Mega moto 212cc gas powered mini bike expert review 2023

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How about grabbing a mini bike that will fit both kids and adults to deliver the fun and excitement? Certainly, it is possible when you have the Mega Moto MM-B212-RB mini bike.

The inclusion of larger knobby tires on both ends with an excellent suspension system makes this mini bike a premium item to have both as an adult and kid.

Regardless of the chassis construction, this mini bike is even powerful enough with a decent 212cc motor.

These are some of the basic features that people always love to talk about. But there are even more reasons to grab and not to grab this Mega Moto mini bike.

If you have a plan to grab this mini bike in the meantime, this in-depth review of the Mega Moto MM-B212-RB mini bike will always come in handy to make a better decision.

Without any further I do, let’s get started with the main discussion-

Mega moto 212cc mini bike review

Are Mega Moto mini bikes any good?

Though it is not always necessary, the brand value of any particular item always plays a crucial role in influencing the consumers. Therefore, it is essential to dissect the brand reputation before we discuss any specific item.

Mega Moto has launched a couple of mini bikes on the market. When you look at consumers' satisfaction levels, it is always okay to say that Mega Moto mini bikes are good enough. 

One of the main reasons to go with a Mega Moto mini bike is that most Mega Moto mini bikes come with an excellent suspension system. As a result, they tend to deliver enough potential for off-roading as well. 

If you have a little experience of minibike riding, we can assure you that you will love the performance of a Mega Moto Minibike.

Mega Moto 212cc mini bike review

Mega Moto 212cc

We have been working with a large number of minibikes, including Razor MX650, Razor MX350, Coleman CT100U, Coleman CT200U, and some other Coleman mini bikes.

As far as our experience with all these Minibikes, we need to mention that this Mega Moto MM-B212-RB mini bike is one of the best options available on the market. Therefore, our team could not resist checking this excellent mini bike in real.

This is going to be an in-depth review of our real-time experience with this mini bike. We have discerned both pros and cons why one should pick and avoid this excellent mini bike. It is indeed true that we loved most of the features of this mini bike, but this bike does not altogether have good features only. There are some cons as well that are worth considering. We will talk about all those in the later section of this article. But for now, let us kick off with the benefits of Mega Moto MM-B212-RB mini bike-



Mega Moto MM-B212


Powerful 212cc engine


Pull start


7.5 HP.


Large comfortable seating.




Motorcycle style.

Max speed



Automatic centrifugal force clutch.


19x7 inches off-road pneumatic tires.

Seat height

26 inches

Rider weight capacity

200 lbs.



Exhaust heat shield


Engine stop switch


Dry weight

140 lbs.


64.00 x 32.50 x 36.00 Inches



First impression

Well, this mini bike seems like a Harley Davidson at the first glance. An aesthetic black color pattern with two larger off-road knobby tires, this mini bike always seems something special.

Even if you are someone who is not altogether passionate about motorbikes, this mini bike has a good look to make you love the item at the first glance.


We have noticed with too many mini bikes that they do not come with proper packaging. Therefore, you tend to face technical problems when the bike arrives at your destination.

We are here to give 10 out of ten when it comes to the packaging of this mini bike. The bike comes inside of a metal cage, giving it the safest protection possible. Therefore, you will always find it as the retailer sends it to you. 


Once we unbox the package, it is time to complete the assembly done. Yes, the bike does not come fully assembled. You have to do some assembly to give it a final run on the terrain.

We have a team of a bunch of professionals. Therefore, the assembly process does not seem that hard for all of us.

But if you are someone who has never done the assembly before, you had better check the manual guide. Besides, you can also check some free YouTube Videos to complete the assembly without facing any troubles at all.

Let’s give it a real test now Mega moto 212cc

Now that we are done with the assembly process, it is time to give it a real taste.

Sound output

The first thing we notice after starting the motor of this mini bike is that this one delivers a raw sound output, which is hard to ignore. We really loved the sound that comes from the exhaust system of the bike.

If you love to make people notice your presence, this mini bike will definitely do the job for you.

We have been working with a large number of minibikes, dirt bikes, motorbikes, ATVs, and UTVs. Therefore, we always notice the sound.

