Pureflow air filter review from a user: why and why not pureflow air filters?

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From the beginning of the last year to now, I am using the HEPA cabin air filter for my Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

And I can assure you that pureflow air filters bring the best of the experience when it comes to keeping the environment inside of a car refreshing.

It might be true that the customer service of Pureflow is not up to the mark, but you will hardly find complaints regarding the quality of the filters that the manufacturer brings to the market.

Whatever I have shared is my own personal experience, and I am here to share more if you are interested.

Still reading? Let’s get into the discussion then-

Pureflow Cabin air filter review

Are Pureflow cabin air filters any good?

When a particular brand serves the users for a long period of time without losing its reputation, it is worth saying that the brand is a good one. From car cabin filters to home and air fresheners, Pureflow brings quality products to the market for a long time.

There is no doubt about the fact that Pureflow brings some of the most popular air filters to the market. And a product can only turn out to be popular when the manufacturer is indeed ensuring quality and performance simultaneously.

I shall not say that Pureflow is the best, but the manufacturer surely brings some of the best car and home filters to the market.

If you want to know my opinion, I have to say that Pureflow air filters are good enough to make you happy as a user.

Pureflow cabin air filter review

While most of us hardly think about replacing the stock cabin air filter of our car, replacing one with a convenient cabin air filter can actually bring forth optimized and enhanced performance to make you happy.

What else can be far more appealing than the popular Pureflow cabin air filter?

If you are here for the review, let us learn about the user experience first-

User experience (7/10)

You can only mark a product as good when the users are reviewing it positively. The percentage of positive reviews of these cabin air filters is far higher compared to the negative reviews. For every 50 reviews from the users, you will hardly find two negative reviews.

To quote a critic, it is worthy to mention that these air filters do the things that they are destined to do.

Therefore, seven out of ten should be a good score to validate the quality of these excellent filters. 

Pureflow air filters are compatible with almost all cars

No matter whether you are using a Land Rover or a RAM 1500, Pureflow brings air filters for almost all specific cars' makes and models. Therefore, you can always remain tension-free regarding compatibility.

All you need to do is choose the air filter for your specific car model, and you will be all ready to go on the street.

Here are some of the popular makes and models that will specifically to a Pureflow cabin air filter-




Silverado 1500/2500/3500, Corvette, Chevy, Orlando, and more


200/300/Cirrus/Sebring and more


RAM 1500/2500/3500 and more


LS, MKC, MKS,  Navigator, and more


Almost for all models

The four-stage filtration process will keep the pollutants away from your car.

We know it's typical, but it is always worth mentioning. The four-stage filtration process is what makes a Pureflow cabin air filter stand out from the rest.

  1. In the first stage, the particulate filtration process filtrates dust and pollen to keep the environment safe and secure.
  2. In the second stage, the activated charcoal will trap mold and gas.
  3. The third material, which is baking soda, will absorb all types of bad smells to ensure refreshing air inside of your car.
  4. Finally, the micro antibacterial technology will weaken germs, bacteria, and viruses to give you a whole new experience. 

You will really notice a better smell after installing a Pureflow cabin air filter.

Installing a Pureflow air filter does improve the smell inside of the car. If you are still using the standard air filter, do consider checking the smells before and after swapping the filters.

We can assure you that you will notice a dramatic difference. The smell will surely improve with that Pureflow cabin filter.

There will be better temperature difference as well

When you use the standard cabin filter for more than 30,000 miles, it kind of fails to keep the temperature inside of your car in balance. The accumulation of excess dirt and debris makes the filter work less effectively.

We have used a temperature gauge to measure the temperature differences before and after the installation. Anyway, we have been using the standard cabin filter for about 40,000 miles.

Well, we have noticed almost 11 degrees of temperature differences after the installation.

Therefore, it is always worth swapping the standard air filter with this one.

Pureflow cabin air filters come with a logical price range

While for a standard stock air filter, you will have to pay around $50 dollars, these Pureflow cabin air filters are pretty much available within the price range of $18 dollars to $25 dollars.

Therefore, in terms of the price range, these filters are pretty much straightforward as well.

The Pureflow cabin air filters are easy to install

Another ideal reason why you should choose a Pureflow air filter is that these items offer the easiest installation possible.

All these filters come for the specific make and model. Therefore, all you need to do is remove the old air filter and place the new cabin filter in the exact place. And you are all set to breathe fresh air.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

Although the manufacturer specifies that all these filters come for the specific make and models, you may need to cut the opening a little to ensure a snug-fitting.

We have previously mentioned that these filters have the least number of negative reviews possible. Among those minuscule percentages, almost 95% of the reviews were regarding compatibility.

Almost none of them have talked about the filtration quality and efficiency of the product.

I am using this filter for about 10,000 miles, and so far, this one seems to be a great item worth loving.

Should you purchase a Pureflow cabin air filter?

Some car owners do not even know that there is a cabin air filter that is trying to purify the environment inside of the car.

If you are one of them and running the car for a long time, we will always recommend you to change the standard cabin filter with a Pureflow filter.

We can assure you that you will notice a good environment change inside the cabin of your car.

Final summary

A cabin air filter not only keeps the environment inside of your car refreshing but also can make you comfortable by controlling temperature and smell. When you are pretty much obligated to change the standard cabin filter of your car, consider Pureflow to have the best experience possible.

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  1. Worst customer service. They sent one that was smashed beyond use and the company made no effort to make it right. Their response was “your problem, not ours”

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