Kohler 7000 vs. Kawasaki FR: which one is for you?

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Deciding which engine is best for your mower becomes confusing when it comes to choosing between a Kohler 700 and Kawasaki FR Series engine.

While a Kawasaki FR series engine helps in powering up your mower, a Kohler 700 series engine brings the perfect utility experience.

But these are not the not only aspects that sum up the whole article.

From power and longevity to maintenance and efficiency, both Kohler 700 and Kawasaki  FR series engines bring some major benefits worth considering.

If you are looking for reasons to choose one over the other, this article is for you-

Kohler 7000 vs. Kawasaki FR series engines

Kohler 7000 series engine lineups

Engine name



25 HP


26 HP


20 HP


24 HP


23 HP


22 HP

Kawasaki FR series engine lineups

Engine name



18.0 HP


21.5 HP


23.0 HP


24.0 HP

Kohler 7000 vs. Kawasaki FR series

We will talk about the whole series specifically in the latter part of this article. For now, let us compare two equivalent engines from both series so that you can get some ideas regarding the performance-

KT735 VS FR730V







Engine displacement



Dry weight

85 lbs

88.2 lbs

Maximum rpm



Maximum torque

54.9 N.m

53.9 N.m

Oil capacity

1.9 L

2.0 L

Kohler produces more professional-grade and business-oriented engines than Kawasaki

One of the main reasons you should be loving Kohler engines is that the manufacturer produces more professional-grade engines. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase some mower engines for doing business, Kohler might be the ideal choice.

Although Kawasaki gives more importance to the residential purpose, there is no way you can deny the capability of Kawasaki engines. They are surely better in this respect, if not the best.

Kohler produces more engine lineups compared to Kawasaki

Kohler 7000 engines

Not only for the Kohler FR series but also for some other categories as well, Kohler seems to be bringing more lineups compared to Kawasaki. Therefore, you will always have to choose from a wide variety of ranges from Kohler.

While Kawasaki has fewer lineups, the manufacturer surely gives enough concentration on retaining the quality and reliability of their products.

As far as the performance is in concern, both series seem to be bringing almost equivalent performance.

If you look at the chart above, you would see almost no differences between Kohler’s KT735 and Kawasaki’s FR730V engines. This is similarly true for other engines as well.

Technically, both manufacturers bring almost the same engines.  Therefore, you can expect to get an equivalent performance from two equivalent engines from these two series. 

Reliability is always a confusing factor.

Now, you may wonder regarding the reliability of these two series. Trust me; it depends on your preference. We have come across a large number of users who have shown mixed judgments.  For some users, Kawasaki engines are the best, whereas some others would claim that Kohler delivers the best engines for mowers. 

But if you are thinking about using a mower for commercial gain, a Kohler engine may bring more relevancy compared to a Kawasaki engine.

Whichever series you choose, you would need replacement from time to time

No matter whether you choose an engine from Kawasaki or Kohler, replacement of smaller parts will be a common issue for both occasions.

No engines are completely good. This is true for larger automotive engines to smaller lawn mowers engines.

Whether it is an FR series engine or a 7000 series engine, replacing smaller parts like filters, spark plugs will always be a common issue in most situations.

Kawasaki FR Series engines are a bit more expensive compared to Kohler engines.

Well, the price of these engines may not be an important factor for all of you, but it is never avoidable.

When you will compare two equivalent engines from both these series, you will notice that Kawasaki engines tend to offer a little higher price range than Kohler 7000 series engines.

The automatic compression release and pressurized lubrication system of Kawasaki FR series engines is always a plus point.

One of the primary reasons you should go with a Kawasaki FR series engine is that the Kawasaki FR series engine comes with pressurized lubrication and automatic compression release technology.

Therefore, most of the internal parts of the engine will be well lubricated, keeping the engine safe and protected for a long time.

Kohler 7000 series engines produce extra protection

When an engine can protect the internal properties from degeneration, getting longevity from the engine becomes actually much easier. That is what Kohler 7000 series engines most probably do.

With high-end filtration capability, Kohler 7000 series engines bring forth essential support for better maintenance. 

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Which one should be your choice?

Although both series come for almost the same purposes, you can actually differentiate both series in different categories to get the most wholesome experience possible.

If you are thinking about using the mower for high-end residential or low-end commercial purposes, the Kawasaki FR series engines should give you the most relevant and optimized performance.

On the other hand, if you have a plan to use the engine for heavy-duty chores or to mow the longer lawn or mid-range commercial works, a Kohler 7000 series or 7000 Pro series engine should suffice conveniently.

Final summary

Many things are there to consider when it comes to picking up the most convenient engine option for your lawnmower or such machines. Both Kawasaki and Kohler seem to be good enough to bring forth the essential performance on different occasions. Whatever you may choose, always ensure that you are prioritizing your preference. That is how you can think about getting the most convenient experience in the longer run.

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