Massimo Motor Warrior200 Reviews 2023

Massimo Motor Warrior 200 is a bike that will remind you of a mini Harley. Warrior 200 is a type of mini-bike that gathers interest at first glance. Indeed, the bike is for the little champion. But nothing prevents you from riding this one as an adult.

By the way, one should always keep in mind that this one is a trail bike. You cannot expect the same speed you would get from a 196cc road bike. Massimo motor 200 can deliver up to 25 mph at the top pace.

Before we start talking about all the deep information of Massimo motor warrior 200, here are some of the specification charts everyone should know before confirming the purchase.

Massimo Motor Warrior200

Massimo motor warrior200 specifications

Dimensions and dry mass 

Overall length

66.14inch  (1680mm)

Overall width

30.3 inch (769.6mm)

Overall height

40 inch (1016mm)


45.28 inches (1150mm)

Ground clearance

4.9 inches (124.5mm)

Seat height

24.6 inches (624.8mm)

Dry weight

154.3 lbs (70kg)



Centrifugal clutch

PTO shaft rotation


Bore and stroke

2.68 x 2.13 in. (68 x 54.1 mm)



Compression ratio


Starting method

Recoil pull start

Valve clearance

IN: 0.15 ± 0.02 mm

EX: 0.20 ± 0.02 mm

Idle speed

1500 ± 100 RPM

Electrical components

Ignition type


Spark plug


Spark plug gap

0.024-0.028 in. (0.6-0.7 mm)


Engine lubricant

0.53 qt. (0.5 l) SAE15W40

Fuel tank

0.95 gal. (3.6 l)


200lbs (91kg)


Brake type



Front  tire


Rear tire


Our opinion

This is the section that will talk about the reasons why one should go with the Massimo Motor Warrior 200. If you are thinking about giving this bike a try, this is the section that would provide some motivation to stick with your decision.

About the engine

This bike with the strong 196cc four-stroke engine will surpass any of its competitors on the market. Massimo Warrior 200 can deliver up to 25mph top speed, leading on top than other mini bikes.

Furthermore, the recoil pull start mechanism will allow you to start or off the bike with ease.  One will get much control over the bike. Besides, the essential compression ratio of the bike should ensure fastest transmission to introduce you with the most optimum experience.

Style and appearance

First of all, this one seems quite unique at first glance. If you don't have the budget to own a Harley Davidson brand bike, this can be the cheapest alternative to a mini Harley. The bike also offers multiple color patterns, allowing you to be more versatile on the trail.

Comfort and stability

MB200 offers dual front suspension cushions, improving the comfort zone to another level. On top of that, the inclusion of the larger off-road tires will increase the ground clearance to give you much comfort. Besides, you will get much traction on the trail through these tires to ride with a more energetic vibe.

On top of that, the pre-assembled design will let you start your journey in a moment. Fill the tank with gas and attach the handlebar to start your journey with this excellent piece of the minibike.

Safety measurements

MB200 also maintains enough safety measurements, making the minibike safer to ride. MB200 includes an optimum exhaust heat shield, reducing the exhausting temperature of the bike to another level.  On top of that, the inclusion of the engine stop switch and chain guard will provide further control over the bike.


The payload capacity of the bike is also huge.  Warrior200 can accommodate any adults or teen up to 200lbs of weight.  The sturdy frame of the bike can support all height and weight level to ensure a comfortable ride.

Furthermore, a larger fuel tank of 0.95 gallons (3.6L) will let you never run out of fuel.  The larger fuel tank capacity will increase the mileage and distance with less fear of refueling the bike again and again.

Some cons

Problem :

1. Why a 196cc four-stroke engine only delivers 25mph top speed? 

This question has become a cliché. Indeed, it's a drawback that the mini bike does not have an envying speed ratio.  But you need to understand that it's a mini bike to ride on the trail. A 196cc on-road bike will indeed deliver up to 70mph top speed.  But getting the same speed with a mini bike is like a daydream. In reality, 25mph top speed is way faster for a minibike.

  • In some cases, you may face some problem regarding the engine of the minibike.  Sometimes it becomes too hard to start the engine.
  • Another problem you may face with the minibike is the lacking of the engine's power efficiency.

Troubleshooting the problem

As there are problems, there are solutions, too. Here are some of the ways to troubleshoot your problems-

  • First of all, check whether the fuel valve is in the on position or not. An off valve can also prevent the engine from starting.
  • Inadequate fuel level on the fuel tank is another reason that will prevent the engine from starting. If it's been a long you have filled the tank, it should be the right time to refill it again. 
  • Fuel drainage from the tank and the carburetor can also reduce the functionality of the engine.
  • Clean or replace the air filter of the engine if the engine lacks power.
  • Try adjusting the idle speed. This can also prevent the engine from functioning properly.


If nothing goes right after trying these procedures, you need to take the bike to a qualified mechanic. Do not try to force anything without sufficient knowledge. It can worsen the condition.


Maintaining the minibike properly is the only ideal way to keep the bike in good health. Here are some of the steps you may follow you keep the bike in a good health-

  • Change the engine lubricant at regular interval. It will help to keep the engine more efficient.
  • Check the air pressure before you ride on the bike. The perfect air pressure will help you to ensure a safer ride on the trail.
  • A deep cleaning helps to keep the bike in good shape. Clean the bike regularly to retain the optimum color. Besides, cleaning the bike does not allow any contaminant to deteriorate the condition.
  • Finally, check all the primary technical components.  If they are in good shape, the bike will also remain in good shape.

Final words

MB 200 is a bike that creates nostalgia for all ages of people. It does not matter whether you are a teen or a grown-up adult.  If you are a bike lover, you can’t avoid giving this one a try. MB200 also includes a storage compartment box below the seat, making it versatile enough to ride on the trail. Riding a mini bike is fun. But when you are riding on the MB Warrior 200, it becomes exciting.

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