MotoTec GBMoto Gas Pocket Bike 40cc Green expert reviews 2023

Pocket bikes are always an ideal niche for beginner kids. They are safe, powerful, and colorful to make every kid content with versatility.

Besides, you will be able to get a pocket bike within two hundred dollars. Therefore, the budget of the pocket bike will never be an issue at all.  You will be able to purchase almost six to seven units of pocket bikes for the same price as an adult dirt bike.

But it is not the simplest job always to find an appropriate pocket bike from a large number of brands. One of the most popular brands that create a lasting impression among users is MotoTec.

Therefore, we are back here with an excellent pocket bike recommendation from MotoTec to make every kid happy in different situations.

MotoTec GBMoto Gas Pocket Bike

MotoTec GBMoto Gas Pocket Bike

Are Mototec pocket bikes any good?

Yes, MotoTec pocket bikes are good enough to make every kid comfortable with riding. These pocket bikes are lightweight and smaller, allowing every beginner to learn the basics of riding a motorbike.

Being an engine-powered motorbike, these pocket bikes are also popular for delivering better speed and power to excavate most of the terrains. Some MotoTec pocket bikes even provide a little off-roading capacity, allowing the rider to explore something new.

MotoTec also brings quality mototec dirt bike for all ages of riders, making the brand a perfect niche for all disciplines of riders.

MotoTec GBMoto Gas Pocket Bike 40cc review





40cc 4-Stroke, EPA Approved

Engine start

Pull start

Gas tank

1.2 liters.

Cruising range

20 miles per tank.


Chain-driven (centrifugal)


40 x 18 x 22 inches.

Max rider weight

165 lbs.


Front: 90/65-6.5 Rear: 110/50-6.5


Disc brake.


Variable twisted grip throttle.


Padded (single rider)


Angle adjustable (no height)

Assembly required




All the specifications of this pocket bike are enough promising to make it a perfect choice for any beginner. But checking the specification only can lead to a wrong decision. Therefore, it is ideal to check user’s experiences before you make the decision. That is what we are going to do here-

We have tested this pocket with one of our seven years old young riders named John. Let’s learn how he feels about the bike-

User experience

First of all, Junior John loves this dirt bike for its aesthetic color appearance. With that being said, this mini bike looks really stunning at first glance.

Another benefit John is getting from the bike is that he is learning about all of the parts of a bike. When we will start riding an adult dirt bike in recent future, maneuvering the bike will be much easier.

John also loves the speed of the bike. This 40cc dirt bike can deliver a better speed to introduce every beginner kid to something exciting.

As our rider is still young, he could not add much more. We are here from now on to discuss everything in detail. If you are interested, let’s get started with the real presentation.

What are the benefits of the MotoTec 40cc GbMoto pocket bike?

A beautiful design

The first thing you will love about this mini bike is its premium-looking design. The green color pattern on the miniature version of an adult bike gives this one a decent look to love at the first glance.

Besides, this bike includes almost every essential part to make it a perfect learning tool.

Suitable for the adults as well

A pocket bike indeed comes for the kids. But that should not mean you are not allowed to ride a pocket bike as an adult. Even many adults prefer riding a pocket bike to grab fun and excitement in their free time. Believe it or not, this mini bike can withstand up to 170 lbs. of weight. Therefore, an adult will always have the chance to ride on the bike without facing any complications at all.

MotoTec 40cc is good for learning

Whether you want to teach your kid the basics of learning a motor bike or to have some fun as an adult, this pocket bike has everything to offer.

This miniature pocket bike will have everything that you will get on an adult bike. As a result, every kid will have the chance to learn every little aspect ofa motorbike to deliver a better performance in the long run.

If you do not want your kid to be vulnerable on the road, this excellent-looking dirt bike should always be the perfect learning tool to make your kid comfortable with most motorbikes.

Pull starter

A kick start lever may seem convenient, but a pull starter is always the easiest to maneuver. Therefore, it is always easier for a kid to start the engine without facing any additional complications.

