Why does Elon Musk not have a yacht?

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In response to the question of what it would take to build a future that is worth getting excited about, Elon Musk has summarized a large number of key factors.

One may call him a workaholic, but he sure is doing something extraordinary for the prospect of humanity.

Despite being a multibillionaire, Elon Musk does not own a yacht or home.

That one aspect of his lifestyle should prove how passionate he is about his dream and aspirations.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the life of Elon Musk to catch what he is thinking about the future and humanity-

Why does Elon Musk not have a yacht

Elon Musk: not a doomsday people

Unlike most pessimistic people, Elon Musk does not think that we are on the wrong path. Instead, he believes that humans and humanity are on a good path. 

He further added that as long as we have a great urgency about moving toward a sustainable energy economy, we will be on the right track.

And that is what he and his company is trying to do out of solar and wind energy. 

The future is always unpredictable. But when the wheel is on someone like Musk, we can hope something better to happen.

How would Elon Musk reach to sustainable energy source?

In the conversation with Chris Anderson, head of TED, Elon Musk has pointed out three important criteria to reach a sustainable energy economy-

  • Solar/wind (energy source)
  • Stationary battery pack
  • And electric vehicles

First of all, energy needs to collect from Solar and wind. Musk also has pointed out some other sources to collect energy. But Solar and wind are bound to be the primary energy sources for always.

The collected energy needs to store through stationary battery packs as sunlight and wind will not be available all the time.

And finally, the retained energy needs to transmit through electric vehicles.

The limiting factor here will be the production of stationary battery packs. Roughly, the estimation is 300 terawatt-hours of batteries.

Musk is working on that with a super-intelligent team in his Tesla Gigafactory. We better hope that one day we will certainly reach a sustainable energy economy for a better world.

Like Musk, we also are optimistic about the future.

To learn more about Musk’s thought process, check this conversation with Chris Anderson.

The lifestyle of Elon Musk: A complete aberration

If you feel that luxuries are for the billionaires, Elon musk probably does not fit the community.

When a person is giving his 100% to achieving something, he should not get any time for merrymaking.

How a man would go to a party when he is working 20 hours a day? Yes, Musk is the real-life Ironman who is constantly trying to push the limits of the unthinkable.

Even Musk is popular for sleeping in the Tesla conference room to save his time.

Getting into the reign maybe is hard, but remaining in that position is always the hardest.

Does Elon Musk have a Yacht?

No, Elon Musk does not have a Yacht. In the straightforward conversation with the TED head, Musk directly mentioned that he does not have a Yacht as he does not go on vacations.

Even if he wants to go on vacations, he has friends to spend his time with. 

Therefore, he always has the chance to stay in a friend’s house by rotating rooms.

Elon musk does not spend much on personal consumption

Unlike other multibillionaires who spend millions of dollars on personal consumption, Musk does not love to spend much in such a manner.

According to Musk, those who are spending in such a manner have axiomatic flaws for sure.

He further added that if Musk spends millions or billions of dollars in personal consumption every year, this will be pretty problematic for humanity.

Such complacency with his attitude is probably what is leading Musk to concentrate more on his dream.

Musk does not even have a house.

Surprisingly, Musk claimed that he does not own a house right now while talking about personal consumption.

He literally stays in friends' places whenever he goes to the Bay Area where most Tesla engineers stay. He just shares and rotates friends' spare bedrooms to pass the night.

But it is evident that Musk owns eight luxurious houses in different places.

Why doesn't have a Yacht and house?

In the simplest term, Elon Musk does not have a Yacht or house because he is mostly driven by moral purpose.

50 years old Musk has a great ambition to change the course of humanity. He is working every single day to make nature greener.

At the same time, if humanity suffers great catastrophe in the future, Musk has a plan to make Mars our second home so that humans can prevail.

Elon Musk owns a private jet

Many critics may say that Musk owns a private jet. Well, valid reasons are there behind having a private jet.

A 30-minute meeting of Musk can add millions or billions of dollars to the revenue. Therefore, every single minute of Musk does matter. 

A great way to attend a meeting in the shortest possible time is by having a private plane.

That is why Musk owns a private plane so that he can maximize his output.

Elon Musk: a Philanthropist

If the definition of Philanthropy indicates the love for humans and humanity, Musk is indeed worth comparing as one of the greatest philanthropists of all time.

For example, Tesla is accelerating sustainable energy, Space X is trying to ensure human survival in the long run, and Neuralink is working on brain injuries. 

If these are uplifting humanity, Elon Musk is indeed doing a great deed in the service of humanity.

Curiosity and love for humanity are what drive Musk to do what he is doing

In the question of what drives Musk to do what he is doing, Musk had replied that curiosity and humanity are the two primary driving forces behind whatever he is doing.

The answer seems quite logical whenever we see that he is pushing himself all the time despite having a higher failure rate. 

No matter how severely he fails, he always knows the path to get over it and to do something exceptional for the love of humanity.

Elon Musk and other billionaires

Billionaire  name

Cost of Yacht

Jeff Bezos

$1.2 billion Yacht

Bill Gates

No Yacht

Mark Zuckerberg

$150 million (Ulysses)

While comparing Elon Musk with other top three multibillionaires, it is evident that almost all of them are spending greatly on personal consumption.

Indeed, Bill Gates does not have a Yacht. But he has a penchant to spend his time in the sea.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, remains well ahead in terms of luxury living. Jeff owns a $1.2 billion dollar Yacht with a smaller yacht attached to it to land his helicopter.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, also owns a luxury Yacht for about $150 million dollars.

Elon Musk's net worth

According to Forbes, Elon Musk is leading the billionaire list with a sheer $221.5 billion dollars of net worth until now. 

Astonishingly, Musk's revenue seems to be rising at a constant rate.

Jeff Bezos remaining third on the list is sharing a net worth of $136.6 Billion dollars.

Bill Gates is remaining fourth on the list with a net worth of $126.4 Billion dollars. 

If you compare Musk's net worth with other billionaires, it is worth saying that he is going to lead the leader board for the next couple of years with ease.

Final summary

When you are not getting any criticism, you probably are not doing anything. All the infamous criticism that Musk has to face only proves that he is doing something exceptional every single day.

If we can keep the bigger picture in mind, his contribution seems gigantic in every possible way.

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