O’Neal 2 series vs. 3 series vs. 5 series helmets reviews

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Are lightweight helmets good for trails? Yes, but if the construction is durable and it has proper padding inside. The problem is with the brand choice because you are thinking about which brand can provide such supportive features!

O’Neal is here for you to ensure a comfortable off-road riding experience. With polycarbonate outer shell construction and EPS liner inside, the helmets are always ready to serve the riders. 2 series, 3 series, and 5 series are three popular helmet types.

Buyers often seem to fall into confusion regarding the choice between these three helmets. The article covers everything you need to know individually. Go through the segments one by one to decide which one is perfect to use.

O’Neal 2 series vs. 3 series vs. 5 series helmets

Comparison between 2 series, 3 series and 5 series helmets

You are almost there to change your old ATV or dirt bike helmet but confused. Both these three helmet series from O’Neal have several identical features. And without in-depth analysis, one may not find the differences.

We are providing a comparison chart below to show how these three helmets are different and similar.

O’Neal 2 series

O’Neal 3 series

O’Neal 5 series

Polycarbonate outer shell

Polycarbonate outer shell

Polycarbonate and ABS plastic outer shell

Four air vents in the front with two on the eyebrow part

Four air vents in the front with two on the eyebrow part

Four front air vents

Two exhaust air vents

Two exhaust air vents

Two exhaust air vents

Rubber nose guard



Cheek padding with comfortable liner

Comfortable EPS liner

Mesh soft padding with comfortable liner

Sizes available from XS to XXL

Sizes available from XS to XXXL

Sizes available from XS to XXXL

A couple of hidden air vents on top



Costs $100-$120

Costs $130 - $135

Costs $115-$120

These three helmets have mostly similar features, but they are completely different from Fox Racing helmets. Now, the rest task is up to you whether to choose 2 series, 3 series, or 5 series helmet.

O’Neal 2 series helmet review

If you are looking for an affordable off-road helmet that is stylish and comfortable at the same time, you can go for this one. The removable comfortable liner guarantees the comfort of the rider.

Moreover, it is not amongst the common helmets in the market that offers quality features within this price point. The certification of DOT makes it safe for trails anytime.

Appropriate vehicles to use the helmet

You can wear the helmet on ATV, any off-road bike, UTV, street bike, enduro and snowmobile. Before moving further, you should go through the key features first.

Key features

  1. Polycarbonate helmet shell construction.
  2. Adjustable visor with screw connection.
  3. Air vents on the front side.
  4. A couple of scoops with hidden vents on top.
  5. Two exhaust vents on the back.
  6. Double D-ring chin straps.
  7. Rubber nose guard.
  8. Removable & washable cheek padding.
  9. Removable comfort liner.
  10. EPS or expanded polystyrene liner inside.
  11. Sizes available from XS to XXL.
  12. Meets DOT and ECE standards.

Users’ experience on the helmet

As an off-road rider, you will get an attractive and well-functioned helmet by spending around $100. Thinking of the price and design it offers, riders’ are pretty satisfied with the helmet.

It has an attractive, multi-colored coated graphics design. The colored coating makes it useful for any trailer rider. With the adjustable visor, the rider can change the height and find adequate comfort.

The comfort inside is more than enough because the padding inside is removable. In addition, it has a lot of air vents that come in handy during long rides through the trails. However, one issue is with the size.

Most users have suggested going for one size up than the normal helmet size for perfect fitting.

More details you need to know

The helmet is a perfect combination of style and comfort. The manufacturer used polycarbonate construction on the shell. Having clear-coated multi-colored graphics made it stylish and attractive to most riders.

Although it’s not among the most air venting helmets, it still has a lot of vents designed. Two vents are available on the mouthguard with two more small vents on the chin bar. Going up, it has a couple of more air vents on the eyebrow area.

In addition, the top part is equipped with two scoops. Actually, these scoops have hidden vents for better air circulation. The visor is adjustable and is attached to the top of the helmet using screws.

The rider can bring it front or take it back using the screws with a lot of conveniences. The back part exhausts the warm air outside to ensure proper comfort. The inside of the helmet is built for comfort using comfortable padding and liner.

Moreover, the liner and padding are removable. It lets the user remover it when required and wash it to keep it clean.

Advantages of 2 series helmet

  1. Now, as you know what the helmet offers and what it doesn’t, it is time to know the advantages.
  2. The visor is adjustable.
  3. Removable and washable cheek pads.
  4. Provides an attractive graphic design.
  5. Enough air vents for maximum ventilation and cooling.
  6. Padded liner wicks away the sweat for an extended period of comfort.

O’Neal 3 series helmet review

If you like the simple design of your helmet, you should probably go for it. However, many of the users may argue with the point of having a simple design. The point is that it doesn’t have too many color patterns on the outer surface.

It either comes in a white or black color pattern. Both these patterns have the O’Neal logo designed hugely with some attractive and cool graphics. To be honest, the helmet is here to offer you more compared to the price range.

Appropriate vehicles to use the helmet

According to the manufacturer, users can wear it with street touring motorcycles, street sport motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, utility vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles. Now follow the key features below to know more about this helmet.