By simply pulling the lever, every kid will be able to start the engine of the bike as the easiest option available.

Perfect Dimension

This pocket bike comes with an optimum dimension that meets every standard of a pocket bike. As a result, riding the bike will be much easier compared to other similar kinds of pocket bikes.

With 40 inches of length and 18 inches of seat height, this pocket bike is even convenient for occupying an adult. It does not matter whether you are trying to be silly or not, This motorbike will always please you to a great extent.

Twisted grip throttle

Learning to control the throttle of a motorbike is one of the first pre-requisite before you achieve the expertise. This pocket dirt bike includes a convenient twisted-grip throttle, making it much convenient to control the bike's throttle with much proficiency. Besides, the inclusion of a twisted grip throttle will always come in handy to allocate some extra control on the bike. We can bet every kid will love the performance of this motorbike to a great level.

Chain driven transmission

Almost 90 percent of the pocket bikes tend to come with a chain-driven transmission system. This is reasonable and makes sense. A chain-driven transmission system allows the motorbike to transmit the engine's power to the wheel in the fastest possible time. Therefore, you get to start the bike in a short period of time.

This Mototec 40cc pocket bike comes with a chain-driven transmission system, making the system more relevant and appropriate to have the real comfort of riding.

A little off-roading capacity

Pocket bikes are not for off-roading. They require a flat track to ride with more competency. That should not mean that every pocket bike needs to follow the same pattern all the time.

This essential 40cc pocket bike from MotoTec can manage a little bit of off-roading. Therefore, your kid will always get the chance to excavate a little bit more.

Padded seat

You are riding a minibike should not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This GbMoto 40cc dirt bike is here to make every rider comfortable on the bike.

The inclusion of a single rider padded seat on the bike will always come in handy to deliver the appropriate amount of comfort your kid deserves to have from the bike. 

Moreover, the pre-meditated padded seat construction will also support an adult rider if he has a plan to ride the bike for having fun.

Larger fuel tank and longer mileage

A smaller frame does not allow a pocket bike to have a larger gas tank. Therefore, getting longer mileage becomes a tough job most often.

This GbMoto 40cc pocket bike comes with 1.2 liters of gas tank capacity. This may seem little. But if you look at the size of the bike, 1.2liters of fuel tank should always make sense.

With that much fuel capacity, it is always possible to get a cruising distance of up to 20 miles.   Even if this one is a smaller pocket, getting such longer mileage should always please the rider.

Every kid will be able to run on the neighborhood or trail without thinking about refueling the tank again and again.

Better control

Another reason to choose this pocket bike is its excellent controllability. The inclusion of a hydraulic disc brake on both the front and rear ends of the bike will deliver maximum controllability to the rider's hand. Therefore, maneuvering the bike will be much easier than ever before.

Even if your kid has not had any previous motorbike riding experience, this excellent mini bike from MotoTec is here to introduce him to something more convenient and legit.

Besides, when you will ride this bike for fun as an adult, the disc braking on both ends will also provide essential support to ride with fun and confidence.

Quality tires

Pocket bikes are not that popular for delivering quality tires with most pocket bikes. That should not mean every pocket bike on the market shares the same characteristics.

For instance, this GbMoto 40cc pocket bike from MotoTec includes two decent tires on both ends of the pocket bike. Therefore, you can always expect to get better traction and leverage from the motorbike to make you comfortable in every terrain as a rider. 

The perfect diameter of the wheel with essential gripping will always bring forth optimum performance in most situations.

The budget is always near the reach.

As mentioned earlier, pocket bikes are not that costly. They are the most economical option available among all categories of motorbikes.

This GbMoto 40cc motorbike is also not different. You will get to pick this one at a reasonable price to let your kid be happy.

There is nothing more precious than giving your beloved person a pleasing gift that he really loves. If you have a daughter or son who is really passionate about the motorbike, this should be the first initiative you can take to make them happy.

We can assure you that he/she will love the experience with this motorbike.

