How to clean perforated leather seats?: clean your perforated leather seat in the most productive way.

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Vacuuming a typical plain seat may suffice when it comes to cleaning. But cleaning a perforated leather seat requires some special treatment.

Clogging is a common love affair with most perforated leather seats, whereas plain leather seats will have only external contaminants. But do not get fret at all. If you are willing to spend some extra time, cleaning up a perforated leather seat is not that hard as you think.

In reality, there are actually plenty of different ways and tactics one can follow to clean a perforated leather seat.

Whether it is a clogged-up, heated, or contaminated perforated leather seat, we have brought the solutions for everything.

Keep in mind that cleaning a perforated leather seat is almost similar to cleaning a plain leather seat. It is just that you have to take some additional steps for all those clogged-up perforations.

Before we get into the real discussion, here are the most basic steps everyone follows to clean a leather seat-

clean perforated leather seat

Cleaning a leather seat

Whether the leather is perforated or not, this leather seat cleaning process is universal to almost all leather seats. When your perforated leather seat is not clogged up, following these steps should suffice for deep cleaning. Here we go with the list of the necessary equipment-


  1. A vacuum cleaner
  2. A microfiber cloth.
  3. A cleaning solution.
  4. A conditioner.

You can check Collinite vs. Meguiars vs. Chemical Guys to grab the perfect cleaning solution kit for different purposes.

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How to clean a leather seat?

  1. Start by vacuuming the seat to remove any kinds of external dirt, debris, or contaminants.
  2. Apply the cleaning solution with the microfiber cloth to remove the sublime pollutants.
  3. In the next step, apply the conditioner to ensure nourishment for the clean seat so that it looks new and great.

How to clean a perforated leather seat?

The previously mentioned processes should work well even with a perforated seat when the seat is not filled with stubborn dirt or grease. A heated or perforated clogged-up leather seat will require some additional treatment. Let’s start with equipment first-

  1. Vacuum cleaner.
  2. A good quality leather cleaner.
  3. Nylon brush/equivalent brush.
  4. Safety pin/ placard tool.
  5. Microfiber cloth.
  6. Conditioner.

Start by vacuuming the seat.

car vacuum cleaner

It does not matter whether the leather seat is perforated or not, vacuuming is common in all leather-seat cleaning processes. Vacuum cleaning the seat first removes the loose dirt so that you can avoid them in the next step. Besides, it can also help to suck out some of the sublime dirt from inside of the perforations.

You will require a good quality cleaner solution.

car leather conditioner

Unlike plastic or nylon, leather requires a bit more special treatment. Therefore, it is almost mandatory to choose a good quality leather cleaner to have the best experience while cleaning your car interior. Here are the top three leather cleaner solutions from our site to give you the most comprehensive experience-

  1. Meguiar's G55153 Leather Care Kit.
  2. Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Kit.
  3. Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey.

Apply the cleaner and scrub diligently with the nylon brush


It is about extracting the stubborn dirt from the inside of the perforations in the next step. We will require a good-quality nylon brush cleaner to do the job. Here are the top three brush recommendations from our site:

  1. TAKAVU Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush.
  2. Otter Wax Leather Cleaning Brush Set.
  3. Chemical Guys ACCG25 Induro 7 Heavy Duty Brush.

Apply the solution to the exact area and scrub harder to extract all the sublime pollutants. You may also apply some pressure when necessary.

Use the microfiber towel or cloth to clean the surface

microfiber towel

Once you have cleaned the relative area, you will need to dry out the surface through a microfiber cloth or towel so that you can evaluate wisely whether the dirt has remained or not. If you feel like the seat is clean enough to make you happy, you can apply the conditioner to skip the following section.

But if the clogging still remains in some places, you will need to go to the next step.

Use a safety pin and placard tool to wipe out the clogged perforations.

Some of the perforations can still remain clogged up even after the cleaning. That is when a safety pin or placard tool can bring forth a wholesome experience. Indeed, this step requires you to have patience. But it is always worth spending the time. Prick each of the clogged-up perforations to release the clogging. Completing the previous steps should not keep too many clogged-up perforations. But there will surely be the presence of some that you need to open manually. Don't be in rush.  Take a little time to give your leather seat a proper cleaning.

Finally, use the conditioner to retain the brightness.

The final essential factor you need to keep in mind is retaining the same brightness that your leather seat used to have.  That is when a good conditioner comes into the plot. Although the market is prevalent with a large number of quality conditioners, it should not take a lot of your time to choose the best item possible. Here are some of the best items you can think about having to condition the interior of your car-

  1. Chemical Guys SPI_401_16 Vintage Series Leather Conditioner (16 oz)
  2. Lexol Leather Care Kit Conditioner and Cleaner.
  3. Adam’s Leather Care Kit - Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner Car Cleaning Supplies.

How often should you clean your leather seat?

Cleaning a leather seat regularly helps to keep the same balance and quality for a long time. Besides, a regularly cleaned-up seat will hardly let any contaminants pollute the environment.

While most users recommend cleaning a leather seat every three months, we believe maintaining a two-month cycle will bring the most convenient experience.

It does not matter whether you are maintaining the cleaning cycle or not, never or ever let the seat gather sturdy pollutants for a long time. It will not only make your car interior pale but also will deteriorate the quality to a great degree.

Final summary

  1. A clean leather seat always brings the happiest smile to your face.
  2. One should always maintain a convenient cleaning cycle to keep the leather seat safe and sound for a long time.
  3. Choose the equipment wisely because using a harsh chemical may damage the condition to a great degree.
  4. You get the best experience only when you really care about your car’s interior.

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