Key features

  1. Durable polycarbonate shell construction.
  2. Several intake air vents in front.
  3. Adjustable visor situated with screws.
  4. Couple of exhaust air vents on the back.
  5. An adjustable screw for the visor.
  6. Double D-ring chin straps.
  7. EPS liner foam inside.
  8. Washable and removable padding.
  9. Meets DOT and ECE safety standards.

Users’ experience on the helmet

ONeal 5 series helmet

Overall, the helmet has a clean and stylish appearance. It could have been a gem if the visor screws were well-made. Even though it has polycarbonate construction, it is lightweight and provides more than enough support to the head.

The riders have found the EPS liner inside very handy when there is an unexpected accident or bump on the trails. The sweat-wicking functions help to provide cool and comfortable support throughout the whole ride.

But the problem arrives when the visor doesn’t protect the eyes from the sun. Rather it loosens the fitting and comes in front now and then. It becomes almost useful for the rider, and he starts feeling annoyed.

The helmet is also true to size, which makes the size choosing and buying process a lot more convenient.

More details you need to know

Whether you need good and simplified graphics or a good, supportive construction or proper cooling, the helmet is ready to serve you. It has a durable, but lightweight polycarbonate construction. You will get one mouth guard air intake vent upfront.

Again, it has two air vents on the chin bar area. More couple of air vents is available on the eyebrow. These two do a great job to prevent dirt and debris to enter inside the helmet.

It’s not only about intake air vents; the helmet has a couple of exhaust air vents on the backside. As a result, one can enjoy the whole ride without any discomfort and proper air circulation.

To increase comfort, it has comfortable EPS liner padding. When the padding inside becomes dirty, you can remove it and go clean them. The double-D chin straps keep the helmet snugly fit. Also, it has an adjustable visor.

The screws on the two sides keep the visor situated perfectly. On the other hand, using the screw in the middle, you can move it forward or backward.

What 3 series helmet offers to the users

The 3 series helmet from O’Neal is here to serve the off-road riders however it can. It has come with quality features to fulfill the expectation of the users.

  1. Proper air circulation with intake and exhaust air vents.
  2. Easily adjustable visor.
  3. The comfortable EPS liner is removable and washable.
  4. A snug fit with double-D chin straps.
  5. It is a true-to-size helmet.

O’Neal 5 series helmet review

While on the trails, you think of the safety most during purchasing a helmet. But what if you can’t ride on a long way wearing it? Don’t worry, because O’Neal has brought up 5 series helmet that is long-time usable.

The helmet has soft and moisture-wicking padding inside, which comes in handy during extended periods of rides. On the other hand, it stays snugly fit as well with a double-D ring attachment.

Appropriate vehicles to use the helmet

The buyers can put on the helmet during ATV, off-road bike, UTV, scooter, snowmobile, and street bike riding. Now, let’s move on to the features it offers.

Key features

  1. Durable polycarbonate or ABS outer shell construction.
  2. Multi-colored clear coated graphics on the outer surface.
  3. Soft mesh padding inside.
  4. Several intake air vents in the front.
  5. A couple of exhaust vents on the back part.
  6. Adjustable visor with a couple of screws.
  7. Double-D ring attachment straps.
  8. Sizes are available from XS to XXXL.
  9. Comes in meeting DOT and ECE safety standards.

Users’ experience on the helmet

The quality, the price, the looking, the helmet has satisfied the riders in every sector. From the sizing chart issued by the manufacturer, one can measure the head circumference and have a properly sized helmet.

Again, the design looks cool on the trails and is enough to distinguish you from your fellow riders. By meeting DOT and ECE standards, the helmet proves to be a safer one in the rough trails.

Talking about the price, it has done nothing wrong with the quality. Rather, the addition of top-quality features has made it one of the preferable helmets within this price range. The soft padding inside ensures the riders' comfort on long rides.

More details you need to know

Likewise the other helmets on the list, it has polycarbonate and ABS shell construction. But it gives a comparatively better graphical design than the two others. The manufacturer has used durable, clear-coated multi-color graphics on the outer shell.

The visor has two screws on two sides, which helps you adjust the height. You can take it backward or forward depending on the comfort. Moreover, the ventilation is also top-level as it has both intake and exhaust air vents.

The front side is equipped with intake air vents, whereas the back side has two more exhaust air vents. It is more like an air cooling system of the helmet. To enrich the system, it has sweat-wicking padding inside.

One of the good sides of the inside padding is that you can remove and clean it whenever you think it’s necessary. For a snug fit, a Double-D chin strap is always there.

Benefits of using 5 series helmet

If an off-road helmet is not supportive on the trails, it is nothing but a wastage of money. So, is 5 series helmet from O'Neal beneficial or not? Follow the points below, and you will get the answer.

  1. Sweat and moisture-wicking inner padding.
  2. Easy to take care of by removing and washing.
  3. One can adjust the visor height.
  4. Proper air circulation guarantees intake and exhaust vents.
  5. Durable clear-coated graphic design.
ONeal helemts women

Final summary

Taka out the inner padding or EPS liner, you can never find the helmet useful on trails. When you are getting such features on an affordable helmet, it is worth buying.

  1. Affordable price with attractive design.
  2. Durable polycarbonate outer shell construction.
  3. Removable and washable inner padding.
  4. Adjustable visor.
  5. Proper air ventilation with intake and exhaust vents.

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