What is the most expensive Hyundai car in the world?

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They build their reputation in the market by producing budget-friendly cars by offering competitive features. Hence, the manufacturers of Hyundai motor group are producing their cars by different subsidiary brands for instance, Genesis, Ioniq and Kia.

Moreover, they also produce their cars under the different categories which are widely available in the world market.

At present, the most expensive car is the "Hyundai Nexo" whose price is around $60,000 to $61,000.

In addition to that, they also started to produce luxury cars under the Genesis brand. Individuals need to spend around $74,000 to $75,000 for buying “Genesis G90” which has the highest price.

Furthermore, buyers will have many options under a single category of the car if they are considering purchasing from them. By reading this article, people will know about the highest price of the card in different categories. Additionally, we also mention other brands expensive car prices which will definitely help individuals to make the comparison.

Hyundai Nexo Most expensive Hyundai car

Most expensive Hyundai SUV car

People in America as well as the rest of the world are considered SUVs as one suitable vehicle for traveling with family. There also have many individual characteristics that help to provide extra safety as well as benefits to the people.

Nevertheless, the makers of Hyundai offer SUVs in many models and all of them are offered with different technology and features. The most expensive option from them, “The Palisade 8” whose price range is about $78,000 for the 7 seat highlander version.

Moreover, there also have some other variants of this model whose price range is about $60,000 to $75,000 for 7 or 8 seats. One may check all the specifications of this model by searching on the internet. In the following table, we are also mentioning some other products of Hyundai SUV which might be considered to buy.

Name of the model


Santa Fe

$49,000 to $71,000


$38,000 to $58,000


$30,000 to $47,000


$24,000 to $32,000

Under all the models, there are more than 5 variants are available. All of them are comes with different features and pricing models. That actually provides more options to the buyers when considering buying SUVs.

Hyundai  Santa Fe costly car

Expensive option of Hyundai ECO car

This manufacturing company has shown positive attitudes toward protecting the environment by using an alternative source of fuel. Though electric and hybrid vehicles of them can create a place in the market, there are lots of things to do.

At present, the highest configuration Kona EV price is about $70,000 and it is capable of competing with other manufacturing companies in the world like; Tesla. Therefore, individuals also have other options to purchase eco-friendly cars whose carbon emission rate is zero.

In the future, the manufacturer of this company is trying to collect the fuel from natural resources like; water, air etc. For knowing about alternative options in this category, people can visit their official website.

Expensive option of small size Hyundai car

Four sets are private cars are widely sold all over the world and this car manufacturing company is also doing great in the market. Moreover, they also launched so many types of cars under this segment. Nevertheless, all of them can provide unique value to their users.

Our most expensive pick in this category is the "i30 Sedan N Line", which price is about $42,000. In addition to this point, buyers will find this at a lower price too if they choose the low configuration of this model. People all around the globe love to buy their cars because of having much versatility under one option.

Furthermore, one will find other good options to buy 4 seat private cars by spending $30,000 to $40,000. Hence, a person who wants to spend lots of money like above $50,000 can go for market giants like; BMW, Mercedes and so on.

Costly option for other types of brands

As we all know, the preferences of buyers are not the same. That is why the makers of a product are taking so many strategies to attract customers. It is so natural that buyers will spend a good amount of money for gaining the optimum benefits.

For that reason, people would like to meet their specific needs while buying any model of the car. Moreover, Hyundai makes their cars with some specific features which are capable of creating demand among the buyers.

 As the article is about the most expensive car, we illustrate the cars which have the highest price under different categories.

Name of the car

Price range

KONA N (Best performance)

$52,000 to $55,000

Sonata N Line (Mid-size)

$56,000 to $57,000

Staria (Commercial)

$52,000 to $71,000

Apart from the options in the above table, individuals will find other alternative vehicles of this company which are also able to provide great performance to the users. Therefore, one must compare the key specifications among the models before buying any type of car.

In general, high price items of them are offered with updated features and technology. Moreover, one should have basic knowledge about the car which will definitely assist the individuals to identify the specific one according to their needs.

High priced cars of Hyundai motor company

The parent company of this brand is pretty much huge and one of the richest automobile companies in the world. Currently, they are spreading themselves throughout the world by offering different brands of cars. All of them are making a significant influence on people's lives.

Moreover, individuals will understand the position of brands by knowing the name of costly products of subsidiary companies. Additionally, they all are also doing healthy competition among themselves as well as other companies.

In the following table, we demonstrate the car names of this company which have the highest price.

Name of the car

Price range

Genesis GV80

$50,000 to $55,000

Hyundai Ioniq 5

$43,000 to $46,000

Genesis GV70

$41,000 to $45,000

Genesis G70

$37,000 to $39,000

Kia Stinger

$36,000 to $38,000

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

$34,000 to $37,000

Kia Telluride

$33,000 to $36,000

The price will be increased due to buying from different locations of the globe. Moreover, the amount of sales tax also plays a vital role in terms of finding the total cost. Additionally, the cost of transportation, freight and other related things will increase the total price by $2,000 to $5,000.

This is not always a good way to look for buying the highest price cars from any automobile company without concentrating on the specifications. After reading this article, readers will know the cost of expensive cars which are produced by Hyundai and its sister company.

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