How much does it cost a Nitrous Bottle?

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Nitrous bottles are used to preserve/contain Nitrous Oxide Gas for purposes. Want to know the price in detail? This is maybe the article for you. We are going to clear everything you need to know relating to a Nitrous bottle cost.

Usually, it starts from $150 that can go up to $1,000 or more, depending on the size and quality of the bottle.

The bottles are made of Aluminum and come with some color options. They are used for reserving Nitrous Oxide gas.

In the automotive sector, Nitrous is used as a fuel accelerating element. This gas increases the pressure of the engine keeping it cool. It is a high-capacity oxygen supplier to the engine while burning with the fuel.

The gas is not flammable, though, mixing with other flammable fuel may lead it to burn at a high temperature.

Nitrous Bottlecost

Nitrous bottle cost

Nitrous bottles are made of quality Aluminum and come in a cylinder shape. The bottles are painted and mostly have 4 options of finishing. Researching from many online and offline shops we have gained much knowledge relating to the price of these bottles.

The average cost of Nitrous bottle in between $200 to $800.

The price is variable with brands and the sizes of the bottles. The different manufacturers are selling their bottles with a variety of price tags. With brand value, this price may go up. And the capacity of the bottle is again the most considerable reason for the pricing tag.

So, the price variation changing factors are,

  1. The capacity of the bottle.
  2. Refill cost.
  3. Shipping cost.
  4. NOS bottle kits.
  5. Valves etc.

The price influencing factors are the reasons behind the difference in the price of the bottles.

The minimum price for a nitrous oxide bottle is around $150 or above without any kits or valves for the bottle. 2.5 pounds is the minimum capacity for a vehicle to use a bottle. And the minimum price you are paying for is the capacity of 2.5 pounds.

Then there are 5 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, and 15 lb of the capacity of a nitrous oxide bottle. The price goes higher coping up with the size of the bottle.

For the 10 pounds gas bottles you are about to pay around 4200 to $250 in between. The price is sometimes with the kits in the package or without them.

The bottle comes empty. It doesn’t have gas inside when coming intake to you. So, you need to ensure that if the bottle is with the kits and valve or not.

If everything’s fine then you need to check if there are any gases or are used by someone before. Then you need to refill the bottle with gas.

The price is growing gradually with the capacity and the availability of the bottle. The highest price is considered to be around a thousand bucks or more without any kits or valves. And this price always may vary of availability of the product.

Price increases with the accessories of the bottle. The valves and all other kinds of stuff necessary for the bottle will cost you additional charges. The gas refill is another reason for expanding the total price.

A 12 or 15 lb bottle is with a bit higher price range as expected.

People are refilling their bottles for 18-35 bucks depending on availability per pound.    

There may have some more causes behind the price variation. But the utmost reasons are stated above in the bullet point as you may have noticed.

A 10 lb nitrous oxide gas bottle has the capacity of containing 10 pounds of nitrous gas inside. The bottle is usually 14 pounds.

A bottle needs a gauge, chain key, and valve for use of the bottle. The gauge is to indicate if the gas is getting low. The valve will flow through the gas. And the chain is for hooking your bottle on the wall of your office or apartment wall.

Consider to buy a Nitrous Bottle

Nitrous Bottle

Buying a nitrous oxide bottle? What should you know before buying a bottle of nitrous oxide? Some pick-points are given,

1. The capacity you need.

2. Availability of the bottle kits.

3. Price and shipping cost.

Make sure what is the size of the bottle you want. Because the capacity of the bottle mostly decides the price. If you are okay with a 5 lb bottle, don’t buy a 15 lb. otherwise, the refill cost of the gas will be as much as your bottle cost.

Then see if the seller is selling the bottle with the kits. If they do, you won’t have to worry about matching the kits for the bottle. The valve and other novel and the chain along with the gauge are necessary to make the bottle usable. So, if the seller provides the kits you are going to get relieved of from.

Finally comes the shipping cost. You are buying a bottle or cylinder of nitrous oxide gas, and paying the shipping cost twice of the bottle. A complete head aching matter. So, before buying, see how much the cost is for the shipment of your bottle.


1. How much does a 10lb bottle cost?

Ans. A 10 lb empty nitrous oxide bottle costs approximately $250 or more.

2. Do the Nitrous Oxide bottles explode?

Ans. Nitrous oxide gas is not an explosive. It is just a high-density oxygen formula. But t can explode in a touch with flammable gases when at a great temperature.

3. On what purposes are nitrous gas bottles used?

Ans. Bottles are used to contain and reserve Nitrous gas.

4. What is the price for a single refill of a 10lb bottle?

Ans. It takes around $30 for a single refill of a 10lb bottle of Nitrous Oxide.

5. Where can I buy Nitrous bottles at a cheaper rate?

Ans. You can look for the latest price on the leading online shops.

6. How much does a mother-bottle refill cost?

Ans. A mother bottle of 70lb costs around $155 to refill.

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