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Street Outlaws probably features the fastest cars in drag racing or street racing. The cars can run up to 185 miles per hour or more! That sounds dramatic, right?

But for the SO’s fans, this speed is their very own kind of creation. They believe the cars can go beyond sight.

It takes only seven and a half-second to reach 185 miles per hour in the quarter-mile for an Outlaws car. To put it in perspective, the 2020 Toyota Camry takes 5.8 seconds just to hit 60 miles per hour. This simple comparison should give an idea of the speed beasts of Street Outlaws cars.   

But to attain this ultra-fast speed they feature some custom cars built for fast drag racing. The stock cars may not be that much impressive-looking but what makes this smarter is under the hood engine.


And the all-steel modified cars parts alone can cost $72,000 for a 1,200 horsepower tuned super vehicle.

We can say that drag racing is not only for showing up the speed or violating the rules but, tons of money is played right behind the scenario of this car racing show. All these speedy stuff make the value without making a noise.

The car enthusiasts people and racing lovers from all over the world don’t forget to enjoy any of Street Outlaws episodes.

In Discovery channel the whole show is casted. This is the most popular TV Reality show on racing in the USA. You are a car enthusiast or not, this particular show is gonna make your day for sure.

The fans believe that this show is 99% real. And the cars used in drag racing are real stock cars with super internal modifications. The speeds they usually get from these cars are a result of modification.

Under the hood, these cars have all the powers with their own modified engines. There are cars with 2000 Horse Power engines that can run them like beasts. These non-average cars get some damn look with their strong and hard build.

When it comes to stability in attaining the top speed, there’re so many factors to consider. The shape, metal,  construction, engine, and so on. Chuk’s fox body Ford Mustang, 1989, in a smaller form factor and with less weight, needed some creative work. This was challenging for him to fit the engine that kicks more power in a smaller box.

It was needed to strip out the non-essential parts from the car’s body to weigh down the vehicle. Balancing the weight perfectly was an act of beauty.

There were various kinds of vehicles in time. Street Outlaws took them in and they were tested thoroughly. The extraordinary speed they achieved using turbochargers, superchargers, or nitrous oxide. Some of them are,

1. 1967 Dodge Dart Dominator.

2. 1970 Pontiac GTO.

3. Nova Goliath 2.0.

4. Fireball Camaro.

5. Dung Beetle.

6. The street beast.

7. The Crow.

The Dodge Dart Dominator

Dodge Dart Dominator

1967 Dodge Dart Dominator is with a big block Chevy engine and comes with 1,500 naturally aspirated horsepower. The top speed is 119 km/h but while it is modified with that big Chevy engine it can run past the beefier cars.

1970 Pontiac GTO

1970 Pontiac GTO

The 1970 Pontiac GTO 455 was a powerful drag racing car with a 360 horsepower rated 8-stroke v8 engine. It can produce a huge 500 pound-feet of torque. It was one of the ‘70s muscle cars that ran all over the world.

Nova Goliath 2.0

Goliath 2.0 is a badass nitrous-fed big block, Chevy Nova, with flat tires on a mission. It can run the speed of a cheetah. The latest Goliath combo should be good for an estimated 3,300 horsepower. Which is a thousand more horsepower than the previous one.

Fireball Camaro

Fireball Camaro

Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro can run up to 149.03 miles per hour in just 9.001 for a quarter-mile. The 5th generation Camaro is powered by a 572ci Alan Johnson 481-X block that was prepped by Pro-Line Racing.

Dung Beetle

The 1966 Volkswagon Beetle is nothing but looks like a rusted, filthy bug. Where under the hood the thousand-horsepower supercharged engine makes it one of the greatest participants in SO's episodes. It has a 2332cc turbocharged, supercooled motor powering its speed. Drag racer Shawn Geers made the first Dung Beetle.

The Street Beast

James ‘Doc’ Love is the inventor of the Street Beast. This pioneering man made a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo into the Beast. He proved what he said about his car ‘set on kill’ for any other competitor in his way.

The last journey of ‘Doc’ with the Street Beast cost him the most. Even after recovering from illness, he didn’t want to rebuild the Beast. Anyway, there’s a new face coming soon to compete with the others by James ‘Doc’ Love. The audience is waiting!

The Crow

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief ruled the SO’s old street 66 with ‘The Crow’ ( a 1972 Pontiac LeMans). The original Crow is no more. The twin-turbo 2,500  horsepower turbocharged body survived an extreme crash and now we see a new and refined outlook of ‘The Crow’.

There are some other popular cars in Street Outlaws that can run faster than looks.


All the cars in street outlaws are exceptional. Not just by their look, they are exceptional by the speed they can acquire. The SO has taken drag racing out of the world. We can barely end up talking about the speed of SO’s cars!

But this trend of being the master at speed must go on & the show must make the enthusiasts feel live and energetic.


1. Who is running the show?

Ans: The Big Chief now runs the show. Once he cycled the old 66 street at the Outlaws.

2. Which is the fastest car on Street Outlaws?

Ans: All the cars at SO are fast. The highest turbocharged nitrous fed engine car is Nova Goliath 2.0

3. Who tunes the cars before the race?

Ans: The owner and racer tune the car before the race starts. And they run several tests before the actual day of racing.

4. Do they get injured?

Ans: The racers get injured when there is an extreme accident. There are not too many news of death in Street Outlaws drag racing episodes.

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