Hyundai car Korean or Japanese

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The company was made in the year 1947 in South Korea. This is the number one automobile company in Korea which has been capturing the global automobile market over the years. Additionally, they export their cars to America, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Moreover, the technicians, board of directors and the management board of this public limited company are talking about great strategies for expanding their business rapidly. The headquarters of this Korean automobile company is situated in Seoul.

Furthermore, in this article, we are going to describe this company profile, product line, business strategy and other things which will definitely assist the readers in having more knowledge about this brand.

Hyundai Korean or Japanese

Why people are confused about their origin?

There are some valid reasons behind the dilemma. First of all, American individuals are used to driving Toyota and Honda automobile products in their daily life. Nevertheless, from the beginning of the Hyundai journey, they started to produce cars by giving all the essential technologies and features.

 Definitely, those cars are valued for money and capable of performing as a Japanese brand. For that reason, people think Hyundai is manufactured in Japan. Secondly, the logo of Honda and Hyundai are almost the same which is designed by a single word, H. That also occurs great confusion in people's minds. We also write about this in our previous article named "Honda vs Hyundai logo”. All the dilemmas will be eliminated after reading this article.

Difference between Japanese and Korean car brands?

It's very much easy for me to find out the dissimilarities between these two brands because I own a garage where most of my clients are using these two countries' cars. To illustrate the differences, I must say Korean vehicles are more dependent on technology than Japan.

Moreover, they also take cautious steps by using tech features in terms of safety features. On the other hand, Cars like Honda and Toyota brands are not like to add unnecessary tech features to their regular models. But their built quality is great and better than Korean cars like; Kia, Hyundai and so on.

Last but not least, the resell price of Japanese cars is slightly higher which is 10 to 20 percent due to construction with high-quality built materials. On top of that, individuals in America and all over the globe are more loyal to Japanese brand vehicles. Nevertheless, there also have other difference which varies due to the following unique way to make cars.

Which one is better at manufacturing cars?

It is very much tough to provide the answer with a single word. Because the automobile production companies of these two countries have become global brands over the years. A person who is thinking about buying any type of car is considered these two countries' brands.

In brief, Japanese brands are very much good at offering luxury cars than Korea. If people don't have any limitations regarding budget, they can purchase vehicles from them. On the other hand, Korean brands like; Hyundai are also capable of offering standard quality products at low prices.

They have become a favorite option for the people who want to save money as well as buy a good configuration car. Moreover, there are many comparing indicators are available to find out the result of these two counties' cars.

A brief history of Hyundai

Before World War II, Japan was the only option for the USA and Europe people to buy automobile accessories. But the automobile engineers of South Korea always have the urge to do something for the welfare of their country.

From the year 1947, they commenced their journey by introducing a small size engineering construction company which becomes the Hyundai Motor Group. They hire many great companies peoples to launch their first car in the year 1968. Ford had a great contribution to making it.

After this, they are continuing their journey until today. Many difficult situations are overcome to reach this position. Today its revenue crosses 100 trillion dollars and become of the strongest rivals for other giant companies in the market. Also Hyundai made some expensive car to lead a market.

Is Hyundai makes an engine?

They didn’t have enough opportunity to produce car engines at the beginning of their journey because they started their journey from a construction company. In addition to this point, they don't have the human and financial resources to make engines for cars.

From the year 1968 to 1992, they bought the engine from other manufacturers which are used in their cars. However, after 1992, they were successful to make a 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine. Other additional features of the engine were also good and capable enough to provide good performance as well. The horsepower of that engine was 71.

At present, the situation is quite opposite in terms of making an engine. Furthermore, they are self-sufficient in producing adequate engines for their cars. Additionally, other sister company of it for instance, Kia are same used their engines.

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Portfolio of Hyundai

 They are successfully expanding their business over the years by adding many categories of cars which are capable enough to compete with their current rivals. Nevertheless, the present situation of the automobile industry is very competitive.

However, the research and development work and their employee’s efforts help them to adapt to the modern market. Moreover, their motive is to set a new standard in the market. Besides, the meaning of their brand name is, "Modern era".

Consequently, they also started to take part in the luxury cars market though there have giant players like; Ferrari, BMW and so on. They produce their high configuration sporty look under “Genesis Motor”. However, they are far behind other luxury car brands. Moreover, Genesis tries to strengthen their car by making it with high technology, great configuration and raw materials.

Are individuals fond of driving Hyundai cars?

There was a time; buyers were not ready to accept Asian manufacturer vehicles except Japan. But this concept is gradually diminishing after launching their cars in the market. Therefore, the engineers of them are always having the motive to make high configuration products at a low price than the existing competitors.

Hence, they are very much successful with that task and one can compare their SUV, EV, commercial transport and so on with other giant players like; Ford, Tesla etc. Moreover, they are also spending an adequate amount of money on their research and development to offer unique and new configuration products so that they can set a new standard.

Additionally, their portfolio is also capable of boosting their revenue. They add a good number of variants under a single product like; 2 to 8. This strategy actually attracts customers more quickly as well as retains them.

There have similarities in the logo of the two giant automobile brands of Japan and Korea. Hopefully, we give all the insight regarding Hyundai and people will not have any kind of confusion after reading this article. Moreover, we also discussed the background of Hyundai which will helps individuals to eliminate all the dilemmas about its origin.