What is the best choice for hunting ATV or UTV?

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In most American states, hunting is a recreational and for many an occupational choice. ATVs and UTVs are the most popular choices to go for.

Whether it’s hunting or going off-road, these two vehicles are the most preferred selection for riding. Both the vehicles support hunting essentials. But, which one is best for you? An ATV or UTV?

Let’s have a clear idea about these two vehicles first. After that, we will take you to a conclusion. You will get to know which one is the best vehicle for your hunting.

atv or utv for hunting

Why choose ATV?

The All-Terrain Vehicle or simply ATV is also called a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV). These off-highway vehicles are specialized with all types of terrain and routing abilities.

From the engine to the look, you will find it more than a piece of amusement machinery. ATVs are popular among hunters .pdf and many youth riders for their easy controlling and open-up body formation.

ATVs come in two types with the wheel option and similarly two types with their uses. You will find both 3-wheeler ATVs and 4-wheeler in the shop.

The older are usually 3-wheeler. You will find the brands still manufacturing 3-wheeler ATVs. But, following the utility requirements, they have started to produce more 4-wheeler ATVs.

Then, with the utility category, you get two options,

1. Single sitter option

Here, the vehicle allows only the rider to drive the ATV. And he can carry his gears at the back with a carrier bag or in a box case. The driver straddling on the seat controls the handlebar steering. 

2. Ride with a partner

Some ATVs offer a two-person sitting option by installing an extra seating row at the back of the driver. This allows your companion to be on the hunt or journey by your side. You can pick some stuff too with that. Helps haul yours after hunt reward.

Why choose UTV?

utv hunting

UTVs are most likely hauling cars but perfect for off-road riding. The Utility Task Vehicles or UTVs, better known as Side by Side (S×S) vehicles/cars are built with the purpose to meet hunting-pleasures at their best.

UTVs are nowadays featuring much more than just being a simple off-road car. They are also called ‘Quads’ as they feature four-wheel construction. The control is just like the standard cars, a steering wheelbase.

The extra hauling space and seating feature make the UTVs more popular as they can be used on more than hunting.

The utility task vehicles offer you the advantage of using them on farming, home driving, mid-weight cargo hauling, and so on. As it is an off-road special vehicle, it handles the road impact more easily than regular cars or trucks.

Difference between ATV and UTV for hunting

There are some marginal differences between these two vehicles. You will notice them at your very first sight. We are putting them on a table so that you can clearer yourself knowing them side by side.



Smaller in size

Larger than ATVs

3-wheeler is available

4-wheeler vehicle

Features handlebar steering

Features steering wheel

Mostly not equipped with passenger seat

Offers more seating and hauling space.

Less likely to offer a body frame

Have a roof over the head

These differences help you to select the right one according to your requirements. For better hunting and off-roading purposes, you can simply gain a clear idea about these two vehicles.

Hunting with ATV and UTV

As both of them are equipped with hunting features, you can choose any of them for your game. ATV gives you less comfort but better control and speed on your hunting. Where UTV has the advantage of more space inside with some extra person seating. 

The handlebars are easy to control and give you a motor-biking experience. And, the all body open structural formation allows you to move according to your mobilization. ATVs are mostly used for their minimal form with more speed and better handling with a lighter weight.

On the other hand, UTVs are more likely to give you a better driving experience with the steering wheel controlling option. This doesn’t make you feel exposed in the jungle or under direct sunlight conditions. Also saves you from rain and bushes. Moreover, on UTV you find more space to carry the trophy of your hunting game. And two or more people can join you since there are seating options available on UTVs.

Best hunting option


Now, this is going to get a bit tricky. Whether to choose the ATV or UTV.

We believe, you already achieved a clear conception of both vehicles. Starting from the individual detailing to the differences we tried to make you feel what is your requirements on hunting and which one may fulfill them.

But, to say, the overall better option for hunting is a UTV. A UTV is offering you larger and wider space, giving you the advantage of customizing your whole vehicle with many more hunting gears. Besides, it offers you a better seating option, thus it can be used more than just hunting. 

The price is higher than ATVs. But, the fact is that it is also offering you more than the bucks you are spending for.

But, always the choice is up to you. We have given a wider opinion according to mass user’s reviews.

Hunting gears

Hunting on an ATV or UTV requires some essential stuff. Hunting gears like gloves, hunting guns, overhead gun racks, synthetic rope, etc are needed.

To have better control over gripping, you need to buy a pair of good-quality gloves. From the steering to the rope, from driving to tying everywhere you need these gloves.

Guns are mandatory for hunting. Whether it’s a deer or a tiny hare, you cannot hunt it down from far without a hunting gun.

More applications of UTV and ATV

ATVs and UTVs are used more than just hunting or off-road driving vehicles. Two of them are used in various actions.

ATVs are seen in popular car shows and games with their off-road driving skills. These all-terrain vehicles are also used in races and other fun activities. Since they provide better handling and offer more speed and power than UTVs, they do have a long-riding advantage. In the seashore or top of the cliff, you will find them running like a horse. Additionally, they support a bit of cargo hauling using ATV racks installed separately.

UTVs are better with their utility services. They offer better cargo and passenger transportation. Through they are also seen in racing in some states. Along with hunting their most useful jobs are carrying simple cargos, hauling sports materials, benches, board for a school, transporting passengers in the nearer distance, etc.

UTVs can are also used in family picnics or other recreational activities.


1. Can I mount an extra cargo rack in my ATV?

You can tuck an extra cargo rack or trolley on the back of your ATV.

2. Do I need to buy gun racks for my UTV?

Overhead gun racks are sold separately that need to mount as after mod.

3. Are ATVs good for hunting?

ATVs are good for short rides and smaller hunting.

4. Is the winch rope available on UTVs?

Yes, both ATVs and UTVs come with the winch and rope. Though, you can use your custom cable for winching. Warn winch is the most sell winch in the market.

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