Komatsu D475A VS Caterpillar D11: The bigger dozer in town

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In heavy equipment listing a Bulldozer will be found at the top. Bulldozers or Dozers are heavy motorized machines equipped with a metal blade to push materials during construction work or so on.

Caterpillar and Komatsu are the two most heard names for a large dozer in any project. Both of them feature powerful engines and build.

Since a dozer is used for heavier jobs like pushing larger stones and digging a hard surface, they need to be built over a stronger module and the power terrain should exceed the most horsepower.

Today, we will be discussing both models to identify the greater one in terms of size and power.

Komatsu D475A

Komatsu D475A image

The Japan-headquartered automotive manufacturer brand is known for its huge production of dozers and track loaders. Even the largest bulldozer of the time, the D575A-3SD is from Komatsu!

D475A is the 2nd largest mining dozer by Komatsu. The giant company has its branches all across the globe. D475 is the upgraded model of the D375A and offers more efficiency with both fuel and transmission.

The D475A-8 is the last and most upgraded version by Komatsu. Hence it offers a few advancements in order. The latest one offers 10% more productivity and 10% less fuel consumption. The engine power is now enhanced by 11% more to provide more energy to the dozer.

Let’s have a look at the key specifications first. This will make the difference much easier.

Key Specification



Engine type

4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection


Turbocharged, cooled EGR

Gross forward horsepower

934 Hp

Gross reverse horsepower

1040 Hp

Rated rpm

2,000 rpm

Shoe width

28 inches

Minimum turning radius

15 ft 1inch

Fuel tank

507.2 gallon (US)

Operating weight

194,450 lbs

Komatsu D475A front and side

Main Features

Feature-wise you can understand the overall machine at a glance. That is why we are sorting out the main features of the D475A. These simple sentences may make it easier to keep it (D475A) in mind.

  • Lockup torque converter
  • Low undercarriage design
  • Structural improvements
  • Blade auto-pitch
  • Ripper auto-return
  • Track shoe slip control
  • Operator comfort
  • Single blade linkage
  • Maintenance features

Caterpillar D11

Caterpillar D11 image

D10 was the first dozer by Caterpillar. The D11 is the refined and redesigned version of the older D10. Upgrading with a bigger blade and larger track the Cat D11 ensures more efficiency.

These dozers are also used as Carry-dozers and can do the job of pushing and carrying goods and heavier items with the blade. The current models were introduced in 2008. These days you will find a D11T or a D11T CD in any massive construction.

Caterpillar Dozers are equipped with a powerful diesel engine and feature many advantages with the latest features included in the system.

The overall aggressive look of the bulldozers is more refreshing. The yellow machines are a hell of a working tool with the largest engine body with enormous power included in the engine.

Key Specifications



Forward horsepower  

850 Hp

Reverse horsepower

955 Hp


1959 cubic inch

Fuel tank

500 gallon (US)

Operating weight

229,800 lbs

Shoe width

28 inches

Ground clearance

30.6 inches

Track gauge

114 inches

Main Features

Since the Cat D11 is the upgraded version of the older D10, it offers a few more advantages and technological advancements. With an engine superior to the D10 and a torque rate of 2,000 rpm, this D11 is one of the closest competitors of the Komatsu D475A. Let’s take a look at the highlighted features before competing head to head. 

  • Greater operator safety, comfort, and control
  • Exceptional durability and build construction
  •  Made for easy maintaining and repairing
  •  Minimize the cost and time
  • The latest technology ensures optimum productivity and efficiency
  • The operating system is more advanced and easy to control features are available
Caterpillar D11 front side

D475A vs. D11

The Superior One

Only by distinguishing them both sides by side will help to understand and find out the efficient and superio0r one. As both of them are the leading from each manufacturers, we can only find out the difference in between.

Instead of declaring one particular model, We would like to let you choose the one that hits the nerve of your selection.   

We have given all the prior specifications that will make the distinction unchallenging.




Engine power

934 Hp (forward)

850 Hp (forward)

1040 Hp (reverse)

955 Hp (reverse)

Piston Displacement

1860 cubic inch

1959 cubic inch


2,000 rpm rated

1,800 rpm rated

Fuel capacity

507.2 gallon (US)

500 gallon (US)

Operating weight

254,195 lbs

229,800 lbs


142.9 gal/min (US)

177 gal/min (US)


1st – forward 2.1 m/h

        reverse 2.7 m/h

1st – forward 2.5 m/h

        reverse 3.0 m/h

2nd – forward 3.9 m/h

         reverse 5.2 m/h

2nd – forward 4.4 m/h

         reverse 5.3 m/h

3rd – froward7.2 m/h

         Reverse 8.9 m/h

3rd – forward 7.6 m/h

        reverse 9.1 m/h

Specs given on top of the article and this vary one above surely made a choice easy. See, performance-wise, the Komatsu D475A is a winner. On the other hand, the D11 provides you with power and efficiency at a lower cost. Yet both the dozers are competing for head to head.

But, if I were asked to pick one, the D475A would be the choice. If you choose medium or cheap price you can choose John deere 325g.

Final words

For the reason that we already have asked for their opinion, we fortify our readers to select the option that feels most encouraging for them.

Looking over the specifications and the overall performance of each of the Dozers, it is seen that Komatsu is leading in most cases. Though, purchasing one will be affected greatly by the figure cost. Thus, we are certainly not offering which one is the best value for money.

Yet, the Komatsu D475A is at the top of both.

Source : D475A-5E0 .pdf

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