How to install a Can-Am snow plow? A to Z guidelines

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There are two different types of snowplow you can think about installing to your Can-Am ATV or Side-by-side vehicles. The first type is the electric, whereas the latter part is the hydraulic plow.

Both types of plow come with almost a similar kind of installation process except in some areas. 

It may seem much more productive to haul snow with a decent snow plow, but installing one to your Can-Am ATV or SSV can turn out to be really intimidating.

But do not worry at all. With proper instructions and guidelines, you can always do the impossible.

In this particular article, we will show you the step-by-step process and guidelines to mount a snow plow in your Can-Am ATVs or SSVs with optimum efficiency.

Anyway, the process should work with most other Powersports like Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, Yamaha, and so on as well.

install Can-Am snow plow

Before you start

Enjoying a proper installation is all about good preparation. Therefore, it is more than important that you double-check and fix all issues before you jump into the mounting process.

Here are some of the essential aspects you should check before commencing the mounting process-

  1. First of all, ensure that there is no shipping damage and every piece is available. If you find any damage or missing piece, immediately return the plow. 
  2. Read the entire owner manual and instruction guide in detail before you jump into the mounting process.

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Tools you will require

To do the job, you will require some common hand tools. Here is a list of the most important tools you will require to do the job with proficiency-

  1. Tape measure
  2. Auto centering punch
  3. Few different drillers
  4. Safety  glasses
  5. Gloves
  6. Wrench
  7. And the hardware that comes with the plow

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Install a Can-Am Snow Plow

The process we are sharing here right now is valid for almost all universal plows. But if you are thinking about installing a vehicle-specific fit snow plow, the process still should bring convenience in the longer run. So without wasting any more words here, let’s get started with the installation process-

Check the hardware that comes with the plow

Here are the tools you will get with the snow plow kit that you are planning to install on your Can-Am ATV or UTV. Ensure that none of these are missing with your snow plow kit as well-

  1. Blade
  2. Push tube
  3. Mounting bracket
  4. Mounting hardware
  5. Snow plow strap and more

First of all, get rid of some bolts

The snow plow kit will come with a lot of bolts, which can be intimidating to handle. Therefore, the very first thing you can do to get rid of these bolts is by installing the wear bar first.

Attach all the shoulder bolts in their position. Probably, there will have seven to eight shoulder bolts to install there.

At first, install them loosely to their positions and then tighten them down to reduce hassles.

Ensure that you are checking all the instructions and torque specs in the manual to keep you free from facing any kinds of distractions.

Adjust the skid if necessary

The next thing we are going to do is to adjust the skids a little bit so that they are a little bit level up with the edge of the wear bar. That is how you make the essential balance required.

Once you are satisfied with the level of the skids, attach the plowing gravel so that they stay in place.

Install the eyelet bolts

Like the first step, you will need to install the eyelet bolts. For now, install them loosely.

We will keep it loose for now to install the larger spring later.

Up next, we will need to install the adjustment bar

To complete this step, you will need to place the larger spring in the appropriate position first. Position that adjustment bar on that spring first and install the shoulder both to keep the adjustment bar in place.

Get rid of some other bolts by installing them to the push type. You should see some holes there to install the bolts. Install the J hook as well.

Once you are done installing all the nuts and bolts on the blade, attach it to the adapter

The next essential step you need to do is attach the blade to the adapter.

Install the larger bolt on the specific hole and put all the washers that come with it. Attach the nylock and tighten them down for an appropriate fit.

Do the same for both sides.

Install the larger springs

Install the larger springs to get the essential amount of adjustment while using the plow for blowing snow.

Place the bottom part of the spring at the base and attach the front part to the eyelet.

Install the second spring and tighten the eyelet bolts that we have kept loose before.

Remember that you should only go for tightening down the bolts when you are satisfied with the appropriate amount of tension.

Install the wear-rope and mounting plate in the next step

Now, this step is pretty much important and straightforward. You need to do some sort of measurement to complete installing the mounting plate. You should find the measurement you should follow in the instruction manual. Do check the manual to get the appropriate measurement you will require to complete the process.

Be very careful while installing the mounting bracket underneath the plate. You will need to use some bolts to keep it tight in its place.

Create the appropriate mounting location

Now, creating the appropriate mounting location is pretty much critical if you are a real beginner. For attaching the push tube, creating a convenient mounting location is more than important.

Double-check the manual and make sure that you're maintaining all the measurements to be more comfortable with the process.

Attach the push tube

Once you are satisfied that everything is tightened down, you will need to mount the push tube.

Make an appropriate placement by raising the push tube a little, and install those clevis pins.

Now you can turn the clutch on the winch

In the end, you can turn the clutch on the winch t the free spooling position. Attach the connector to the J-hook.

Flip the switch back on the clutch, and you should be ready to use the snow plow.

Finally, think about doing necessary adjustement

Everything may not go in the correct way all the time. Therefore, you may need to do a little bit of adjustment before you start removing snow from your lawn.

Check everything from the skids to the blade angle to ensure that everything is in position. Checking such property will minimize the risk of facing any hassle in the longer run.

Final summary

In a nutshell, mounting a snow plow to your Can-Am ATV or SSV requires you to follow three simple steps. First of all, attach the winch to the push frame. Second of all, retract the winch cable. And finally, unwind the winch to remove the cable.

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