Rancho Quick Lift vs Bilstein 5100: What’s better Rancho or Bilstein?

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To get a supple ride in any off-road environment, it's mandatory having adequate suspension on both front and rear tires. And off-road enthusiasts often exchange between themselves regarding which is better in this field, Rancho or Bilstein.

We’re here to get into an in-depth discussion where there’ll be a comparison between Rancho Quick lift and Bilstein 5100 models. Although Rancho shock provides 9 levels of adjustability, Bilstein appears as a cost-effective option.

However, in real-life experience, Rancho shocks do everything for what it’s intended for as it comes with new coil springs. Stay tuned for getting to know more about these suspensions.

Rancho Quick Lift vs Bilstein 5100

Comparison between Rancho Quick Lift and Bilstein 5100

Comparing Rancho Quick lift and Bilstein 5100 doesn’t mean proving one is better than the other. However, it can help one distinguish the similarities and dissimilarities between these two shocks on the tires.

Rancho quick lift

Bilstein 5100

Durable Nitro carb twin or tri-tube rod construction

Durable 46 mm monotube construction

Liquid metallic exterior finish

Zinc-plated exterior coating

New coil springs

No new coil springs

Nut, bushings, washers in the package

Nut, bushings, washers in the package

Easy bolt-on installation

A bit tough to install

1 to 2.5 inches lifting height

Up to 2.75 inches of lifting

9 adjusting levels

In-built adjustable perch

50K to 100K miles longevity

50K to 100K miles longevity

Costs from $190 to $750

 Costs from $90 to $460

Bilstein shocks are an affordable option as you can purchase two of them paying the price of a single Rancho shock. The shocks can come as a single or dual for front tires or a set of four for the entire vehicle.

The lowest price of Rancho shocks is twice the lowest price of the Bilstein one. However, price isn't the first and only thing you need to consider as Rancho can go better in several fields compared to Bilstein.

Check the following sections to get a clear idea about what these two suspensions or shocks offer individually.

Rancho Quick lift

Rancho Quick Lift install

Rancho quick lift is typically easy to install as it comes with necessary installation materials and new coil springs. However, having twin tubes or tri-tubes make it a better option as well.

What is Rancho quick lift made of?

With all the necessary installation materials, Rancho shocks come with a quick, built-in installation process. It comes with strong and durable nitro carb rod construction. However, to maintain its durability, it has a silver finish on the exterior.

Moreover, the liquid metallic finish on it provides a premium long-lasting finish.

Is Rancho quick lift easy to install?

One of the key features of the Rancho shock is that it comes ready to install out of the box. The package of the shocks has washers, nuts, bushings, and mounting bolts for quick installation.

With the superfast bolt-on installation process, you can get the SUV, truck, or any vehicle ready to go within 1.5 to 3 hours.

How much lift do you get from Rancho quick lift?

According to the official statement and from our research team, it is found that Rancho shocks can lift the vehicle from 1 to 2.5 inches. However, it’s good to know that most lifting is for 2 inches.

The optimum lifting height of the shock provides ample freedom to the rider to have a relentless drive in any off-road conditions.

How many miles do Rancho shocks last?

On paper, Rancho shocks will last for 50,000 to 1,00,000 miles which is equivalent to 5 to 10 years. However, the real-life experience can differ as it depends on the user and how he uses the suspension.

Also, the lifetime won’t be the same if you haven’t replaced all the suspensions from the four tires at a time. It’s better to know that Rancho provides a 90 days ride guarantee to the buyer. 

Is Rancho shocks height adjustable?

One of the coolest features of Rancho shocks is the adjustable height, which ranges from level one to level nine. This adjusting level lets you select the most suitable height of the suspension for both off and on-road drives.

From level one, where the suspension remains on the soft level, it goes to level nine which is the firmest level. The customizable features provide you with the best performance out of the suspension. Also this shock adjust with GMC sierra 1500 lift kit or ram car.

What is special about Rancho Shocks?

With the high-end construction and premium metallic finish, it is ensured to have a top-notch performance from these shocks. However, what makes it more special is having twin tubes and tri-tubes instead of monotubes.

Another interesting fact about the shock is that it comes with new coil springs as well.

Is Rancho shocks good for off-road?

The suspension system on the tires needs to be responsive to get optimum performance in rough terrain conditions. And Rancho shocks offer you both stock height and 9 more firm levels to keep the ride smoother.

Is Rancho shocks good for towing?

As Rancho shocks have adjustable firmness, it becomes a handy option for towing as well. You can get a relentless towing by adjusting it from a softer to firmer suspension level.

Rancho Quick Lift image

Bilstein 5100

Bilstein 5100 install

Spending less money but getting the same level of performance means you have the value for money product. However, there’s something is more you need to know about Bilstein 5100.

What is Bilstein 5100 made of?

Bilstein has a sturdy and durable build quality with the 46 mm monotube construction, unlike the twin-tube or tri-tube construction of Rancho shocks. Also, it has a silver-coloured, zinc-plated coating on the exterior for longevity.

