How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

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The average speed of a 110cc dirt bike is around 40-80 mph. However, some dirt bikes can reach up to 90 mph speed.

You probably have seen some slim, stylish-looking bikes running at a shimmering speed on the dirt on television, if not real. Yes, those bikes are called dirt bikes. These dirt bikes are famous for delivering top speed on rough and muddy surfaces. A dirt bike is available both for the professional and non-professional adventure lover, depending on the engine’s capacity.

If you look at the engine capacity of the dirt bikes, you would find a dirt bike within a range of 50cc to 400cc.

The most common kind of dirt bike that both professional and non-professional rider loves to have is 110cc because of the versatility it produces. Throughout this whole article, we will be talking not only about 110cc dirt bikes but also about all other categories. If you are a speed geek who loves gathering information about bikes, stay tuned until the last to find out whether you should have one dirt bike or not.


Dirt bikes engine types and speed

As mentioned above that the horsepower capacity of a dirt bike can range from 50cc to 400cc. But the efficiency of the engine depends on the number of the stroke that the engine has. There are two different types of strokes that the engine of your dirt bike will have. Either your bike will have a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine. The four-stroke engine tends to generate more speed than a two-stroke engine.

50cc dirt bike speed

50cc is the lowest horsepower capacity that a dirt bike engine will have. The target audience for this category of bikes is young adventure lovers who are striving their way out to hone the skill of dirt biking.

The average speed of a 50cc dirt bike will be around 20mph to 30mph. By enhancing the engine's stroke capacity, it is quite possible to take the speed to 40mph.

If you are looking for a dirt bike for young people, a 50cc dirt bike should be the ideal option to start with.

Dirt bike speed chart

The speed range of a dirt bike can fall between 20mph to 150mph, depending on the engine efficiency. These are the expected parameters that a dirt bike will ensure, depending on the horsepower capacity of the engine-

Engine type

Top speed




40-70 mph


40-90 mph


45-110 mph


90 mph +


150mph +

110cc dirt bike speed

The most common and typical dirt bike that both professional and non-professional bike lovers love to have is the 110cc dirt bikes.

The top speed that a 110cc dirt bike will produce with a two-stroke engine capacity is around 30 to 35mph. By enhancing the engine’s stroke capacity to four, it is quite possible to reach a top speed of 50mph.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a dirt bike to start your adventure journey, 110cc bikes should be the appropriate item to start your career.

200cc dirt bike speed

Professional dirt biking starts from 200cc. The maximum speed of a 200cc dirt bike can reach up to 60 mph with a four-stroke engine capacity.

As dirt bikes tend to have a lighter construction, maneuvering the bike with a top speed requires professional skill. That is why if you have lackings of professionalism, you should avoid this kind of dirt bike. Bikers with moderate dirt biking experience will be able to manage 200cc bikes with enough practice.

400cc and more dirt bike speed

The speed of a dirt bike takes another turn when the horsepower capacity of the bike reaches up to 400cc. Dirt bikes with around 400cc engine capacity can reach the maximum speed of around 90mph, making the bike move like a rocket.

The increment of the horsepower will amplify the speed of the dirt to another level. The maximum speed that a dirt bike can reach with the 800cc engine capacity would be around 150mph.

Why dirt biking is risky

Dirt bikes tend to produce a very top speed with a very lightweight body construction, making the bike vulnerable to ride on the street. They are specifically designed for riding off the street. Many adventure lovers love to go with a dirt bike in the remote region to compete against one another. Here are some of the reasons why a dirt bike is risky-

  • A dirt bike tends to come with a lighter body construction which is very hard to maneuver with a top speed. That is why if you have lackings of confidence or professionalism, you should not be using a dirt bike.
  • Dirt bikes are not for riding on the street. If you are thinking about riding a dirt bike on the street, the unpredictable behavior of the bike can baffle you.
  • Dirt bikes tend to produce more speed with high-end engine efficiency. That is why if you don’t know how you should be controlling the bike, it would be always ideal to avoid the bike.
  • The difference between a dirt bike and a street bike
  • A dirt bike tends to be smaller than a street bike. The heavy-weight construction of the street bike makes all these bikes suitable to ride on the street. On the other hand, the lightweight construction of dirt bikes makes the category suitable for riding off the road.
  • Dirt bikes tire tend to produce more traction than street bikes.
  • The frame of the dirt bikes is very lightweight and smaller than those of the street bikes.
  • The shock-absorption feature of the dirt bike tends to be much higher than the on-road bike. As dirt bikes need to ride in uncomfortable places, it provides more shock-absorbing features.
  • If you dont have any ideas about dirt bike size professional or dirt bike kids size, that is must necessary to know.

Final words

There may have multiple definitions of happiness. For me, if there is excitement, happiness bound to be present also. Dirt biking is all about excitement. That is why, despite having risks, all the adventure lovers love riding with a dirt bike. If you are an excitement lover, the speed of the dirt bike should not be a matter of concern at all. You are here to explore and enjoy!

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