What’s the difference between motocross and an enduro motorcycle?

Both enduro and motocross seem almost identical.  It would be quite hard for an amateur to discern the differences between motocross and an enduro bike if one is not aware of the basics.

But you don’t need to stay as an amateur for eternity. If you are willing to spend some time on yourself, learning the differences between an enduro and a motocross would not be that hard.

We will share every little detail you need to know about enduro and motocross bikes throughout this whole article.

If you are ready to explore the differences, let’s get into the main discussion-

Motocross vs enduro motobike

What is an enduro bike?

If you are not talking about enduro racing bikes, then most of the enduro bikes are street legal. Besides, they come with a larger body frame design than most other motocross bikes.

An enduro bike comes for riding a long distance. They will have a larger fuel tank to ensure enough mileage. Whether you are talking about enduro racing or street journey, an enduro bike has the capacity to withstand all kinds of pressure.

You may also check what does enduro mean in motorcycle term for a better understanding.

What are the characteristics of an enduro bike?

  1. Unlike a motocross bike, an enduro bike is street-legal to ride on the trail. When you are talking about a specific racing enduro bike, things can be a little different. 
  2. An enduro bike will deliver longer mileage.
  3. A 500cc enduro bike will also deliver almost 75 to 90 mph of top speed.
  4. Enduro bikes are enough equipped with a front/backlight, turn signal kit, knobby tires, and every necessary gear to ride on the street.
  5. Enduro bikes will also have a larger fuel tank to ensure maximum mileage.
  6. The suspension system of an enduro bike is a little smoother than that of the motocross bike.
  7. Racing enduro bikes may not have the capacity or legality to run on the street.
  8. They may also deliver high-end noise output while riding on and off the trail.
  9. An enduro bike may not deliver optimum performance on the trail, but they have the potential to ride better on the trail.
  10. An enduro bike is a little more rigid than a motocross bike.

If you are looking for some quality enduro mountain bike accessories, you may check what do you wear to ride an enduro bike.

What is motocross?

What is motocross

Motocross is the lightest version of a motorbike available on the market. They come for delivering extreme speed with pretty lighter frame construction.

By extreme speed, we mean that they deliver better speed in terms of their frame construction. A 500cc motocross can deliver up to 80mph of top speed.

At the same time, a motocross motorbike is not a distance-friendly item to have. The manufacturer always tries their best to reduce the weight of the bike as much as possible. As a result, there will always have a smaller fuel tank.  The smaller fuel tank capacity does not allow them to get a long mileage, although they have a better speed output.

What are the characteristics of a motocross motorbike?

  1. First of all, a motocross motorbike is the lightest adult motorbike available on the market.
  2. They will deliver far better speed if you consider their frame construction.
  3. A 500cc motocross can deliver up to 80 mph of maximum speed.
  4. A motocross will have the simplest exhaust construction. They usually do not attach any spark arrestor. Besides, you may also not find a better silencer on these bikes.
  5. They tend to deliver high-end sound output.
  6. Motocross bikes are not enough distance friendly.   You simply cannot expect to get better mileage. They serve best on the trail ambiances.
  7. Motocross will have a smaller fuel tank capacity. But it is always possible to upgrade the bike into a better edition.
  8. A motocross bike is suitable for riding off the road only. The tires are not suitable for riding on the road.
  9. A motocross bike is always upgradable to an enduro or street legal edition.
  10. In a simple sentence, a motocross is an off-road trail bike.

What are the differences between motocross and enduro?



Lighter body frame

Lighter body frame.

Smaller fuel tank

Larger fuel tank

Off-roading capacity

On/off-roading capacity.

Motocross will not deliver longer mileage.

Enduro bikes will deliver longer mileage.

Motocross will have a poor suspension system.

Enduro bikes will have a moderate suspension system.

You cannot ride a motocross bike on the enduro racing.

Enduro bikes can run on the dirt trail but can’t deliver optimum performance.

Motocross bikes cannot withstand too much pressure.

Enduro bikes can withstand enough pressure to deliver longer service.

Motocross bikes deliver extreme sound output.

Enduro bikes also deliver extreme sound output.

Motocross bikes are upgradable to an enduro edition.

Enduro bikes are upgradable to a street-legal edition.

Moto racing is a short course race.

Enduro racing is a long course race.

Can I upgrade my motocross into an enduro?

Yes, you can always upgrade your motocross into an enduro edition. If you are willing to spend around 300$ bucks on your motocross, you can expect to get far better performance from the bike.

We have already mentioned in the introduction that motocross and enduro bikes almost share identical characteristics. The primary differences lie among the suspension, fuel capacity, tires, and mileage. Besides, the inclusion of engine, headlights/taillights and turn signal kit can also be an ideal inclusion that you can make to upgrade your motocross to a better edition.


If you really want to upgrade your motocross to an enduro edition, you check this video from YouTube.

Who is the winner?




Equivalent power

Equivalent power


Less mileage

Better mileage


Smaller fuel tank

Larger fuel tank


Lighter body design

A little heavier body design


Better speed

Better speed


Enough suspension

Better suspension


Less endurance

Better endurance


Off-road friendly

On/off-road friendly


A little shaky

More comfortable


if you check the comparison chart, then enduro will definitely be the winner. But that is the exact place where you make the mistake. Both enduro and motocross bikes come for two different situations. You cannot expect to get the same feature from two different types of bike.

but if you spend some extra budget on a motocross bike, it will deliver far better performance than an enduro bike.  everything depends on a little improvisation.

Final words

Both enduro and motocross bikes come from two different perspectives. Comparison is okay when you are doing it for a specific reason or for an upgrade. But if you are a true bike lover, you should know that both bikes are popular among their specific consumer.

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