Is Kia and Hyundai the same company?

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These two organizations are not the same though they are the main subsidiary of Hyundai motors group. It is one of the largest automobile companies in the world which produced a good number of different vehicles and other engineering equipment.

In other words, Kia and Hyundai are the sister company that share different strategies in their business. Both act as independent brands in the market and do better day by day. Moreover, there have some differences between them which assist to make their identity.

Through this article, individuals will know about these two fast-growing automobile companies. Additionally, readers will also understand their technical relations of them.

Is Kia and Hyundai the same company

How Kia is bought by the Hyundai motor group?

Their situation of them was quite good before 1996. Moreover, at the year of 1995, they managed to sell about 25,000 which set a new record in South Korea. But, the stable financial situation broke down while facing the economic crisis which took place in the year 1997.

Though this was started in Thailand due to currency, KIA Motors Company was affected by this very badly and they become insolvent to pay their debts. Hyundai motor group decided to buy their 51 percent stock in the year 1998 and take full control of it. After this acquisition, many combined strategies were made to operate their business successfully in the market.

History of Kia

At present, it is the second-highest car sellers company in South Korea after Hyundai. Though Kia is one of their key subsidiaries of them, the journey started in the year 1944. The background of them is strong and transforms this into an automobile brand successfully.

Moreover, they cooperated with many renowned companies for the period of 1946 to 1995 such as; Ford to grow their business in Korea as well as the rest of the world. Nevertheless, their sales figure selling cars was quite satisfactory if we make a comparison with other established share holders of the market.

However, one may notice many ups and downs situation of them within their business period. Furthermore, the governing body and management of them are always capable of coping with extreme situations. That is why; they still act as an independent company after facing so many odd situations.

Present scenario of Kia motors

Currently, they are operating their business as an independent company like other subsidiaries of Hyundai motor group. At present, 12 automobile and its parts brands are running their operation under this parent company. Moreover, they take over 8 to 45 percent shares of them to gain benefit from them.

Similarly, they take 33.88 percent share of Kia and don't like to interfere with their internal mechanism. On the other hand, Kia also has shares in other subsidiaries of the Hyundai group. By and large, they are collaborating themselves in a win-win situation. That actually brings benefits for both companies, and it also helps to make their partnership more strong.

Kia vs. Hyundai

Though they are under one parent company, there have no rules and regulations in terms of capturing the market. Furthermore, the philosophy of doing their business is also different. For that reason, their customer base of them is quite different and their sales figures around different parts of the world are not also the same.

Moreover, it is not possible to show the brand comparison under single aspects like; sales figures. That is why we would like to talk about some subjects which will definitely assist individuals to know about them.

Outlook: The engineers of Hyundai always have the intention to give complex and gorgeous looks so that it can compete with other luxury brands in the world. On the other hand, Kia launched their cars with a sporty look which can create great appeal to the individual's mind.

 Moreover, in the present market, this is very hard to buy a sports card due to having a high price. But Kia tries to take this opportunity by constructing their car with unique structure and design.

Interior design: It actually depends on the taste of the buyers. Basically, the inside design of Hyundai is very much comprehensive and doesn't difficult to find anything. Additionally, the makers also spend their money to offer the highest standard to their customers.

On the contrary, people will not find the same category design inside the Kia brand cars. They are always looking forward to offering the whole system through inspiration from sports and other similar situations.

Technology: Both are capable of giving almost the same tech features to the cars. Therefore, the management of both companies is always looking forward to adding the latest technology to their car so that people can operate them very swiftly. Recently, Hyundai car makers are started to design the display board of EVs by using Apple devices.

Moreover, Kia also offers high-quality features which allow people to perform a good number of the task for instance; connecting the smart device with the car to control audio and many other things. Overall, both companies are not lagging behind their competitors in terms of technology.

Safety: This is one of the vital things to consider while considering buying any type of vehicle to use for personal purposes. Manufacturers of Kia as well as Hyundai always try to include all the mandatory things of safety while making the car.

If we want to talk about specific things, one will find a tire pressure monitoring system in the tire which is very much important to save the car and passengers. Additionally, the makers of both companies also added electric brake force distribution which is very much vital for the braking system.

Therefore, there are many differences in features of safety between these two brands of vehicles. People might be checked car by car to get detailed information about this.

Apart from these subjects, individuals can choose their car to make the comparison under a similar budget range, similar features and so on. Moreover, people can drive them to have practical knowledge about them as well.

Final words

This is very common to think that Kia and Hyundai are the same manufacturing company due to having many situations like this for instance, Lexus and Toyota. We eliminate all the dilemmas about this by this article. Moreover, we also discussed these two brands so that people can understand them easily.