Pro Mod drag racing car cost

How much does a Pro Mod drag racing car cost?

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Drag racing is a high-voltage game with the fastest car in sight. It is popular all over the world to the speed enthusiast people.

This kind of racing is more of a professional. So, a lot of people don’t know quite about this. In European regions, drag racing is more popular.

A pro modified drag racing car is the highlight feature of a drag race. So, what are pro mod drag racing cars?

Usually, the pro modified cars are 200 mph door slammers. Which can produce nearly 4,000 HP and a high value of torque. These purpose-built top-speed racing cars are with working doors.

Pro Mod drag racing car

4 different types of engines specific cost

The speed

The top speed can go up to 261 mph or more.  These are the fastest drag racing cars with working doors.

They are not as fast as top fuel dragsters or like funny cars. But they are the fastest in their reign. The latest speed record in an NHRA race is 261.22 mph and it kicked the car pretty smoothly without a neck break.

Probable pricing:

A top mod drag racing car can cost between $2 to $3 million. These purpose-built racing cars are replicas of streetcars. They are modified with other replica car bodies.

The pro mod cars are modified with the taste or choice of the racers. A pro mod racing car can be a late Ford Mustang, a ’63 Corvette, or a Dodge Viper.

Just like the diverse taste of the replica or semi-modified outer part, the competitors can take the option of a variety of engines, a supercharger, a turbocharger or a nitrous oxide injection can run the car at a high-five-second zone with a speed of 250 mph or more.

The engine the racer will choose shall feed on methanol with turbochargers or superchargers. But the nitrous oxide fed engine is more powerful to be considered.

The price is variable as we know that the engines or the car bodies are modified as the racer’s self-choice. So the more he mod his car and makes it superior, the more cost he increases.

As for the primary car, the price is nearly $200,000 and you can add half of that to make the car race-able on the track.

Some pro mod cars prices are mentioned below. So that you can have an idea of the pricing of a pro mod drag racing car before buying. (All the pieces of information are from internet-based authentic sources).

1. 1968 Camaro ($74,900).

2. GT 500 ($49,900).

3. Corvette c6 ($122,900).

4. Corvette c7 ($105,000).

The pro mod drag racing cars are modified by experts in a garage. Generally, with a précised pro mod engine, a car races 10 or more raps. And each run takes an amount of $50,000 as I heard. So, if a car does all the runs out of 10 raps the cost is almost $500,000, making the drag racing money-making business.

Though the history of pro modified drag racing is not that long, it has a rich history. In only 30 years of it's career, this racing game proved its worth.

After the dropping of IHRA, the NHRA took over and announced that the race shall continue in a partnership with Get Screened America. The matches were running on a minimal schedule but still were competing for the national and world cups.

As the cars are modified basically with the engines most, the 4 types of engines that are fitted in the cars are powerful enough to make 250 mph in a kick. These engines put out an extremely large amount of horsepower, some at approximately 2500 to upwards of 4000 H.P. As the engines propel the cars down the track at speeds of over 250 mph, that means the body of the cars needs to build with durable enough composites.

Most supercharged engines are based on a Chrysler 426 Hemi Engine. The four exhaust pipes are just behind the front wheels. The shapes of the cars are with the highest probability of aerodynamics. The modification of the vehicle and its engine cost eventually the most.

From the Camaro, Corvette, beetle, or a Chevrolet, whatever the replica is, it is just that modified like a pro stock car. Either the hood scoop is openly used for the nitrous injection of the engine or the body is widely stretched to fit that high-blown motor onto.

The probable price of a primary pro modified car is mentioned above and from the recent searches and advertisements, we’ve included some of the known models pricing those are popular among the racers.

There’re options available to modify your car and make it better in your view with others. So, the question about the exact price of a pro mod car remains with your taste of speed and modifications. Still, we believe our little article will give you a comfortable idea all about pro modified drag racing car pricing and help with your buying decision.

Pro Mod drag racing car track


1. From where I can buy a ready pro mod car?

Ans. We have included some sites from where you can select your desired one with the best value possible.

2. How much the maintenance cost can go for a pro mod car?

Ans. The maintenance cost is high enough. Don’t take these cars as the stock ones’.

3. Can I use both nitro-methane and a supercharger in a pro mod car?

Ans. According to the engine selection rules, the car can run with any of four kinds of engines. And you can choose one for yours.

4. Can I use a stock car replica with a nitrous-oxide-injected engine?

Ans. In NHRA or PDRA, any legal body is permitted to perform. Though, IHRA made a rule against the use of stock mod car replicas as pro mod cars In 2008.

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