The container box of these shocks comes with nuts, bushings, and washers to quicken the installation process.

How high Bilstein 5100 can lift?

It is a performance-ensured shock that works in both on and off-road conditions. The maximum lifting height your vehicle can get from the suspension is no more than 2.75 inches.

However, the lowest one is the stock height which ensures a stable and smooth ride in on-road conditions.

How long does Bilstein shock last?

Bilstein shocks are similar to Rancho shocks as they can also last for up to 10 years or 100k miles depending on the usage level of the owner.

Is Bilstein 5100 height adjustable?

The shock comes with an in-built adjustable perch that lets it adjust the height depending on the condition you are in. Moreover, the self-adjusting valving system keeps the performance level up.

What is good about Bilstein 5100?

One of the most interesting things about Bilstein 5100 is having better knuckle and tire control over any strut condition on the road. It gets you out of the problem of having a stiffer ride. 

Is Bilstein shocks good for off-road?

Bilstein and Rancho are a lot similar in this category as both of these shocks are fair enough to support the rider in off-road conditions. The improved performance with the self valving system is the key here.

Is it okay towing with Bilstein 5100?

Bilstein 5100 is supposed as one of the most dependable shocks options when the question is about towing. As it is an off-road-oriented shock with the digressive valving system, it reduces excessive bounce on the vehicle.

Ultimately, the entire suspension system can make the towing experience a lot better.

Bilstein 5100 set

What’s better Rancho or Bilstein?

After all the discussion you have come through, the last question that arises is which one is better? It's a tough question to answer for sure as both of these shocks offer something that makes it better than the other.

  • Both have similar build quality.
  • Rancho offers easy bolt-on installation.
  • Rancho has one to nine adjustable levels.
  • Bilstein lifts to 2.75 inches.
  • Rancho has twin or tri-tube construction.
  • Both have similar longevity.
  • Bilstein is the cost-efficient option.

Before letting you decide which one is better, we'd like to take you through the criteria.

No winner in the build quality:

Typically, both these shocks come with metal construction with a coating on the exterior for better longevity. However, the coating on both these shocks may differ as Rancho comes with a liquid metal finish.

On the other hand, Bilstein has a zinc metal finish. However, both these constructions can provide up to 100k miles or 10 years of longevity.

(So, there isn’t any clear winner here).

Rancho saves time while installation:

Rancho comes with a bolt-on installation design, even though both the packages have similar nuts, washers and bushings included. It takes not more than 3 hours even with novice hands for the installation.

(Rancho shocks are the clear winner here).

Bilstein saves money:

Bilstein costs you no more than $500 even for a complete package, whereas Rancho can cost you up to $800 as well. The first one is a cost-effective option as the cheapest one is available for under 100 bucks.

On the other hand, you have to spend twice the amount to get the cheapest Rancho shocks. It concludes that you can buy two Bilstein and only one Rancho spending the same amount of money.

(Bilstein is the clear winner here).

Having adjustable levels for height:

Rancho has one to nine height levels, whereas this feature isn’t available in Bilstein shocks. However, Bilstein has in-built adjustable perch.

(Most would go for Rancho as the winner here).

Offers a better lifting height:

Comparing the lifting height, Bilstein and Rancho have a close fight. However, Bilstein stays on the top as it offers a height of 2.75 inches compared to the 2.5 inches topmost height of Rancho shocks.

(Bilstein just wins the battle here).

Monotube vs. twin or tri-tube

Of course, both Rancho and Bilstein have almost similar construction, but what makes the first a bit durable and strong is the use of twin-tube or tri-tube.

(Monotube is comparatively less durable than twin or tri-tube).

Rancho Quick Lift vs. Rough Country

To have vibration-free steering and ensure better longevity on the vehicle's suspension system, it's better to go for the rough country. However, do these have adjustable height options like Rancho shocks?

Unfortunately, nope and that's one of the biggest reasons why users tend to move to Rancho. Moreover, Rancho offers a bolt-on installation process, which is an easy and quick process to keep your vehicle on the move.

But the money is indeed a fact and Rough Country appears as a cost-efficient option as it costs from $100 to $350 only.

Rancho Quick Lift vs. Fox 2.0

For better handling and control on any off-road or terrain conditions, you should better head for Fox 2.0 shocks. They are typically made for aggressive terrain conditions and hold the driving efficiency better.

Moreover, similar to Rancho, Fox shocks are ready to be installed out of the box. However, the most expensive option among all other shocks in the article is Fox 2.0 as the cost can go up to $950.

Therefore, if you have no intention to spend that much money on the entire suspension system, Rancho may be the right option.

Final Verdict

Driving on the rough terrains becomes disturbing when the shocks on the tires aren't strong enough. This can lead the entire suspension system to fail and withstand bumpy roads.

Therefore replacing the older ones with a set of brand new and effective ones becomes mandatory. Both Rancho and Bilstein are the two most popular names in this field.

And hopefully, the above discussion helps you choose the right one among these two for your vehicle. Enjoy the ride with a good suspension on the tires.

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