How to read a dipstick: Proper way to know

Knowledge about dipsticks is very necessary to keep for those people who are driving their own car. A dipstick is a kind of stick which actually used to read the oil level of a car.

To read the oil level, firstly you need to put your dipstick into the car engine. Secondly you will put out the dipstick, and if oil sticks up to the minimum levels of oil, then you are safe to drive, but you need to pour oil soon and if it shows the maximum level of oil then you are free to drive and you need need to pour oil soon. Thirdly if the oil sticks up below the minimum level then you need to pour oil in an emergency need.

read dipstick

What is Dipstick?

A dipstick is a kind of rod stick which measure the depth of the oil of a car. A dipstick is a very important product to use. By using the dipstick we all are able to know the level of oil of our car. And that’s how we all are being able to know when we should pour the oil into the car engines.

A Dipstick has two pointers. Such as

  1. A minimum fill level.
  2. A maximum fill level.

Features of a dipstick

  1. A dipstick will allow you to check the oil level.
  2. It is usually made with a rod.
  3. It has a sharp edge on the bottom.
  4. There is a cap type of holder or some thick cover thing on the peak point.

How to use a Dipstick

  1. Shut the engine off.
  2. Give some time to let the engine cool down.
  3. Open the hood.
  4. Locate the engine dipstick.
  5. Pull the dipstick out.
  6. Wipe the dipstick with a paper towel or any thick clean cloth.
  7.  Insert the dipstick into the engine.
  8. Pull the dipstick out again and check the oil level.

When you will measure the oil level of a car then park the car in some safe pace and keep the engine off. Give some time to cool the engine down.

At first, you will open the hood of your car and carefully check down the temperature of your car engine because the engine may heat up.

After that, pull up the dipstick and clean it with a paper towel or with any clean cloth. Again, insert the dipstick back into the car and notice if it’s fully seated or not. After that, pull the dipstick out again and check the oil level. 

How to measure the oil level

The dipstick has two pointers, one is called high level or maximum level and another is called the low level or the minimum level.

If the oil mark shows that the oil is between the high and low mark that is mean that you are very safe to drive.

If the oil mark shows that the oil is in the maximum or high level with clean oil again, you are safe to drive.

If the oil mark shows that the oil is in the minimum level of the stick and the oil is clean then again you are safe to drive. But you may top up the oil level. On the other hand if the oil is on the low level of the stick but the oil is not clean then You are on the appointment of changing the oil soon.

If the oil level is below the low marks with a unclear oil then you should immediately change the oil.

The necessity of changing oil

The synthetic oil what we use for our car lubricates the engine and its helps to clean the engine of your car. If the motor get dirty or insufficient that will cause catastrophic damage to your engine. It is very important to know that your vehicle is running properly without a fetal damage.

By changing your oil you are ensuring that the parts of your engine are running well with a good lubricating power. If we don’t change our motor oil in a certain time then our engine's moving parts will grind against one another as a result the lasting capacity of your engine will be decreasing. 

And the new oil will keep your engine calm. It will not create a strong heat as before.

Why do we need to use a dipstick?

Our car engines need oil to run the car, and maintaining the oil balance is a very important thing to keep our engines healthy. And for keeping them healthy we need to maintain the oil balance and that's why we need a dipstick to know the level of our engines level.

To last longer, our engines have to be on the proper level of oil. As you drive your engine will consume some oil and the oil level of your engine will drop. As a result, the grazing of your engine will increase, and the engine wears faster. For reducing the friction of engines, we need to use oil and check the oil level, and it will ensure that our engines are running well.


Why do we use the dipstick?

We use dipstick because of knowing the depth of the oil of our car.

Which dipstick is best to use?

Dipstick is already a part of the car. But when a car company doesn’t provide a dipstick then we need to buy it for ourselves.  To be honest, there is a bunch of good dipstick in the market. But among them CAC Automatic Transmission Dipstick is the best in the market.

What are the holes define?

The holes are the marking point of the dipstick. That is defining the low level or high level of a stick.

Do women need to know about dipstick?

Yes, women do need to know about the dipstick. Women are becoming self independent day by day. They are driving their own car so that they need to know the state of their engine.

How often do we need to change the oil?

After driving 5000 miles or 8000 kilometers, we need to change the oil. Or every 4 months or earlier we need to change the oil. Moreover, if the oil gets dirty soon so we need to change the oil.

Final verdict

After all the adjudication, we can get to know how to read the dipstick and how much important to know the process of measurement.

And while we talking about the important of safety driving, we should really need to learn the reading of a dipstick. Because safety driving is way depend on the amount of motor oil and the good state of the engine.

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