Lifan kpr 200 user reviews in 2022

The manufacturers of China are introducing this sports bike with great features and outlook. The past performance history of this is great as people won many competitions with this. The structure of Lifan kpr 200 is so comfortable for the biker. One can ride this with full control of gear change, brake and accelerator. These are considered the major indicators while calculating the overall performance.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the core features of this bike as well as other alternative options so that people can make the comparison so easily. On the contrary, we also talk about the disadvantages of having this. However, the manufacturers are looking forward to updating this with the highest quality materials to make it the first choice.

Lifan kpr 200

Lifan kpr 200 reviews

Most individuals are well known for their brands and people would like to check their specifications in terms of comparison with their bikes. The looks of the bike are very nice and give an amazing feeling to the users.

In the next table, we show the general data of this bike.

Name of the brand


Name of the model

Lifan KPR 200

Launch year






Lifan kpr 200 image

Specifications of Kpr 200

This is mandatory to discuss the outside specifications of a bike. Without knowing its key features of it, one cannot illustrate a proper review. For that reason, we decided to show the specifications of kpr 200 through a table which is given below.


81.1″ x 29.9″ x 43.5″

The base of the wheel

52.4 inches

Height of the seat

30.5 inches


330 pounds

Fuel Capacity

3.7 gallons

Materials of the wheel

Alloy steel

These are the basic things that represent the structure as well as the capacity of the bike. Therefore, the manufacturer uses high and great quality materials for making this so that it can give long time service to the users. Additionally, they use alloy steel to make the wheel which will also help to give a solid base to the rider.

Nevertheless, there is no difficulty to handle this and a person whose height is about 5 feet 2 or 3 inches can make the best use of this. In addition to this point, they use high-quality materials in the seat for giving optimum comfort to the bikers. Moreover, there are other vital things which are already discussed in the above paragraphs are also influence the decision of a buyer.

lifan kpr 200 (2)

What’s new in lifan kpr 200

As we already know, the manufacturer of this brand is started to produce sports bikes under this model. At the very begging of their journey, they are trying to provide all the essential factors to compete with the other brands in the industry. More specifically, the producers gave their concentration on Fuel Injected Motor whose current status is 107 Mpg.

Moreover, other vital things are also improved like; the engine, seats, headlights, 200cc 6-Speed Manual Transmission and so on. Additionally, the overall constructions are also changed by using upgraded quality high steel materials which also makes it more capable to face any accident.

Furthermore, the distributor also provides 1-year parts replacement warranty and 2 years for the engine as well as the transmission. But there have some conditions on this commitment such as; the engine must run below 12000 miles for claiming this warranty.

lifan kpr

Comparisons of lifan kpr 200

There are many sports brands available in the world and all of them are comes with great commitment to their customers. For making the comparison we select another model of lifan which is kpr 165 Fi. Hopefully, readers will find it very useful in many circumstances. In the next table, we highlight the differences between these two models.

Comparison subject

kpr 165 Fi

kpr 200


Single cylinder, four-stroke

Single cylinder, four-stroke






16.95 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Highest power

17 Bhp @ 8000rpm

17.00 Bhp @ 8000 rpm

Fuel Tank

16.6 Liter

14 Liter


Telescopic, Mono

Telescopic fork, Monoshock

Moreover, the other basic features of these two bikes are almost the same. And the outlook of these doesn't have many differences. However, there are some other advantages as well as disadvantages of using both bikes.

The engine of the Kpr 200

Potential buyers can be considered it as one of the core elements before investing their money. A good quality motorcycle engine is capable enough to provide great service for a long time. The makers distribute this bike with a “198ml water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke” which is very much known for its performance.

Furthermore, the weight of the engine is comparatively low which also decreases the overall weight. That also influences to provide a great speed to bikers. Additionally, this is a 198 cc engine which is capable of giving 75 mph as the top speed to the riders. Moreover, the structure and outlook of this are gorgeous and it also assists to provide a great look to the bike as well. Most importantly, individuals don't need to spend additional money and time to maintain it.

On the contrary, there is a high chance of overheating in the traffic despite having a water-cooled feature. In addition to this point, this feature is not working when the engine is off. By and large, the technical performance of this is quite good, and very few users are unhappy for these reasons.

Brakes of Lifan Kpr 200

The manufacturers are not giving ABS to the clutter and the whole thing is dependent on the skill of bikers. But, the manufacturer uses a single disc at the front and rear wheels. Moreover, there is no need to worry, because the wheelbase comes with a 52.4-inch that actually mitigates the brake failure. Additionally, the gear technology of this is very much better than other bikes.

The bikers also find great grips in the rainy season while making the breaks due to having good quality discs. Additionally, the brake wires of this bike are also made with solid materials to full fill the need for ABS. However, amateur bikers must be taking cautious steps while traveling with this. A proper brake system without ABS is not capable enough to provide great performance to the users.

Tires of Lifan Kpr 200

In this phase, the manufacturer provides the perfect size tire which can provide the highest performance in terms of carrying weight and speed. Both tire sizes of this bike make it stronger and increase the performance level as well. People don't need to think about taking a risky turn while riding with the kpr 200 because of the perfect tire size.

The fort tire size is 90/90-17 and the rear one is 120/80-17. The thickness is the same on account of giving proper balance to the road. Additionally, the making materials of the tires which are provided with the bike are great and able to provide a long time service. One should not change the size of the front or rear tire. This will hamper overall balance as well as performance.

Performance of Lifan kpr 200

It is introduced as the sports bike in the market and most the buyers prefer to have it for that reason. Nevertheless, the outlook of this is actually based on the design of sports bikes. The highest speed of Lifan kpr 200 is about 120 km/h on account of using 4 strokes water-cooled lifan engine. Most importantly, it can give great pick up within a short period.

On the other hand, it is also famous in the market due to its fuel efficiency. It has the capacity of giving 45.5 km mileage for 1 litter. This number is pretty much huge if we compare it with the other sports bike in the industry. Additionally, this can be considered one of the environmentally friendly bikes. The Co2 emission rate of this bike is 51.0 g/km.

By and large, people don't feel any type of difficulty while riding this bike. The structure of it is designed comprehensively so that riders get comfort in the seat. Therefore, one can start the engine through electricity and LED lights are used for the headlight. Overall specifications of Lifan kpr 200 are capable enough to provide satisfactory performance.

Final verdict

The popularity of sports bikes has been increasing rapidly. People all around the world are preferred to have a good-looking and high-top speed bike in their garage. Lifan kpr 200 might be one of the coolest options for this. In this article, we discussed all the necessary features of this so that individual can make their buying decisions too easily.

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