Lifan vs Zongshen motor bike engine: Why should you choose the Lifan engine?

Lifan and Zongshen are the two most renowned and prevalent automobile brands that bring quality motorcycle parts and gears. Both brands are popular for delivering quality motorcycle engines that you get with most stock Chinese motorbikes. Popular Chinese dirt bike and pit bike manufacturers like YCF, Apollo, SSR, mototec etc., also use Lifan and Zongshen engines in most of their motorbikes.

That is why we have thought about making some comparisons between these two popular engine manufacturers and specifications so that you can make a precise decision while picking one from these two.  But before we go, here are some of the differences you may love to know about-

Lifan vs Zongshen motor bike engine

Lifan engine vs. Zongshen engine

Both Lifan and Zongshen engines are quite equivalent when you compare the quality and features. But still, they have some major differences that can come in handy, allowing you to make a better decision. Here are some of the basic features everyone should know about Lifan and Zongshen-

Lifan engine

Zongshen engine

Lifan is a china-based manufacturer.

Zongshen is also a Chinese automobile manufacturer.

Lifan engines are expensive.

Zongshen engines are a little economic than Lifan.

Lifan Group is a little smaller compared to Zongshen.

Zongshen delivers more items than lifan.

Lifan engines are durable and long-lasting.

Zongshen pays great concentration to the inner properties of the engine.

Lifan engines are reliable.

Zongshen engines are faster.

Lifan engines deliver moderate sound output.

Zongshen engines deliver extreme raw sound output.

Lifan 125cc. vs. Zongshen 125cc

As we have mentioned earlier that both Lifan and Zongshen share almost equivalent characteristics. If one engine is better in one particular area, the other will alleviate the loss by delivering much better performance in some other aspect. Here is a little comparison chart between Lifan 125cc and Zongshen 125cc dirt bike engine-


Lifan 125cc

Zongshen 125cc




Net weight


23.5 kg.

Max power

5.8 kw.

6.2 kw.


7500 rpm.

8500 rpm.

Max torque

8.5N/5000 rpm.

8.5/7500 rpm.


4-speed manual transmission

4-speed manual transmission.

Max speed

50 mph.

55 mph.

As you can see that both Lifan 125cc and Zongshen 125cc share almost equivalent characteristics. If you consider the technical characteristics, Zongshen engines may remain a little ahead compared to the Lifan engines.  But Lifan engines are reliable and lasts a little longer than Zongshen engines.

Lifan 125cc engines deliver 5.8 kW of max power, whereas the Zongshen 125cc can deliver up to 6.2 kW of top speed. When it is about torque delivery, both engines seem identical except for the spin rate output.  Zongshen engines will deliver 7500 rpm torque, whereas the Lifan 125cc engine will deliver around 5000 rpm of torque.

The thing we didn’t mention in the above section is the sound output. Zongshen engines will deliver a heavy raw sound. If you are someone who loves to get concentration, Zongshen engines are for you. On the other hand, Lifan engines are for you if you love a moderate sound output and speed delivery.

Lifan 150cc vs. Zongshen 150cc


Lifan 150cc

Zongshen 150cc




Net weight

18 kg.

29 kg.

Max power

9 kw.

8.1 kw.


7500 rpm.

7000 rpm.

Max torque

11Nm/5000 rpm.

12.5/5500 rpm.


4-speed manual transmission

4-speed manual transmission.

Max speed

60 mph.

60 mph.

The whole equation changes when you compare two 150cc dirt bike engines from Lifan and Zongshen. The weight is the first thing that would catch your interest. Zongshen 150cc engine is much heavier compared to Lifan 150cc. 29 kg is almost 11 kg heavier than Lifan's 18 kg 150cc engine.

Although there are not too many differences between the speed output, the power delivery is always a great aspect to consider between these two dedicated automobile engines.

Lifan is the clear winner here when you compare the power output. Lifan can deliver better power output, whereas the Zongshen engine can deliver better torque capacity. As a result, it becomes always a tough situation to define the complete winner.

Is Lifan a good brand?

Yes, Lifan is always a good brand to keep your trust. If you love the feature of a KTM dirt bike, you will always love the Lifan engine as well.

Lifan is one of the most popular and renowned Chinese automobile industries that deliver quality automobile parts and gears for different purposes. The manufacturer has been delivering quality goods for more than 29 years. The company is evolving since its appearance in the automobile industry. It became possible only because of the high-end quality they are ensuring for a long time.

Is Zongshen a good brand?

Yes, Zongshen is also a good brand to grab your preferred engine and dirt bikes from the manufacturer.

Coincidently, both Zongshen and Lifan started their journey in 1992. Zongshen has evolved from the bottom to the top of the tower. Zongshen right now has the largest manufacturing plant across the whole of China. Besides, the manufacturer is also importing their products to different regions of the world.

In a nutshell, both Lifan and Zongshen are good in different aspects of their presentation. You just have to prioritize your own good to get the best service possible.

When should you purchase a Lifan engine?

The top five reasons to go with a Lifan engine are:

  1. Lifan engines are powerful.
  2. This engines are reliable.
  3. Lifan engine comes with a durable external chassis.
  4. Lifan engines are good for the money.
  5. Lifan engines deliver moderate sound output.

When should you purchase a Zongshen engine?

The top five reasons to go with a Zongshen engine are:

  1. Zongshen engines deliver better torque.
  2. Engines are durable.
  3. Engines are also economical.
  4. Engines deliver better speed.
  5. This Engines deliver loud and raw sound output.

Fina summary

Here is the final summary in a nutshell:

  1. Both Lifan and Zongshen engines are trustworthy brands.
  2. Lifan engines are good for reliability, whereas Zongshen engines will be good for power and speed.
  3. Zongshen delivers more engines than Lifan in a singular year because of its large manufacturing capacity.
  4. Both Zongshen and Lifan engines are good for the money.
  5. Both Lifan and Zongshen are Chinese manufacturers.

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