Personal review of Mototec demon 50cc kids dirt bike

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How about getting your desired dirt bike the same as described in the manufacturer’s specification. I am surely not here overestimating anything and sharing my own personal review about the MotoTec 50cc Demon kid’s dirt bike.

One of my nephews brought the bike to me for assembly and to my utter surprise, the MotoTec 50cc Demon dirt bike is more than capable to bring a  wholesome experience both on and off the road.

That is when I thought about reviewing this exclusive kid’s dirt bike so that you might choose the perfect dirt bike for your little champion.

If you are interested, on I go-

Mototec 50cc demon bike review

Mototec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike





Alloyed steel


50cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled, EPA Approved

Gas/Oil mixture

25:1 ratio

Bore x stroke

44.02mm x 33.2mm

Max power

2.4 hp/7000 rpm.


Pull start

Gas tank

1.6 liter.

Top speed





Front disc, rear disc.



Max rider weight

135 lbs.



Front and rear tires




Ground clearance

9 inches.

Now that we have the specifications, it's time to move deeper into the discussion.

What’s good about the Mototec 50cc dirt bike?

Mototec 50cc demon kids gas bike

The top seven good factors about Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike are:

  • A perfect motor
  • Safety
  • Better speed.
  • Auto transmission
  • A durable frame
  • Perfect dimension and capacities.
  • Good tires.

A perfect motor

As you can see on the specification chart, this 50cc dirt bike comes with a 50cc two-stroke dirt bike engine. what's good about the engine? Well, the engine is the only power source that transmits the essential energy to the wheel. If the engine is good, the dirt bike will perform better as well.

The air-cooled two-stroke motor is here to ensure the fastest transmission to make your kid happy with the performance in every situation.

Besides, the EPA-approved feature will always ensure a premium safety experience to keep your inexperienced kid safer in most situations.


Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike is one of the safest dirt bikes available on the market.

Whenever we talk about any kid’s dirt or pit bike, we never forgot to mention that Kids’ motorbikes need to come with the safest construction as they do not have the experience needed.

Most dirt bike manufacturers try their best to implement enough safety measurements to their kid dirt bikes. But 50% of them ended up delivering a subpar experience. If you get safety measurements, you miss the adventure. Some of them even perform like a paddled power bi-cycle.

Mototec 50cc dirt bike comes with an auto transmission system, making it enough controllable and safer for every kid out there.

Besides, the front and rear braking system will always come in handy to deliver the most optimum experience possible. Your kid will have enough control as well to enjoy the safest ride possible.

Better speed delivery

How fast do you think a 50cc dirt bike can go? 10, 15, or 20 mph?  How about 25mph?

Yes, the Mototec 50cc dirt bike can deliver up to 25 mph of top speed.  The great thing is that the bike does not even take a longer time to reach that 25mph of milestone.

A kid grows faster. The more he grows, the more speed he loves to have from his dirt bike. If your kid is anywhere around 10 and above, this dirt bike will remain a perfect item for him up to 15 years of age. As a result, you don’t have to think about a replacement within a short time.

Besides, the capacity of better speed delivery will deliver better off-roading capacity as well. It does not matter whether your kid loves to ride the dirt bike on a plain track or a muddy terrain, this dirt bike has got every little feature to please your kid in most situations.

Auto transmission

Controlling a dirt bike becomes one of the more intimidating jobs for most beginners. An auto-transmission system can always come in handy to deliver better controllability over the rider's hand.

This 50cc dirt bike with an automatic transmission system will never let your kid go out of control. Even if it is hard for your kid to control the bike, the bike will do the rest to ensure a better experience.

A durable frame

The frame or chassis connects all of the parts of the motorbike. As a result, a convenient chassis is always one of the more ideal requirements that every rider has to ensure.

As the Guardian of your kid, it becomes the responsibility to bring a dirt bike for your kid that is stable enough to make him happy in most circumstances.

If that is what you want from a kid's dirt bike, this 50cc MotoTec demon dirt bike is always worth remaining on your list. Alloyed steel-made frame construction is here to deliver the most stable experience wherever your kid goes on and off the road. 

Perfect dimension and capacities

Yes, all measurement of dimension and capacities of your kid’s dirt bike is also important. Here are some of the essential aspects of this exclusive dirt bike that should please you to a great degree-


Mototec 50cc dirt bike comes with a dry weight of 49lbs. That means it is enough light to make your kid comfortable. Besides, the lighter construction will deliver better controllability over the rider's hand.

Load capacity

According to the manufacturer's specification, the bike can withstand up to 135 lbs. of total weight. We have found evidence that the bike can withstand up to 150 lbs. of weight.

Better load capacity will allow every kid to feel comfortable on the bike. It does not matter whether your kid has a heavy or lean weight, this dirt bike will be comfortable for all types of riders.

