Hyundai Kona electric vs. tesla model y in 2023: Cost, Specs, and more

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Both SUVs are offered with a great outlook, interior design and other necessary elements. Hence, one needs to compare many objects of these two models for finding the best alternative. Initially, a person might be thinking about purchasing a Hyundai Kona over a model y on account of having a lower price.

However, there are many other vital things to consider. Through this article, we are going to disclose and illustrate the difference between these models. Moreover, we also discussed the reasons for choosing one over another in a convenient way.

Hyundai Kona electric vs. tesla model y

Specifications of Hyundai Kona and Tesla Model Y

It is very much vital to discuss the dimensions and other key specifications of these two models. The overall feature of an EV is the main factor which influences the mind of a buyer. Moreover, people can't make decisions without knowing the specifications.

That is why in the following table, we show them through a table.


Kona EV

Model Y

Length of the car

146.6 inches

187 inches

Width of the car

70.9 inches

83.8 inches

Height of the car

61.2 inches

63.9 inches

Size of Head room rear

39.6 inches

41 inches

Size of Head room rear

37.7 inches

39.4 inches


102.4 inches

113,9 inches

Shoulder Room Front

55.5 inches

56.4 inches

Shoulder Room rear

54.5 inches

54 inches

Size of the battery

64 kWh

74 kWh

Lifetime of the battery

10 years

8 years

Cargo space

45.8 cubic feet

68 cubic feet

Gross weight

4762 pounds

5301 pounds

Apart from these subjects of specifications, there also have other measurements in the internal and external parts of a car. Moreover, model y as well as Kona EVs are built with high-quality materials so that they can provide a long time service in the long run.

Therefore, by focusing on the above chart, one can easily understand that model y has a large space than Kona EV. For that reason, it can carry 5 to 6 passengers seat and more belongings while traveling. On the other hand, the number is only about 3 to 4 in terms of carrying passengers by Hyundai Kona EV.

Furthermore, there are other vital measurements which are also mentioned in the above chart. From where people can understand the overall dimensions of these two models.

Features comparison between Kona EV and model y

The demand for an electric car among the buyers is created by the features. Automobile companies are spending lots of money on their research and development programs so that they can provide new and unique features.

Therefore, the overall specification of an EV also carries great importance for the people if buyers are looking forward to making a comparison between two or three models. However, we try to make this matter more convenient for the readers by demonstrating the following table.

Features comparison between Kona EV and model y

These are the trademark things of an electric SUV which are varied for different models. Additionally, there also have other specifications which also influence the buyer's mind. In the above table, we highlight the major features, and buyers always check the availability of them in their car.

Performance of Kona EV and model y

The efficiency, top speed and other related things are the key indicators to measure the overall performance of a car. People all over the world are always looking forward to having a test drive on their own to check the performance of the car.

Meanwhile, they are inspecting some important things like how much time is needed to get to 100 MPH, the brake system and many other things.


Kona EV

Model Y

Top speed

105 mph

135 mph to 155 mph


7.6 seconds for 0 to 60 mph

3.5 seconds to 4.8 seconds for 0 to 60 mph


4.03 miles per kWh

4.27 per kWh

If the buyer wants to pay attention to the top speed as well as the acceleration, the best choice will be Tesla. Moreover, they become the leader of the EVs industry because of giving the best performance of other sectors.

 However, some buyers are not willing to purchase high-speed cars due to avoid the severe accident. Additionally, they are also scared of it. In that circumstance, buyers give preference to buying Hyundai electric SUV over other alternative options.

Hyundai Kona electric charging

EPA of these two models

Electric car range and efficiency can be considered as one the key indicators for making the decisions. Therefore, the highest number of EPA of an electric vehicle is capable of attracting customers. Additionally, the overall performance of this type of car also depends on this.

As we all know, 3 variants of Kona and 2 variants of model y are currently available in the market. That is why it will be not useful for the readers if we provide an average price range. For that reason, in the next table, we mention the EPA for all the electric cars under these two models.

Name of the model

EPA range

Model Y Long Range

316 miles

Model Y Performance

280 miles

Kona Electric SE Connect

258 miles

Kona Electric Premium

258 miles

Kona Electric Ultimate

259 miles

If any individuals would like to consider EPA, they will choose the long-range version of the model Y over all options. However, if the public charging station is frequently available in the cities as well as remote areas, people will not face any kind of difficulty to recharge their battery.

Actually, the buying decision is fully influenced by the motive of the public. If they are used to pausing their journey at the charging station, the EPA range will not be considered the key factor. In this circumstance, they would like to focus on the estimated charging time which is also discussed in the very next paragraph.

Charging time comparisons

This is not always possible for people to plug the charger in overnight if they are traveling. Additionally, SUVs are also consumed more charge than other vehicles due to carrying more weight. The battery power of the Hyundai Kona is 64 kWh, and the Tesla model y is 75 kWh to 82 kWh.

Moreover, they provide different technology in the charging so that they can gain a competitive edge. Basically, there are three types of chargers are used for electric vehicles. However, the voltage power is varied by the companies.

In the next table, we illustrate the actual time of charging for these two models through a table.

Charger type

Hyundai Kona

Tesla model y

AC Level 1

9 hours 15 minutes

20 to 40 hours

Level 2

64 minutes

8 to 12 hours

Level 3 (DC fast charger)

47 minutes

15 to 25 minutes

The engineers of Hyundai apply great technology and power in their chargers which takes them one step ahead of Tesla model y. However, Tesla is also capable of giving the best performance while using the super fast charger. But this will hamper the battery in the long run if people use this regularly.

Which one should buy?

This is not a very difficult question for the people who read the above paragraphs of this article already. Nevertheless, we would like to recommend that people buy the Tesla model y though it has a high price. It will be the best option for the people if they want to carry more passengers, more speed,  great technology and additional features.

However, Hyundai Kona can provide great value to their customers if we compare their prices. Moreover, they apply less technology in the features and their overall performance is not higher than Tesla. If people don't want to focus on performance-oriented cars and spend more money, they can choose the Kona EV.

Price comparisons

The purchasing cost of an electric vehicle always plays an important factor for buyers. The price range for Hyundai is comparatively cheaper than Tesla. Individuals must spend around $37,000 to $46,000 to purchase the Kona electric. On the other side, the model y price is about $62,000 to $68,000.

In other words, the Hyundai Kona is an economic option for the buyers. Moreover, one must give preference to other features while making the decisions. However, it will be very much comprehensive for the people if they know about the price for all the cars under these two models.

For that reason, we are going to illustrate the price for all of them through the following table.

Name of the model


Model Y Long Range

$62,000 to $63,000

Model Y Performance

$67,000 to $68,000

Kona Electric SE Connect

$37,000 to $38,000

Kona Electric Premium

$39,000 to $40,000

Kona Electric Ultimate

$45,000 to $47,000

Final words

 The electric automobile industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Moreover, the whole world is also trying to decrease its dependency on fuel as well. Hyundai and Tesla are the greatest brands in this era and are also capable of manufacturing good quality SUVs.

People can choose between their cars by focusing on some vital indicators which are already discussed in this article. Hopefully, it will assist the buyers to make the best decisions while considering Kona EV and model Y as their options.

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