Grab this one to get a noticeable good impression on and off the road. The exhaust sound may not keep your neighbor awake all day. But if they are alive, they will surely notice your presence.


This bike did take two pulls to start the motor for the first time. But once the engine becomes active, we have not had any trouble so far. You should be able to start the engine on the first pull if you have maintained all of the instruction procedures properly.

Never or ever forgot to add oil before you start the engine. A tank with loaded oil reduces the chance of any future hassles.

Speed test

Now comes the result of the real test, which is testing the speed-delivery of the minibike.

According to the manufacturer advertisement, this Mega Moto mini bike is capable of delivering up to 29mph of top speed.

Well, we have found some real evidence where the bike really outperformed the advertisement. The bike could easily reach 29mph of top speed without giving any sign of turbulence at all.

We did record around 34mph of top speed from this powerful mini bike.

We really loved the tires

The tires on this mini bike seem independent. They are larger and enough capable of handling most off-road conditions.

The essential gripping on the tires has shown enough promise to give a moderate amount of traction in most road conditions.

Therefore, you will always feel comfortable riding on this mini bike even as a beginner rider.

The mini bike is all about fun, and this excellent mini bike is here to take the excitement level to another extent.

This bike also includes a decent headlight

Mini bikes are not for the on-road excursion. Therefore, they do not seem to equip with necessary on-road gears like headlights and tail lights.

This Mega Moto mini bike includes a decent headlight on the front that can be controlled with a switch. As a result, you will always have the chance to go on a night excursion for fun with this premium-looking mini bike from Mega Moto.

Large and comfortable seating

Another noticeable feature that is worth mentioning here is the inclusion of large and comfortable padded seating on the bike.

Minibikes usually come for a single rider. Therefore, the seat construction does not seem to influence the rider a bit.

With a larger sitting capacity, this mini bike is a little different. This mini bike will even occupy two adult riders to have fun on this bike. It is indeed true that more persons on the bike will reduce the pace. But it is always good when you can grab some extra.

A durable frame with plastic fenders

This mini bike has got a thicker frame, making the bike enough competent to ride with a heavy rider as well.

The metalized framing gives this motorbike enough durability to withstand a large amount of load to make the rider comfortable in most road conditions. Besides, all the plastic fenders on the bike give this one a stunning and impressive vibe to love at the first glance.

Torque converter

Yes, this mini bike indeed has a torque converter in it to maximize the rider’s potential to a great extent. 

The inclusion of a torque converter will allow the bike to deliver even better than 29mph of top speed.  We have already found evidence where the bike could deliver around 34 mph of top speed. 

If the condition remains favorable, we believe you can also expect to get equivalent performance from your minibike as well.

The governor of this mini bike seems to really kick off when the rider will be on the go.


This mini bike comes for both adults and kids respectively. Therefore, checking the safety measurements of the mini bike is always an important issue to consider. How do you think this mini bike performs in terms of safety?

Here are some of the safety features you will get once you will have this essential mini bike-

  1. Engine stop switch.
  2. Exhaust heat shield.
  3. Chain guard.

As you can see, this mini bike is enough safer with numerous safety features. It does not matter whether you are an intermediate kid or an adult, this mini bike has the potential to ensure safety for disciplines of riders.

Load capacity

This Mega Moto 212cc mini bike can occupy any rider with a weight of 200 lbs. As a result, you will never face any issue while riding on this bike in most terrain conditions.

Even we have found that this mini bike performs adequately with two adults on it. Yes, the experience was suffocating.

But the bike really handled the situation with absolute proficiency.

This Mega Moto mini bike is fun?

Unlike an on-road motorcycle, a mini bike always comes for fun and excitement. And it would not be a misjudgment to claim that this mini bike is indeed fun and exciting.

We started loving this mini bike from our first ride.  This bike has met almost 100% of the features that the manufacturer advertised. In some cases, it did better performance than the manufacturer advertisement.

If you are a fun lover, this mini bike is definitely an ideal choice to give a try.

What are some of the drawbacks to keep in mind?