Power output

The motor of the dirt bike can deliver up to 2.4 horsepower with 7000 rpm capacity. Getting such a power ratio from a 50cc dirt bike should always please your kid to the maximum potential. A good bike will always deliver an optimum power ratio so that the rider never feels something is missing. If you want your kid to have the best item possible, this 50cc dirt bike will always be the perfect item to have.

Fuel capacity

Mototec 50cc dirt bike has a fuel capacity of up to 1.6 liters. As a result, getting more mileage from the bike will be much easier than ever before.

Bette fuel capacity means longer mileage. Kids usually love to ride their dirt bikes around the neighborhood. 1.6-liter of fuel capacity should be enough to deliver longer riding capability.

Perfect knobby tires

The tires of any motorbike are always one of the more prominent factors that ensures comfort and stability at the same. Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike comes with 2.50-10 of tire dimension on both front and rear parts.  Besides, the inclusion of essential knobby tires on both parts will come in handy to get better traction when your kid will go off-roading.

Some other reasons to love the bike

All the features we have mentioned above fall in the primary feature category. Besides all of these, there are some other aspects as well why you should grab the item. Here are some of the many-

Easy assembly

The dirt bike does not come altogether fully assembled. You also have to do some assembly processes to give it a go on the terrain. The great thing is that the assembly process is much easier to make you happy. It will not even take more than 30 minutes to complete the assembly process.

A pleasant gift

Who does not love to be a superhero to his kid or grandchildren? This has to be the perfect gift item you can give your kid as a surprise. This dirt bike is always a perfect gift item for Christmas, birthday, or any other pleasing moment.

Surprise your kid with this excellent toy and be his or her favorite for always.

Another pleasant gift for your kid might be Coleman Powersports CT200U.

A perfect learning toy

If you love dirt bikes and want your kid to be like you, this can be the perfect item to introduce your kid as a learning tool.

This dirt bike will always come in handy to learn the basics of bike riding. You always need not be a bike enthusiast to let your kid ride a dirt bike. These kid dirt bikes can also help your kid to be more outgoing instead of remaining always busy with the Xbox or Play station.

Another perfect mini pit bike you may try is MassimoMotor Warrior200.

What are the drawbacks of the Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike?

The bike simply does not have too many drawbacks to mention here. But it is not altogether free from defects.

One of the most prevailing problems you may face with this excellent dirt bike is the pulling lever problem. We have talked with many of the consumers who said that the pulling chain of the bike does not seem to perform that well.

Well, reality should always be taken for granted. It is indeed true that some of the bikes come with defective start pull gear. But it is also true that you will get 60 days of warranty from the bike. In case you notice any problem within 60 days, you will have the chance to replace the bike with a new one.

Besides, it is also possible to repair a defective pull gear by spending some little bucks on the bike. If you are facing such an issue, do contact your nearby mechanics to solve the problem.


1. What age is Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike for?

The manufacturer specifies that the Mototec 50cc demon dirt bike comes for kids 13 and above. We believe any kid with the age of 8 and above will be able to ride the bike.

Every 50cc dirt bike always comes for the kids. Mototec demon 50cc dirt bike is in no way different. This one has got some real features to please every kid with the performance.

2. How fast is a MotoTec 50cc dirt bike?

The Mototec 50cc dirt bike can deliver up to 25mph of top speed.

In general, a MotoTec dirt bike can deliver around 18mph to 25mph of top speed.

3. Are MotoTec dirt bikes any good?

Yes, Mototec dirt bikes are good for delivering smaller pocket bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, go-karts, and sundry. The manufacturer is popular for delivering quality and budget-friendly items.

4. How much is moto tec 50cc dirt bike

The mototec 50cc dirt demon dirt bike is available within a price range of 500$ dollars. More specifically, you can get a 50cc motocross dirt bike at a price of 430$ dollars.

The price can vary depending on the vendor and model. A third-party seller may sell the bike for a lower price range than the manufacturer's retail price.

5. Are mototec kids’ dirt bikes safe?

Yes, mototec kids’ dirt bikes are safer because of the kid-friendly construction. The inclusion of an auto-transmission system with larger knobby tires and a durable frame makes them safe than most other equivalent dirt bikes.

If you are willing to grab the safest dirt bike for your kid, mototec can always be the ideal item to grab.

6. Does MotoTec have a website?

Yes, MotoTec has a website through which they sell their products. Some of the most popular products of Mototec are motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, automotive, and so on. 

Final summary

  1. Mototec dirt bikes are safer for the kids.
  2. Mototec 50cc dirt bike can always be a pleasant gift for your kids.
  3. Quality and versatility will always be present with this bike. 
  4. The nominal defects you may notice with the bike are always repairable. 
  5. Mototec 50cc demon is also a good dirt bike for the money.

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