Ground clearance

12 Inch


32.5 inch


58.5 Inch to 58.7 Inch


49 inch

Dry Weight

133 KG

Seat Height

37.0 inch

Curb Weight.

142 to 144 KG

Does the purchase of xr650 worth it?



As of the calculation of time story, this bike is old enough to be many of yours’ senior. Let’s say it’s an iPhone, but and iPhone 4, just as a reference. For some lacking of the time it has some lacking on the suspension system and tire quality. You can replace the tire for an upgrade, but you can't think it before you buy a new bike. If you have to think of up-gradation before you think it's obviously not the right time for you to make the purchase.

You should invest more time to decide the right model and version of bike you are going to have. Since the model is a discontinued product you won't find it new at any shop. If you find an old one and if you decide to buy with and affordable cost, you can then think of how you can upgrade its configuration and give it a new look with a super performance.

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