As mentioned earlier, this bike is not all good. This mini bike indeed comes with some cons that every potential buyer should keep in mind. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind if you have a plan to purchase this mini bike-

Despite having a torque converter, this mini bike is slow

The inclusion of a torque converter to this mini bike should make it faster than usual. We really expected this bike to reach around 35 mph of top speed in an off-road condition. But in reality, it requires good road conditions to reach around 34mph of top speed.

You cannot expect to get more than 30mph of top speed when you will go off-roading.

The torque converter and speed governor did really kick off while driving. But for some strange reason, this bike could not deliver more than 34mph of top speed.

If you are happy with 30mph of top speed, this mini bike will always be there to please you. But if you need something more, you can always go for an alternative.

The sound can be an issue for some rider

Yes, this mini bike is louder. We all love to get a raw sound from the exhaust system of a motorbike. But it should not be the reality for all riders. Some riders do not love getting a louder sound from a mini bike. If you want a mini bike with a silencer, this Mega Moto mini bike may not be the ideal choice for you.

On the other hand, you can always go with this mini bike when you love a raw sound output from your bike.

What’s the alternative to this Mega Moto mini bike?

One of the ideal alternatives to this Mega Moto 212cc mini bike can be the Coleman CT200U. The Mega Moto max mini bike can also be an ideal replacement for this powerful mini bike.

Mega Moto 212cc Pro vs. Mega Moto 212cc max mini bike

When it comes to making a comparison, the Mega Moto Max is one of the more ideal competitors to compare with the Mega Moto Pro mini bike. Both bikes look decent and beautiful at the first glance, but they obviously are not the same in terms of performance. Here goes a little comparison chart between these two mini bikes to help you to make a better decision-

Mega Moto Pro

Mega Moto Max

Thicker frame

Thinner than Mega Moto Pro.

Front headlight

No headlight

Front suspension caliper.

No front suspension caliper.

Torque converter

No torque converter.

Top speed of 29mph.

Top speed of 34mph.

More durable.

Durable enough.


What are the lineups of Mega Moto mini bikes?

The five popular lineups of Mega Moto mini bikes are:

  1. MM-B80
  2. MM-B105
  3. MM-B212MX(S)
  4. MM-B212PRO
  5. MM-E250

How fast is the Mega Moto 212cc pro mini bike?

The Mega Moto 212cc pro mini bike can deliver up to 29mph of top speed out of the box.

It is possible to get around 31mph to 34mph of top speed from the Mega Mot pro when the speed governor really kicks off

How fast is the Mega Moto 212cc max mini bike?

The Mega Moto 212cc max mini bike can deliver up to 34mph of top speed out of the box.

The lighter frame allows the bike to deliver a really good speed output to please most of the riders.

How fast are Mega Moto mini bikes?

Mega Moto mini bikes can deliver up to 35 mph of top speed at max.  The speed range of the Mega Mot mini bike will be between 22mph to 35mph.

Is Mega Moto out of business?

Yes, Mega Moto USA is out of business currently.  But numerous retailers still sell Mega Moto mini bikes and parts to meet the customers' needs.

How fast will a 212cc  mini bike go?

A 212cc mini bike can go with a top speed of up to 40mph.  In general, the range will be between 29mph to 35mph.

Can adults ride a mini bike?

Yes, an adult can always ride a minibike. But the height and weight of an adult can create some disturbance while riding on a minibike.

What are mini bikes good for?

Mini bikes are good for fun and excitement. Riding a mini bike is almost equivalent to physical exercise like walking. Therefore, they can always come out as a good tool to make every kid and adult more outgoing.

Final summary

  1. Mega Moto currently has five different mini bike lineups on the market.
  2. The Mega Moto 212cc pro mini is the most durable edition available from Mega Moto.
  3. The Mega Moto Max can deliver up to 29mph of top speed. If the condition remains favorable, you can expect to get around 34mph of top speed from the bike.
  4. This is also a good mini bike for the money.
  5. Coleman CT200U or Mega Moto Max can be an ideal alternative to this Mega Moto Pro mini bike.

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  1. i have had a coleman 200 EXR minibike sold it and got a mega moto pro 212 with the tollotson 212 hemi motor. no comparison the mega moto pro with front and rear disk brakes and the power of the hemi tollotson motor and strong frame is far superior to the coleman minibike

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