If you feel like you will check some other list of quality pocket bikes, you can also check this pocket bike review article. You will be able to choose from a variety of pocket bikes there.

Besides, we have also added an article, best pocket dirt bike. If your kid loves off-roading, you may also give this article a try to grab a budget-friendly option.


This bike surely offers some cons if not many. All of the aspects we have discussed so far were good. But any motorbike can't be altogether good. Here are the two primary drawbacks you will get from the bike-

The bike requires assembly.

Yes, the MotoTec GbMoto 40cc pocket bike does not come fully assembled. Therefore, once you get the package, you will need to do the assembly on your own.

We are not saying that assembling the bike on your own is a complicated job. It is quite easy instead. But if you are someone who has never assembled a bike before, some of the terms may come out to be a little complicated.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution, too. The free information center YouTube is always ready with numerous instructions and step-by-step guidelines to help you to do the installation on your own.

Search on YouTube to find some better contents to do the assembly without facing any trouble. Besides, never or ever forgot to read the manual guide for your better convenience.

An adult will look silly on the bike.

C’mon, not all motorbike needs to have an adult version. The niche pocket bike surely comes for the kids. They fit a kid in every sphere of presentation. But when you start to ride the bike, it is quite reasonable to look silly.

It is indeed valid that the bike has got the potential to withstand a large amount of load.  Even you can also ride on the bike with absolute proficiency. Still, the smaller layout with a miniature frame does not make it appropriate for an adult.

If you love to look silly, go and have some fun. But do not bother taking the bike to a busy street. You will end up losing yourself on the busy street.

What’s the alternative to this MotoTec GbMoto 40cc pocket bike?

The alternative to this pocket bike can be manifolds. The market is loaded with tons of equivalent pocket bike items to grab.

We believe this MotoTec 50cc demon kids gas dirt bike will be a perfect alternative to this GbMoto 40cc pocket. Yes, we know that this is a dirt bike. Grabbing this demon kid dirt bike will allow your kid to learn better controllability in different road conditions.

Besides, Razor MX 350 or Razor MX 650 can also bring forth better service to make your kid happy in most conditions.

If you can enhance your budget a little higher, check these motorbikes for better convenience.

Who should grab this GbMoto 40cc pocket bike?

For any kid who loves to learn the basics of riding a motorbike, this GbMoto 40cc pocket bike will always be a perfect choice.

According to MotoTec, this pocket bike is advisable for anyone aged 13 and more. We believe, even a seven-year kid with some little knowledge will be able to ride the bike without facing any sort of trouble.

If your kid is completely naive, consider adding a training wheel kit to the bike to make the ride even more balanced and comfortable.

How fast is a GbMoto 40cc pocket bike?

Pocket bikes are popular for delivering better speed. This MotoTec GbMoto is not also different.

If the condition of the track remains favorable, it is always possible to get more than 40mph of top speed from the bike. Even some adult fun enthusiasts have said that the bike can deliver around 50mph of top speed at a flat track.

That means there will always have the presence of speed and versatility. If you have a plan to purchase this one for a beginner kid, you will also have the option to adjust the speed of the bike to a better degree.

Therefore, the bike is always safe and convenient for most situations.

Does GbMoto 40cc suitable for pocket bike racing?

Yes, it is always possible to join a racing event with this essential pocket bike.

The capacity of better speed delivery makes this GbMoto 40cc pocket bike completely relevant for competing in a racing event.

With a capacity of up to 50mph of top speed, this motorbike should make any rider content in all situations.

Final summary

  • MotoTec has been launching a large number of pocket bikes on the market almost every year.
  • The GbMoto 40cc is one of the most pocket bike lineups from MotoTec.
  • This one is convenient for anyone aged 13 and above. But it is always possible to ride the bike even at an age of seven or more.
  • The pricing of this pocket bike should always be an ideal reason to grab this item.
  • The bike also comes with a little off-roading capacity to make any rider comfortable.

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