Jumping compactor price and rent cost in 2023?

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Soil compaction is important since a strong basement depends on the ground quality. You will find some soil compactor tools available in the market to ensure better compaction of your ground. Jumping Jack Compactor is one of them.

These soil compactor machinery tools are available for both rental and purchase.

Many of us don’t need these types of tools now and then. And affordability plays a crucial part. Therefore, the rental solution is there to help you with the economy.

Jumping compactor price

Types of soil compactors

Two types of compactor tools are available in the market. They do a similar job in different soil conditions and spaces. The types of compactors are,

1. Jumping Jack Compactor/ Rammer/ Jumping Jack Tamper

2. Plate compactor

Both of them are used to compact soil reducing the air and moisture and compress the soil to strong molecular bonding. Thus, the soil holds an ultimate protecting impact on your constructions.

What is a Jumping Jack Compactor?

A jumping jack compactor is a soil compacting tool. It is used to remove air and water from the soil.

Poor soil formation can cause fatal disasters. This might lead to cracks endangering the lives of many. So, better compaction is going to support your on-ground constructions.

This compactor is used for various types of soil. But, the most ideal soil compaction is with the cohesive soil with a moisture range of 13% or more.

With an operating weight of 60kgs to 80kgs, this rammer can blow 700-800 times per minute and put pressure of 0.17 MPa on the surface of the ground.

The centrifugal clutch rotates the motor as the machine starts. Using gears, the rotational motion is converted to vertical thrust. The pad mounted on the bottom of the compactor lifts the pressure on the ground. In this continuous process, the extra air and moisture from soil get reduced. 

Price of a Jumping Compactor

Market available brand new compactors are a bit pricy. A jumping jack compactor will cost you more than a thousand bucks.

The pricing range starts from $1,200, and a top-line jumping jack compactor can cost you more than $4,000 in cash.

A new compactor machine is always better efficient. If you are dealing with soil compaction for business purposes and need a compactor for your own, buy one.

Since these types of machinery use the centrifugal clutch mechanism, you will need to heavy equipment grease them to run smoothly, and degreasers are available in the market to help you with the maintenance and cleaning of the compactor.

Rent cost for a jumping jack compactor

If you are not intending to buy a soil compactor and you don’t need one of them for your daily job, you can simply rent one for the work time only. This saves a huge amount of money. In the USA, these rammers are found in rent.

To rent a jumping jack compactor you will need to pay according to the time you keep it busy. You can pay the rent in hours, days, weeks, or months.

Here we are giving some regular rental prices for a jumping tamper.


4 Hours

$ 45.00


$ 65.00


$ 210.00


$ 600.00


As you can see, this is the advantage of renting a jumping jack compactor; if you are not a professional worker. This saves your money more than you could imagine.

Which one is to consider, a jumping tamper or a plate compactor?

Both of these compactors are used in soil compaction. They require different soil conditions and spaces to deliver the best.

If you are going to compress the soil of a large area where the soil consists of less moisture and air, showing at least a minimal compact all over, you can choose the plate compactor.

It spreads the pressure on a larger surface with each blow. It stimulates the soil and tears apart the molecular bonding. Mixes and levels a hard, uneven surface.   

If the location is compacted and the spot is with a cohesive soil ground, a Jumping Jack Compactor is a better choice overall. A single operator can do the job easily. In the tight spots or trenches, this is going to give you the perfect service. This is good for soil like clay with moisture.

Tips to use a jumping jack compactor

Certain tips are needed to get a prolonged service from the tool.

1. Select the right compactor

Choose the compaction tool as your soil requires. We have already given the usability of both these compactors in detail. Select a jumping jack compactor if your soil is cohesive and consists of at least 13% moisture. These are better for compact spaces and trenches.

2. Learn to grip well 

This is a hand-operated machine. Before starting it on, grab it with strong hands. Use work gloves with a sweat resisting feature and cotton or thread outer portion.

With a running machine, you may fall in danger if not have a strong and controlled grip over the compactor.

3. Attention to your steps  

A pair of heavy work boots also can give you better standing control with these consecutive pressure-giving tools. Since they are jumping all the time you need to give attention to your every step.

700-800 blows per minute are harder to control without a strong standing position.  

4. Check the rammer

Yes, checking it is important before starting. All the nuts and connections are essential to check. Once the machine is started with a bad face, it can cause the operator and other injuries.

5. Keep the machine clean

Hence the machine is to work in muddy conditions, it gets dirty all the time. It requires cleaning to run hassle-free.

Regular maintenance is important for a prolonged service of a compactor. Continuous uses cause color degradation. 

*Noise precautions

A jumping jack compactor produces a loud noise. The motor tends to magnify the loudness with extra vibrations. So, it is recommended to use quality heavy equipment headset gear.

Long time exposure to loud noise may cause hearing loss. Take the precautions in action.


This heavy equipment categorized tool is not everyone’s daily work tool. We have mentioned both the rent cost and the average price of a new jumping jack compactor. Therefore, it should not be a matter of worry to select whether you need to buy one or you can do the job by renting only. 

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